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This letter is from the collection of Christine WRIGHT and generously shared with me for the purposes of family history.
Sharon Oddie BROWN, August 1, 2005

December 5, 1938
96 Alexander Street. 

Dear Cousin Molly [1] :

            Once more as the festive season “rolls” around I am thinking of you with sweet memories, and how I enjoyed visiting you and knowing you all.
            The weather here is still beautiful and quite mild, and plenty of sunshine
            I hear from John [2] and Cosy [3] . They were to Dublin and North Ireland last summer, also to Ferries (near Glasgow) where they visited a George Menary [4] . He is a writer and historian. They are very fine people.
            I have to be very careful of myself and rest. I have neuritis in hips and legs and not walking so well.
            I do hope you and Mr. Wright [5] are keeping well.
            How we still miss dear Minnie [6] and to think Willie [7] is gone.
            Edna [8] is writing you. Her husband [9] was appointed Manager of the Heinz Company Here, and they are both happy.
            I send you love and best wishes for a merry Xmas, and a bright and happy New Year. 

                                                            Lovingly your cousin
                                                                        Anne Jane Menary [10]

 PS Family are all pretty well here.

[1] Mary (née MENARY) WRIGHT (1872-1946) of Gilford Castle, Co. Down.

[2] Probably John Alexander MENARY (1865-1956) of  Orangeville and later Toronto, Ontario, brother of Anne Jane MENARY (1869-1939)

[3] “Cosy”? Would this be a nickname for John's wife - Mary Abigail TRIMBLE?

[4] George MENARY possibly the MENARY who was the author of a book on Lord President Forbes as well as “The Life and Letters of Duncan Forbes of Culloden”.

[5] James Francis WRIGHT, husband of Mary MENARY

[6] Possibly Mary Wilson CALVERT (1864-1934), daughter of  Henry CALVERT & Jane MENARY. She lived in Dublin.

[7] “Willie” could be many of the Williams available to us. Given the context and the date of the letter, I am guessing that the reference is to William CALVERT (1867-1937), son of Henry CALVERT and Jane MENARY

[8] Edna MENARY (1907-2001), daughter of  William R. MENARY of Windsor, Ontario, brother of Anne Jane MENARY. Devoted niece of Anne Jane MENARY.

[9] Frank T. SHERK, husband of Edna MENARY

[10] [10] Anne Jane MENARY (1869- 16 March, 1939), daughter of William MENARY & Sarah Jane COTTON. She makes no mention of her own health battles with cancer which would kill her within three months of writing this letter.


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