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This letter was passed on to me by Dorothy (Brown) Robertson. Dorothy and her two brothers and her parents lived at Ardglass at the time of this letter. Before they returned to Canada in 1923, the author of this letter (Besssie Brown - Dorothy's grandmother) would die as would Susannah Browne (Dorothy's other grandmother) and Jane Edgar (Dorothy's great aunt). It was a very stressful time for all.


July 27, 1922
My dear Tom, [1]
I was glad to get your letter this am. I was delighted to get your news as well as I see that Jack [2] has done splendidly in his exams. Only one mark above him. He may get to Royal School Armagh [3] if not to Mount Joy, Dublin. We could see him if he got to Armagh. Mollie Wright [4] was here yesterday & we told her of Jack’s success. She said it was splendid & had great praises of the Mount Joy master too. She had heard a great deal about his teaching. Of course, we like Armagh better as times are at present & I believe boys get on well in the Royal. Blin [5] got home on Saturday. She looks thin, but well. She intends going to Ardglass but what day I don’t know. We had a letter from Alice [6] who intends to be with us on second of August. Her first visit since David’s [7] death. Fan [8] asks for you and Bob [9] frequently in her letters. She wrote to you both but had not got a line from either of you. She was well but very busy & felt the heat badly last news. We are well as usual the weather showering. I have been fairly well for some time. We had Jim and Mabel Brown for part of this holiday. He walked me up & down the front of the house for nearly an hour every day. We are both the better of the exercises. He has got very old looking but very well. It was a relief to me to get your news. I feel for you both as you are fixed. Trusting you are well & with love from all,
Your fond mother,
Bessie Brown [10]

[1] Thomas Jackson Brown, son of Elizabeth “Bessie” (Jackson) Brown & Thompson Brown
[2] Thomas “Jack” Jackson Brown jr. was born in Calgary in 1909
[3] He did attend Royal School of Armagh
[4] Mary “Mollie” (Menary) Wright, wife of James Wright, lived at Gilford Castle
[5] Sarah “Blin” Brown, ran Killynure in the later years. She had come home after visiting her sister Frances in New York. Both are daughters of Elizabeth “Bessie” (Jackson) Brown & Thompson Brown
[6] Probably Alice Rickert, wife of David Brown, son of Elizabeth “Bessie” (Jackson) Brown. David had died in July of 1919.
[7] David Brown, son of Elizabeth “Bessie”(Jackson)  Brown. Eugene Fagan recalls hearing of his death at Killynure. If this is so, it would mean that he died while on leave.He was about to take over as head of the Imperial Bank of Persia
[8] Frances Olive Brown, daughter of Elizabeth “Bessie” (Jackson) Brown & Thompson Brown. She lived in New York and/or Poughkeepsie with a Dr. Dobson and his wife. This would possibly be a relative from Armagh as Blin always said that the DOBSON and the OLIVER families were related
[9] Robert Brown, son of Elizabeth “Bessie” (Jackson) Brown & Thompson Brown. He worked for the Canadian Pacific Railway in Canada, never married and lived for a time at Crows Nest.
[10] Elizabeth “Bessie” (Jackson) Brown, widow of Thompson Brown, sister of Sir Thomas Jackson.


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