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Photo of Mill View, Ballinode taken in 2003. NOTE: I need to verify the location of this photo. I think I have been confusing Ballinode (which I believe this is) with Newbliss.


I look forward to corrections and additions from those who may have better sources than what mine are at this time .
This letter is in the collection of Christine WRIGHT of Gilford Castle. [CD9]
Sharon Oddie Brown, January 31, 2006
Updated March 30, 2009.

Mill View,


Co. Monaghan

Telephone: Newbliss 4

July 17, 1944

Dear Jimmy [1] ,

In reply to your letter of the 8th Inst, I was very much interested that Tom's son Bob [2] was taking an interest in family history. We have tried to gather up any particulars we could. Canon Robinson [3] of Kilmore [4] has now charge of Ballinode [5] with a curate Holtby [6] under him. He would give you correct details. All I remember about your Grand father Robin Wright [7] was that he died the year after I was born 1869 & I think his wife [8] died in 1868 as I was told she said “I have never seen Joe’s [9] youngest child”. But I always thought her name was Mary. I am sure your sister Annie [10] would be able to give more reliable information than anyone else. She may know or have heard when the Wright family moved into Ballinode House [11] as evidently the old house was at Rafeenan [12] . I do hope your wife Mollie [13] is improving and I need not say we will be very glad if you can ever come here to visit us. We all join in love to you both,

Your aff cousin,

Marshall [14]

Window in Church

Erected to Robert Wright [15]

Born 2nd June 1824

Died December 1885  



Sacred to the Memory of John Wright [16] late of Raffenan who departed this life on 10th April 1837 aged 76 years.

Also his wife Ester Wright [17] who departed this life on 16th October 1852 aged 93 years

Also the remains of their grandson Thomas Wright [18] – who departed this life 22nd August 1861, Also James [19] son of above John Wright who departed this life 29th July 1862 aged 72 years

Also Margaret Wright beloved wife of Robert Wright Senior who departed this life on 28th July 1868 aged 80 years

Also Robert Wright [20] beloved husband of the above Margaret Wright [21] who departed this life on 8th May 1869 aged 80 years.


Erected by Robert Sprott [22] in memory of Elizabeth [23] his beloved wife who departed this life 30th March 1859 aged 32 years.

[1] This letter is addressed to James Francis Wright.(1874-1954, husband of Mary Menary (1872-1946) except the mention of a son “Bob” gives me pause. The only son known to me is another James Francis WRIGHT otherwise known as “Mickie”.

[2] Robert Francis WRIGHT.(1899-1989) son of Robert Thomas WRIGHT (1864-1937). He married Edith Marjorie SINTON.

[3] Canon ROBINSON.  I assume Church of Ireland.

[4] Kilmore?

[5] The WRIGHT family lived here in the late 1800s and into the 1900s. Many WRIGHT family members are buried in the Parish of Tednavet Church there. The attached descriptions are from that churchyard.

[6] Rev. HOLTBY?

[7] Robin WRIGHT – more commonly called Robert Wright (1789-1869)

[8] Margaret SWAN (1788-1868)

[9] “Joe” is probably Joseph WRIGHT(1827-1896) – son of Robert WRIGHT & Margaret SWAN. He was their youngest child and married Jane McCALDIN.

[10] Annie WRIGHT isknown asMary Anne WRIGHT (b. Aug 18, 1866 d. abt 1945), a sister of James Francis WRIGHT. She married John Wilson (or William) JOHNSTON Sept 1, 1886.

[11] Ballinode House. I am not sure if this is the house also known as Mill House, Balladian.

[12] Rafeenan is a townland of 272 acres in the Parish of Tydnavet, Co. Monaghan. There is a record  showing that about 1787 a Margaret was born to John McCAGUE & Mary Jane at Rafeenan, Ballinode, Co. Monaghan (email Jack STORY Nov 6, 2005 to McCABE list). The same email mentions an Elenor REID wife of James McCABE. “Rafeenan was the homestead of the (Presbyterian) McCAGUEs. Their relation (if any) to the WRIGHT family is not yet known to me.

[13] Mollie – née Mary MENARY (1872-1946), wife of James Francis WRIGHT (1874-1954)

[14] Marshall WRIGHT (1868-1947). Going from the July 16th letter, it is clear that Marshall is a son of Joseph WRIGHT. There was also a news clipping that was saved at Gilford Castle which helped me to make the connection: “WRIGHT-BRYANT Squadron-Leader the Rev. James Mitchell Wright, B.A. eldest son of Mr. And Mrs. Marshall Wright of Newbliss, County Monaghan, and Miss Mary Grace Bryant, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. R.J. Bryant, of Madras, India, were married in Cranwell Parish Church, Lincolnshire, on November 1. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. J.A. Jagoe, in Cranwell. Part of the honeymoon is being spent in Ireland.”


[15] Robert WRIGHT (1824-1883) married Sarah Jane REED ( -1920) and they had 7 children including James Francis WRIGHT, the father of the probable recipient of this letter. He died intestate. His wife continued to live on the lands and to receive the rents until 1906. His son, Robert T. Wright, claimed to have an indentured mortgage against the property. The lands consisted of a corn mill and fifteen houses in the village of Ballinode together with a little over 72 acres of land. On June 1, 1906, Sarah Jane Wright bought the lands.

[16] John WRIGHT (1761-1837)

[17] Ester WRIGHT or Esther WRIGHT (1759-1852)

[18] Thomas WRIGHT (1829-1861) m. Unnamed NUGENT

[19] James WRIGHT (1790-1862)

[20] Robert WRIGHT (1789-1869)

[21] Margaret WRIGHT, née SWAN (1788-1868)

[22] Robert SPROTT husband of Elizabeth WRIGHT (1827-1859). She was a daughter of Robert WRIGHT & Margaret SWAN.

[23] Elizabeth Sprott née WRIGHT (b 1827), sister of Robert WRIGHT (1824-1883)



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