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In conversation with Eilie RYDER, I understand that two of the CARROLL brothers (who were Catholic) married two GILMORE daughters (who were Protestant) - although this letter below seems to indicate that this conversion of GILMOREs to Catholicism happened earlier in the line with a James GILMORE - who may have been their father (sheer specualtion here!).
The closest clue to the GILMORE-CARROLL link that I can get is in a reference on a web site to Ester CARROLL nee GILMORE (1806-1902). This is intriguing because the name "Esther GILMORE" also appears in our tree (not the same one - since this one married a CLEMENTS). The dates are right for the 1806 Ester GILMORE to have married a brother of Patrick James CARROLL.

The GILMORE-CARROLL connection is also interesting to me for a number of other reasons - one of them being that Anthony Marmion, the brother-in-law of Patrick James CARROLL was executed on 20 July, 1798.  Also executed with him was his neighbour and fellow United Irishman, John HOEY from across the street at No. 8 Clanbrassil St. [SOURCE: A Tradition in Industry. 1986 Ogra Dun Dealgan Teamwork Project. p23.] These names pop up in our story - albeit often on the fringes.
Sharon Oddie Brown, September 5, 2006


Tobacco Factory,
11th July, 1940.  
Telephone 21. 
Telegrams – Tobacco, Dundalk

A. E. Skuce [1] , Esq.,
Seatown Place,

Dear Mr. Skuce,

            Forgive me for troubling you, but I am trying to get together some information on the Gilmore connections.

            My great-grandfather, James Gilmore [2] , was born in 1783, married a Jane Sibthorpe [3] (a descendant of the Sibthorpes of Dunany Abbey) and was a member of your persuasion, but before his death on 4th July, 1863, he had become a Catholic.  He was the son of James Gilmore [4] (or Gilmer) who married a Betty Louden [5] .  Unfortunately, those who no doubt would have had the information on the Gilmore end of the tree, are all dead, but my family understand that James Gilmore, Sen., lived somewhere about the border.

            Mr. Arthur Coulter [6] with whom I was in touch, wrote to a Mr. David Gilmore [7] of Liscalgot, Crossmaglen, whom he understood was possibly a connection of these Gilmores.  Mr. Coulter sent me a letter he received from Mr. Gilmore in which he said that he had never bothered about family history and the only information he had was about his father, but that he would try and find out.  I then wrote to Mr. Gilmore myself on Tuesday last, giving him the queries that I was anxious to get information on.  It was my sister, Agnes [8] , who mentioned to me that she understood Mrs. Skuce [9] had Gilmore connections which might be the same.

            Forgive me for taking the liberty of troubling you and may I say that I shall be indeed grateful for any information that you can give me.


            With kind regards. 

                        Yours sincerely, 

                                    James M Carroll [10]

[1] Allan E. SKUCE, husband of  Maud Elizabeth REED, he died 1941
[3] Jane SIBTHORPE – I don’t know of her.
[6] Probably Arthur S. COULTER, solicitor of Dundalk and son of Joseph A. COULTER .
[7] David GILMORE (1878-1959) – husband of  Elsie Muriel COULTER and son of  Eliezer GILMORE & Sarah JACKSON and had two children: Andrew & Elizabeth.
[9] Maud Elizabeth REED (1878-1958), daughter of Margaret Jackson & Robert Hamilton Reed
[10] James M. CARROLL, eldest son of Vincent S. CARROLL The CARROLL family owned a large tobacco enterprise in Dundalk (amongst other things). James became Chairman in 1901 and held the position for 50 years until he died in 1962.



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