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1860A Queen St. East
18th Sept. 1928 

My dear Molly [1] .

            I thought I would send you a few lines before you left. I suppose you are busy preparing for your journey. I hope it will do you good & I am sure you will be delighted to see Mickie [2] & his wife [3] & baby [4] if you get any snaps of them send me some. I am enclosing some of Fred's [5] little girl – Mary [6] & Sydney's [7] children – one of Jack [8] & his wife – thought you might like to see them. Mrs Johnston [9] leaves for Montreal tomorrow. she will be sailing for home the next day. She has got old looking but is a very fine looking woman she puts on quite a bit of side I just want to know Molly. if your Uncle Tom [10] ever wrote to them asking them to come back to Creggan [11] . I hardly think he would do such a thing. I know Annie was always given to embroider a little. The Hooey [12] girls, Annie & Madeline have resigned their positions with the Firm they worked for. They bought a Summer home at Pleasant Point & have been there all Summer. I just came back on Friday after spending two weeks with them – it is a lovely place & I enjoyed the rest & quiet. Will you send me some little thing in jade from China. a little pendant or a few beads if they are not too expensive I would gladly pay for anything you would send Wishing you bon voyage and good luck.

            Your loving friend

                        Nellie Griffin [13]

[1] “Mollie” Mary Wright née Menary
[2] James Francis “Mickie” Wright (1902-?),
[3] Doris Mary Marguarite Brandt (1904-?)
[4] Michael Wright b. March 25, 1928 in Hong Kong
[5] Frederick Gilmore GRIFFIN He was born March 5th, 1889 in Newry, Co. Armagh and died 1945 in Toronto, Canada at age 56 He was the author of “Soviet Scene” & “Variety Show”. Jeannie MOORHEAD's memorabilia box contained a full page news clipping relating to his death, another relating to his daughter Mary as well as a copy of a letter from the Prime Minister of condolences to his wife.
[6] Mary Griffin, daughter of Frederick Gilmore Griffin
[7] Sydney H. Griffin, son of  John Gilmore Griffin  & Eleanor S. Griffin
[8] Jack is John Pelan Griffin, son of John Gilmore Griffin & Eleanor S. Griffin
[9] Mrs. Johnston – likely Annie Johnston, née Mary Anne Wright b. 1866, daughter of  Robert Wright & Sarah Jane Reed.
[10] Possibly Sir Thomas Jackson
[11] Creggan – possibly Urker or Liscalgot
[12] Hooey?
[13] Although Eleanor S. GRIFFIN the widow of John Gilmore GRIFFIN who emigrated to Canada in 1912 with her 6 sons may have been called “Nellie”, I suspect this “Nellie” is a wife of one of her sons (most likely Sydney). I am still piecing this together. The “Ga-Ga in the photos could be Eleanor S. Griffin.


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