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This is one of a collection of letters of condolence upon the death in Hong Kong of "Tanty" Andrew Hugh Gilmore JACKSON, a nephew of Sir Thomas JACKSON.The writer is the wife of the Chief Manager of HSBC, a woman like so many such wives was very much a den mother to all the young batchelors. She is writing to David JACKSON, the brother of Tanty (I missed that footnote).
Sharon Oddie Brown, September 3, 2006.

The Cliffs

117 Peak

Hong Kong

February 22, 1918


Dear Mr. Jackson,


            I want to write a line just to tell you how very distressed and grieved we were all for your brother’s death [1] . Mr. Leitch [2] was in hospital at the same time very ill with typhoid also and [I] used to go to see him and so got news of your brother at the same time.  And at one time he was apparently doing so well, and I was told I might go and see him one day soon.  Then he had the sudden relapse and never rallied.  I felt so grieved that I had never seen him.  I could have perhaps told you more.

            I am enclosing a list for your decision, of most of his clothes.  Mr. Crew [3] has asked me to dispose of them – to make as good use of them as I can and I truly think I would rather you gave me your wishes in the matter, as there are a good many and they seem so good.

            You might like to have some and it might be that your mother would like to have them sent to her if you think it wouldn’t be too distressing for her?  She would perhaps like to give them away herself rather than have a stranger do so.  I will be only too glad to carry out any suggestions you make and meantime and am keeping them in St. Jolius Place.

            We are still having a very cold winter and very dry - lack of rain is giving us a lot of dust and that is causing trouble.  We are beginning Cerebral spinal meningitis on the lower levels but the government is taking it in hand and I sincerely trust they will check it.

            Race week is coming around again, though I can hardly believe another year has passed.

            I hope you are keeping quite well, and don’t find to call the winter to heart.

            My husband joins me in kindest messages

Very sincerely yours

Ethel M.Stabb [4]


February 22, 1918.

Hong Kong



three pair white, good

three pair of brown, good

one pair of black, good

one pair of pumps, old

khaki puttees – two pair

razor strop, shoehorn, button hook.


3 day and evening.  Old and new

1 day soft new

Blue serge shorts – three pr.

Bundle of silk & washing ties

Thick dark overcoat. good

Thick dressing gown. old

Cotton dressing gown – new

White sweater – old


            8 dree, old but good

            32 day – cellular – flannel – thin cotton some new

Pyjamas – 5 pr – all different – 2 pr silk, all old


            2 thin grey material – tropical use

            1 thin brown material – tropical use

            1 blue serge

            1 flannel. dark grey striped

2 Tussore suits

1 black dinner jacket

1 black long dress jacket

            2 black dress trousers

1 black dress waistcoat

            3 white washing trousers

2 white washing dinner jackets.

5 white alpaca coats & waitcoats. old

2 grey cotton office coats.

6 white duck trousers. good

1 dark stockinette Norfolk jacket

1 thick dark tweed suit.

[1] “Tanty” Andrew Hugh Gilmore JACKSON (1881-1918)was a nephew of Sir Thomas JACKSON and a son of Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON & Eliza Emily GILMORE. He was born and raised at the family farms at Lions Den & Forstertown – both near Trim in Co. Meath, Ireland. At the time of his death, he was a broker with Messrs. Wright & Hornby –previously owned in part by James Francis WRIGHT, also a relation.

[2] Mr. LEITCH – it may be “LEITH” in which case, maybe A. LEITH of HSBC.

[3] Andrew H. CREW - lawyer & friend of Tanty

[4] Ethel Mary AKA “Effie” née TOWNSEND, Wife of Sir Newton STABB, manager of HSBC. She was a renowned “den mother” of many of the bank employees.



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