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This letter was a gift to me from Elsie Ryder. Any errors in transcription are mine and mine alone. I have kept the punctuation true to Sir Thomas's style, except where comprehension may have been compromised.
Sharon Oddie Brown, May 30, 2005

Hongkong & Shanghai Bank,
9, Gracechurch, Street,
20 Decr 1915 [1]  

My dear Bessie [2] ,

I shall be so busy towards the end of the week that I am starting early with my Xmas letters. I enclose a cheque for ₤25 [3] . of which

5 for yourself
5 for small Bessie
5 for George
5 for Mary
5 for Herbert

It is an unusually small cheque. I did not like to let a Xmas go by without sending something. It would not do to break an old custom. You know I am a good conservative. I am sure all will accept the little gift with my love.

What a time it is since I first commenced sending these salutations at this approaching festival.

We heard from Tommy [4] yesterday, he likes his responsible job very much, he reports himself in excellent health.

Pat wrote to us the day before from Havre where he is with the Guards Reserves.

Julius [5] is quite cheerful; if we could only think these wretched operations are at an end, we would look forward to the future with more confidence than we can at present. He is sure to be very lame always. Still, we have reason to be thankful he is not any worse.

The remainder of the family can be reported on favourably.

This promises to be a very severe winter if we are to judge by the way it has begun in the North of Europe, it will press hard upon poor people.

As ever,

Your old brother,

Tom [6]

[1] This is the last letter that we have from Sir Thomas JACKSON. He died the next day.

[2] This is one of Sir Thomasís sisters, Elizabeth BROWN(E) nťe JACKSON (1843-1923).

[3] Four children out of the ten surviving children are included in this bequest: Bessie (Elizabeth), George, Mary and Herbert. I assume that that they are the only ones still at home.

[4] This is Sir Thomasís first son, Thomas Dare JACKSON (1876-1954). He was serving in WWI and had already received the DSO once and would subsequently receive a bar.

[5] This is Sir Thomasís second son, George Julius JACKSON. .(1883-1956) In a earlier letter, 30Mar1915 a previous surgery concerning an abscess in a wound in the pelvic area is mentioned.

[6] Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915)


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