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47, Gayton Road,
Harrow on the Hill.
October 27th 1932.

My dear Molly [1] ,

                Many thanks for your letter and I am now pleased to be able to send you the enclosed.  It is an exact photograph of the original document.  I had not time to peruse it, but am certain that for you it will be of very considerable interest.  The cost was in all 8/-, i.e. 1/- for a ticket to be allowed to ask for the document, 6/- in payment of it, and 1/- tip which I gave to the man who sought it ought for me "away downstairs".  Am sure you will consider that it was quite reasonable.  I note that I say the "original document", but I should write the type-written copy of the original, which is bound in a huge tome with thousands of others and available for perusal, etc., in Somerset House [2] .

                I was so glad that you seemed pleased with the book.  I saw in a paper the other day that it is not perhaps up to his usual form, so hope that you found it moderately good, which is all one can aim at these days, for a good book is rather a rarity.

                May [3] was lucky being so comfy with Miss Reed [4] and her sister [5] .  It is a fine thing you remembering them that morning for her.  I had a line from May and she told me that she had a chat with you at Scarva [6] station.  A pleasant surprise.  May had a thoroughly good time when she was here and except for a depleted pocket, am sure she will have something nice to look back on for a long time to come.  She appeared to be very full up when I 'phoned and saw her, so really we did not meet each other often.  I thought she looked better and trust that she will keep all right.  How did you find Miss Calvert [7] ?  I trust that her move to Belfast will not be too much for her.  I shall always feel glad that I saw her that day in Armagh.  Janie was interested to hear about Mr. Cochrane [8] and family.  Expect that your orchards are looking spick and span, having lost all their crops to the hammer!!!  I hope that they paid for their keep, which is doubtful, but it gave Himself lots of work, which is the main thing for such an active man.  What about the lovely little house you want to run over here???  It could be most useful really, but a waste of cash probably, as you would never leave for any length of time your own beautiful home, for it is truly a lovely place, and I can never tell you how much I enjoyed being with you and feel grateful enough to you for the delightful time you gave us.  I saw Geraldine D. [9] yesterday and have promised to come to them for a few weeks next Tuesday, although feel leaving Janie [10] here alone, but cannot help that.  Nothing doing yet in way of letting, selling or Flatting the house – worse luck.  I got a lovely printed georgette evening frock – lots of warm red in the pattern, which I like.  Bought the stuff at 4/6 per yard in a sale at Selfridge's, and the day after went for another bit, when found it was up again at 5/11, so am doubly pleased over having hit off a bargain for once.

                Now, when you feel like it, and get time, I shall be delighted to get a letter from you, and be sure and tell me whether Mr. Wright [11] is really quite all right again, how you are yourself, and whether the news of the Family in H.K. [12] is of the best. Hope that all items will be real good.

                With very much love to you and hoping to see you before long in town

                                Yours vy affectionately,

                                                Emily [13]
Remember if you ever want anything & I can get it here for you, you have only to send your instructions – It will be a pleasure.

MY NOTE: This letter was typewritten except for the post script at the end.The typewritten portion was transcribed thanks to Wendy Jack.
Sharon Oddie Brown.December 17, 2003

[1] Mary WRIGHT (née Menary) 1872-1946
[2] Somerset House?
[3] This would be a fit for May MANDERS nee DONALDSON who had come back from adventures in Alasks - broke but undaunted. WHoever she may be, this May seems to living with Miss REID and her sister – possibly at Scarva
[4] Miss REID – a number of women present themselves as possibilities, but at this point, it would be too far fetched a guess.
[5] As above.
[6] Scarva, County Monaghan
[7] Possibly "Minnie" Mary WIlson CALVERT, unmarried daughter of Henry CALVERT (1833-1882) & Jane MENARY (1833-?) - a sister of Mary WRIGHT’s father, William MENARY. This would make her a cousin of Mary WRIGHT.
[8] Mr. Cochrane?
[9] Geraldine D.?
[10] Janie? There is a photo of a Janie JACKSON as a child of Dublin. There is also a mention of a William JACKSON resident in England - so there may be a connection here.
[11] James Francis WRIGHT (1874-1954) Husband of Mary MENARY
[12] I will have to work out which family members were still in Hong Kong at this time.
[13] This Emily lived in Middlesex, but beyond that – I don’t know.


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