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This letter was transcribed thanks to the considerable efforts of Wendy Jack. The footnotes were prepared by myself and then verified (and corrected or amplified) by Wendy. Many of the letters are the property of Betty Whiteside and/or Wendy Jack. Any researchers who wish to make further use of them should check with them first.
Sharon Oddie Brown, modified June 8, 2005

July 21. 38                                                  


My dearest Sallie [1] ,

                 I think its about time you were getting some news from the old country.  One of the cheeriest items is that Jack [2] & family are home.  We had him here for five weeks.  He left May [3] & Terence [4] & his amah with her mother in London so we had him all to ourselves.  His little girl [5] is in school in England, and when her holidays start, all are going to the sea side.  I really did not feel equal to having the whole family here besides I feel May would be happier in or near London, which is the headquarters of her mother & two widowed sisters.  Jack looks real well & hardly a day older for the last five years.  He is just the same loving home bird - never happier than when he is going about with Tom [6] .  Unfortunately the weather was not kind to him.  It rained almost all the time.  Indeed we are having a most depressing wet cold summer, & a poor prospect of crops.  We have fires still in the sitting rooms fancy such a thing in July!!  I am  much better than I was, but I can't boast of my walking achievements, but I have a wheeled chair, which the girls take me out in [7] , when there is a glimpse of sunshine.  Otherwise I am really very well but I do miss not being able to fly about as formerly.  Sallie Gilmore [8] , though four years older than I am, is quite active but is very thin, while I keep my condition wonderfully.  She lives principally with Eily [9] her married daughter, in Dublin. She is quite happy there but is greatly distressed over the long & seemingly hopeless illness of her youngest son Tommy [10] .  I  fear his is a case of T.B.  He and his wife [11] have been in Switzerland for months, for the sunshine treatment, but so far no improvement.  Brownie [12] & her flock are well.  We see them generally every week.  Margaret [13] has passed her entrance exam in Trinity & will be going to Dublin in Oct. & George [14] has won a £30 scholarship in the Royal School Armagh and is to go there after the summer holidays.  Samuel [15] keeps well but is not allowed to study yet.  Thompson [16] & Blin [17] "Hold the Fort" in Killynure.  Its a big change since the big houseful of long ago.  Davy Gilmore [18] , his wife & 2 children are in Liscalgot & Urker belongs to Jim & Molly Wright [19] .  They bought it when Tommy Jackson [20] sold it.  Molly loves it for old times sake.  I have not been there since poor Aunt Mary [21] died.  How few of the old folk remain!

    I had a visit from Martha Carson [22] last week.  She was enquiring particularly for you.  I hope you keep well also Clair [23] & Mary [24] & their respective families. Love to them all including your dear old self.

                                           Ever dearest

                                              Your fond sister

                                                 Maggie [25]

[1] Sarah (McCullagh) Whiteside

[2] I am assuming that that this is John Andrew McCULLAGH (1897-1971), son of Andrew Bradford McCullagh & Margaret (Jackson) (Reed) McCullagh. A letter of May 4,1920 shows him bound for six years in Singapore. Perhaps he stayed longer.

[3] May Owen COLTMAN, wife of John "Jack" Andrew McCULLAGH

[4] John Coltman "Terrence" McCULLAGH (1936-), son of May Owen COLTMAN adn John Andrew McCULLAGH.

[5] Eileen McCullagh

[6] probably Thomas Jackson Reed, son of Robert Hamilton Reed & Margaret (Jackson) (Reed) McCullagh

[7] NOTE: unless I am mistaken, she is only 58 at this stage of her life

[8] Sarah (Jackson) Gilmore, wife of Eliezer Gilmore, sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[9] Edith Eileen (née GILMORE) RYDER (1890-1977)

[10] Thomas Jackson Gilmore, who died about 1939

[11] Marion Elizabeth ARKCOLL

[12] Alice Margaret (McCullagh) Alexander, wife of Andrew Alexander

[13] Margaret Rankin Alexander, daughter of Alice Margaret (McCullagh) Alexander

[14] George Alexander, son of  Alice Margaret (McCullagh) Alexande

[15] Samuel Alexander (three years older than his brother, George, but seemingly in need of shelter)

[16] Thompson Brown jr.

[17] Sarah “Blin” Brown

[18] David Gilmore, son of Eliezer Gilmore & Sarah Jackson, husband of Elsie Muriel Coulter

[19] James Wright & Mary (Menary Wright (daughter of Mary Griffin)

[20] probably Thomas Dare JACKSON, so of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[21] Mary (Jackson) GRIFFIN, sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[22] Martha CARSON?

[23] Thomas Clair WHITESIDE, son of Sarah

[24] Mary Ione WHITESDIE, daughter of Sarah

[25] Margaret (née JACKSON) (REED) McCULLAGH, sister-in-law of Sarah WHITESIDE


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