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This letter shows once again, another family conflict over property - but what property is it? Is it Urker? Cavananore? Or somewhere else altogether? And who is old "Anne" who is getting short shrift?
Sharon Oddie Brown, September , 2006

Forsterstown [1] ,


19 April 1922.


My dear Molly [2] ,

It has made me sad to think that the dear old home is closed [3] for ever to the family.  I will be glad to hear any news of the old place and what if any arrangement has been made to compensate you for your loss of time. What will become of old Anne [4] . Tom [5] has treated the whole lot with contempt.  It is a blessing we can live without him.

Your fond old Uncle

A Jackson [6]


[1] The farm near Trim, Co. Meath where Andrew Coulter Bradford Jackson – brother of Sir Thomas JACKSON farmed.

[2] “Mollie” Mary WRIGHT née MENARY (1872-1946), daughter of William MENARY & Mary JACKSON – sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON and wife of James Francis WRIGHT.

[3] I do not know if this is Urker, or Cavananore or even Liscalgot (less likely the latter).

[4] Anne?

[5] Presumably this is Thomas Dare JACKSON (1876-1954), son of Sir Thomas JACKSON.

[6] Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON (1846-1929) – brother of Sir Thomas JACKSON.



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