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This letter was transcribed thanks to the considerable efforts of Wendy Jack. The footnotes were prepared by myself and then verified (and corrected or amplified) by Wendy. Many of the letters are the property of Betty Whiteside and/or Wendy Jack. Any researchers who wish to make further use of them should check with them first.
Sharon Oddie Brown, modified June 8, 2005

March 15th [1]

My Dearest Sally,

                Eric G [2] . asks me to forward enclosed P. Order and to explain to you why it is smaller than usual.  The tenants appealed to have rents reduced and the costs have made the difference.  It is not likely to be so little next payment.

    We miss Uncle Tom [3] badly.  He left us £500 each but the interest on that will be long coming as it is not yet invested or paid to us.

    Kathleen Tabor [4] has got her leg broken while riding at the [Curragh] where her husband [5] and she are staying at present.  Stansted [6] is to be let or sold and Minnie [7] is staying at Brinton on Sea a house of Bee Markers [8] .  Old Mr. Marker [9] died suddenly last week and little Richard [10] is the heir to the estate to Bee will have great responsibility.  Both she and the child are delicate.

    Bessie [11] and Sam Gilmore [12] are about to start for Teintsin.  They will likely sail in April.  Jim Wright [13] is due home in May.  He is leaving H. Kong for good as far as we know.  Mr. [Mayes] [14] our rector is transferred to Kilmore parish and dear knows what creature we may get in his place.  He has been here nearly eight years and we are sorry to lose him.

    So far all our relation in the war are alive and well.  I saw the paper that Mary Reid [15] got with Clair's [16] letter also the notice of Mr. W's [17] fainting in Church. You must have got an awful fright.  I hope it has done you no harm and that rest & change have done him good.  Is Mary [18] married yet?  It is very sad for you all so much trouble & worry.  All friends here are well.  Eva [19] was her making a good recovery after the birth of her son [20] .  Also Kathleen Major [21] whose husband [22] is one of the married men called up to the colours.  He is not gone yet but expecting orders daily.  George McCullagh [23] is in Dublin with the Fusiliers and so far likes soldiering.

             Fond love to you and yours
                              M Griffin [24]

Envelope addressed to:-

       Mrs. Whiteside

         Co. Armagh
          7 pm  15 MR 16

[1] I would guess a date of 1916 – going from the events related.

[2] Eric G? possibilities include GILMORE or GRIFFIN (amongst others)

[3] Sir Thomas JACKSON who died four months earlier and was both a financial and emotional support to the extended family.

[4] Kathleen McCullagh (née JACKSON ) Tabor, eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Jackson & Amelia Lydia Dare

[5] Albert Maitland TABOR (1872-1941)

[6] Home of Sir Thomas Jackson

[7] Amelia Lydia Dare, widow of Sir Thomas Jackson

[8] Beatrice Minnie Shrieve (née JACKSON) MARKER, daughter of Sir Thomas & Amelia Lydia Dare, wife of  Raymond John Marker

[9] father of Raymond John MARKER

[10] Richard Raymond Kitchener MARKER (1908-1965), son of Raymond John MARKER and Beatrice Minnie Shrieve JACKSON

[11] Elizabeth “Bessie” (Brown) Gilmore, wife of Samuel Gilmore, daughter of Thompson Brown & Elizabeth (Jackson) Brown

[12] , son of  Eliezer Gilmore & Sarah (Jackson) Gilmore, husband of  Elizabeth “Bessie” (Brown) Gilmore (note Samuel and Bessie were first cousins)

[13] James Wright, husband of May “Mollie” (Menary) Wright and son in law of Mary (Jackson) (Menary) Griffin. Two years later, he would buy Gilford Castle. He made a lot of money in the Far East.

[14] Mr. MAYES?

[15] Mary (McCullagh) Reid, wife of William Reid , sister of Sarah WHITESIDE

[16] Thomas Clair Whitehead, son of Sarah (McCullagh) Whitehead & William Sherlock Whitehead

[17] William Sherlock Whitehead, husband of Sarah (née McCULLAGH) WHITESIDE

[18] Mary Ione Whiteside, daughter of William Sherlock WHITESIDE and Sarah McCULLAGH

[19] Eva Oliver (Reed)  Ussher

[20] James Neville Butler Ussher

[21] Kathleen (née JACKSON) MAJOR, the twin sister of  Francis Gordon Jackson, children of John JACKSON & Kate Maria WHITING. She is a niece of Sir Thomas JACKSON.

[22] Cecil MAJOR

[23] George David McCullagh, son of Margaret (Jackson) (Reed) McCullagh. He would be killed March 28, 1918

[24] Mary (Jackson) (Menary) Griffin, sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON


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