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Tony Browne kindly shared the contents of this letter with me. It has been most helpful in directing me where to look next for the BROWNE family connections.
Sharon Oddie Brown, August 4, 2004

February 18, 1952
3052 West 15th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia 

Dear Sir [1] : 

Due to illness, I have put off answering your letter of 5th January sooner.

I wish I could give you fuller information of my fatherís family.

My father was born at Glencunny, Enniskillen, Fermanagh where I understand his father and ancestors of many generations lived.

My grandfather Robert Browne came to Belfast, Ulster to reside & died a young man, broken in spirits & health due to heavy financial losses.† Glencunny had passed into other hands.† Grandmother whose maiden name was Plunkett of Enniskillen lived to a ripe old age of 96.† Both of them died in Belfast, Ulster.

My father died at Ardglass 1918 and is buried in Ardglass Churchyard with my mother & her people.

We have really no records.† Our home was burned to the ground when we were children.† All the family jewels and records a complete loss.

We were related to the Sligo family of Brownes, but concrete evidence of that I haven't got, just traditions & hearing Father tell of his boyhood days and ancestry.

You might be able to get more information from my brother, Major Martin G. Browne, Costwold, Essex.

Thanking you for your letter and unique lovely writing.

Yours sincerely,

June E. Browne [2]

[1] This is likely addressed to the researcher doing work on behalf of Michael BROWNE, cousin of the letter writer See also:.June Edgar Browne biography (aka Jane Edgar BROWNE or Jeannie BROWNE)

[2] Jane Edgar Browne, my grandmother 1881-1964


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