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This letter was a gift to me from Elsie Ryder. Any errors in transcription are mine and mine alone. I have kept the punctuation true to Sir Thomas's style, except where comprehension may have been compromised.
Sharon Oddie Brown, May 30, 2005

Hongkong & Shanghai Bank,
9, Gracechurch, Street,
30 March 1915 

My dear Fan [1] , 

I was very glad to get a letter from you so long ago as the 18th January.

You allude to Dr. Dobson’s [2] visit to Europe, he appears to have had awful weather on recrossing the Atlantic; I wish I had been able to see more of him.

I know the Killynure [3] folk have been keeping you and Blin [4] advised about me and mine; it is only once in a way you hear from me so I shall let you know our news up to date.

Tommy [5] is a major and is in temporary Command of his Battalion 1st Kings Own Royal Lancasters:- We had a letter from him today he wrote very cheerily; in a recent letter he said “I was never fitter in my life”. I think it quite likely he will be left permanently in charge of the battalion. He cannot be made Lieut Colonel yet a while as there [are] men senior to him on leave and/or wounded and may return.

Julius [6] is with us now and has been for a month or more:- about three weeks ago he had to have an operation to remove an abscess at the seat of the wound the pelvis socket; he was very wretched and down on his luck for ten days afterwards; after that he was cheerful and is so now; he goes about on crutches; the right leg is not much use to him. It will be a long business: I comfort him by saying “A live ass is better than a de[a]d lion”

Pat [7] has been recuperating at St. Moritz he will be with us in a few days when he will find out what they are going to do with him; the chances are that he will go at once to join his Regiment at the front.

Russell [8] is a Lieut in the Royal Garrison Artillery, only for the war – I am sure you must have heard that got married recently – we know his wife. She has stopped with us at Stansted.

Bee’s [9] husband has been killed, a splendid fellow in every way! She has made Combe [10] her head quarters.

Kathleen’s [11] husband Major Tabor [12] is at Shorncliffe training Cavalry for the 3rd & 7th Hussars at the front. Amy’s [13] husband Major Lloyd is at the front. He rejoined after being away from the Regular Army ten years.  I enclose a demand draft for 50 Gold $ twenty five for you and Blin which accept with my love to you both, and very kind remembrance to Dr. Dobson [14] .

Your affectionate uncle,

T. Jackson [15]

NOTE: I missed a footnote in the last paragraph. "Blin" is Sarah Margaret BROWN, "Fan's" sister.

[1] Frances Oliver BROWN(E) (1881-1928) is a niece of Sir Thomas, a daughter of his sister, Bessie. She and her sister (Sarah Margaret “Blin” BROWN(E)) lived with Dr. DOBSON and his wife in Poughkeepsie, USA. I believe they both worked in the office of his medical practice.

[2] Dr. Dobson and his wife emigrated to the USA. I don’t know much more.

[3] Killynure, Co. Armagh was the family home of Bessie BROWN(E) née JACKSON and her husband Thmpson BROWN(E) and their ten children.

[4] Sarah Margaret “Blin” BROWN (1886-1963)

[5] Thomas Dare JACKSON was the first born son of Sir Thomas JACKSON. (1876-1954). He was serving in WWI and had already received the DSO once and would subsequently receive a bar.

[6] This is Sir Thomas’s second son, George Julius JACKSON.(1883-1956). In a subsequent letter, 20Dec1915 mention is made of a further surgery to correct the problem.

[7] “Pat” is the nickname of the youngest son of Sir Thomas, Claude Stewart JACKSON ( 1892-1917). He died in action at Ypres.

[8] This is Sir Thomas’s third son, Walter David Russell JACKSON (1890-1956). He married Kathleen HUNTER, daughter of Summers HUNTER of HSBC.

[9] “Bea” Beatrice Minnie Shrieve JACKSON (1879-1972) is  the fourth daughter of Sir Thomas  and her husband Raymond John MARKER died 13 November, 1914 from wounds suffered in battle.

[10] Combe, Devon is where she continued to live at least until 1934 where it is recorded as her address when her son is married.

[11] Kathleen McCullagh JACKSON (1872-1959), the first born daughter of Sir Thomas.

[12] Albert Maitland TABOR (1872-1941)  Major 3rd Hussars

[13] Amy Oliver JACKSON (1874-1962) married John Henry LLOYD (1872-1941)

[14] It would seem that Dr. DOBSON emigrated from Armagh. He practiced in Poughkeepsie, USA.

[15] Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915)


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