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This letter was transcribed thanks to the considerable efforts of Wendy Jack. The footnotes were prepared by myself and then verified (and corrected or amplified) by Wendy. Many of the letters are the property of Betty Whiteside and/or Wendy Jack. Any researchers who wish to make further use of them should check with them first.
Sharon Oddie Brown, modified June 8, 2005

                                                                 March 30th/17

My dearest Sally [1]

               Eric Gilmore [2] asks me to forward inclosed Post Office order and to tell you that he hopes the sum will never be so low again but law expenses and income tax swallowed up a lot.

    I was very uneasy till I heard from Clair [3] last week as he had written to neither Glenbanna [4] nor to me since I saw him  However I had a long cheerful letter and so far he is all right.  Mary Reid [5] had a letter which she showed me from George Mitchell [6] which pleased her greatly.  He had hopes of getting over to see her I do hope he may manage it.  Likely I would see him also.  I spent a week at Gilford Castle with Jim and Molly [7] and a day at Glenbanna*  Mary looks better than she did a year ago.  The Castle is a lovely place and I felt lost in the big rooms and long and numerous passages.  I am to go again when Mickie [8] gets holidays.  He is at Rugby.  I hope you are getting strong and well again after your long trial and loss.  Of course you must still be very anxious about the boys.  We hope the war is beginning to look more like a conclusion.  All our friends are still alive.  Philip Griffin [9] was hurt by a kick of a horse but is well again  All Maggie's [10] children are well also Bessies [11] & Sallys [12]   Bessie is not strong but is not ill just now.  Dr. Tom Gilmore [13] is still at Salonika and had [his] [????]

    My fond love to Mary [14] and your dear self

                             Your ever affect old [???]

                                       Mary Griffin [15]

NOTE: *"Glenbanna" is mentioned in letters from January 1917.

[1] Sarah (McCullagh) Whiteside

[2] Eric GILMORE?

[3] Thomas Clair Whiteside

[4] Glenbanna – who lives there?

[5] Mary (McCullagh) Reid, wife of William Reid, sister to Sarah (McCullagh) Whiteside

[6] George Anderson Mitchell, husband of Mary Ione Whiteside

[7] James & Mary “Mollie” (Menary) Wright, daughter of Mary (Jackson) (Menary) Griffin

[8] James Francis Wright, son of  James & Mary “Mollie” (Menary) Wright

[9] possibly Col. Philip G “Pat” GRIFFIN

[10] Margaret (Jackson) (Reed) McCullagh

[11] Elizabeth “Bessie” (née JACKSON) BROWN(E), sister of Mary (née JACKSON) GRIFFIN

[12] Sarah (née JACKSON) GILMORE, sister of Mary (née JACKSON) GRIFFIN

[13] Thomas Jackson Gilmore, son of Eliezer Gilmore & Sarah Jackson

[14] Mary Ione (Whitesdie) Mitchell

[15] Mary (Jackson) (Menary) Griffin


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