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This is one of a collection of letters of condolence upon the death in Hong Kong of "Tanty" Andrew Hugh Gilmore JACKSON, a nephew of Sir Thomas JACKSON.
Sharon Oddie Brown, September 3, 2006.

Gilford Castle [1]

County Down

Tuesday [2]


My dear Eilie [3] ,


I got your note this morning –Tanty’s [4] death is a terrible shock to us all – I really can’t bear - I think of it and my only consolation is that he is away from all the worry and trouble of this world.  And trouble seems only to be increasing as time goes on.

About Tanty’s affairs – Jim [5] says Mr. Tester [6] is the only one would know anything about them.  Jim says he did not even know Tanty had his life insured – if he ever told them he had forgotten.  I don’t think you can do anything until you hear from Mr. Tester – and one must have patience as it takes so long for letters nowadays.  I’m very sorry for Mr. Tester – he must have had a bad time of it during Tanty’s illness, and arranging all things out there is not so simple as at home.  He is a kind hearted straight little man – and I think would do his best for Tanty – but illness in every form out there develops so quickly, and if not taken in time there is little chance of recovery.  Does Aunt Emily [7] know where Tanty was living – we are wondering how he could have contracted the typhoid – he may have eaten fish that was not fresh or oysters.

I did not know you were a Fostertown [8] , so wrote to Knock [9] .  How are Aunt Emily and Uncle [10] ?  You did not say in your note.  I wish one of them would write to Dr. Tester – for I am sure he had a bad time – I understand the anxiety he must have felt.  With best love to you all from possible –

Your loving cousin

Mollie [11]

[1] The property bought by James Francis WRIGHT – still in the family of his descendants.

[2] Likely February 5th, 1918

[3] Probably Elizabeth Oliver Muriel JACKSON (1890-1970), sister of Tanty & David & daughter of Eliza Emily GILMORE & Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON – brother of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[4] “Tanty” Andrew Hugh Gilmore JACKSON (1881-1918)was a nephew of Sir Thomas JACKSON and a son of Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON & Eliza Emily GILMORE. He was born and raised at the family farms at Lions Den & Forstertown – both near Trim in Co. Meath, Ireland. He had worked for HSBC and at the time of his death from typhoid had been a broker with Messrs. Wright & Hornby –owned in part by James Francis WRIGHT, husband of “Mollie” the author of this letter.

[5] James Francis WRIGHT (1874-1954) husband of Mary MENARY, niece of Sir Thomas JACKSON and previous partner of Hornby & Wright, stockbrokers in Hong Kong.

[6] P. TESTER was the partner with Tanty in Hornby & Wright, a stock brokerage firm in Hong Kong.

[7] Eliza Emily JACKSON née GILMORE, mother of Tanty.

[8] Fostertown, Co. Meath was where Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON – father of Tanty – had his farm.

[9] Knock, near Belfast, Co. Down. I am assuming this is where Elizabeth Oliver Muriel JACKSON liver with her husband, John Knox HOUSTON. Interestingly, her sister Jeannie MOORHEAD’s (née JACKSON) mother-in-law also lived at Knock.

[10] Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON (1846-1929), father of Tanty & Eilie (and David & Jeannie).

[11] “Mollie” Mary WRIGHT née MENARY, daughter of William MENARY & Mary JACKSON – sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON.



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