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This letter is from the collection of Christine WRIGHT and generously shared with me for the purposes of family history. Regrettably I scanned the wrong side of the envelope so I do not have a date for the letter as no date was included on the letter itself. It is likely late 1930s.
Sharon Oddie BROWN, August 1, 2005


Mrs. J.F. Wright [1]
Gilford Castle

Dear Mollie,

            I write to thank you very much for the very great kindness and courtesy extended to me while visiting your home. Your(sic) were so sweet and kind and did everything in your power to make it pleasant. I enjoyed every minute of my stay and your beautiful home and grounds will always be a pleasant memory, also the many motor trips we had, and the opportunities you gave me of seeing Northern Ireland.
            I also thank you for your kind throughfulness (sic) in sending me the map, as it gives me a much better idea where I have been.
            I would have written before but was waiting to find out if something about our ancestors I could tell you.
            Visited Alex Menary [2] of Killylea (Dr. John [3] ’s brother) he says Jane Menary Wilkins was married in 1st Armagh Presbyterian Church to Mr. Wilkins of Tyrone, his grandfather Alexander Menary was groomsman and he himself had seen the church register. Mr. Patterson of Couser’s store [4] also has found some Menary signatures.
            I am going out to Wm. Menary [5] of Ballyharriden House for a few days, (he is a nephew of Aunt Nancy [6] ’s) if I can find out anything I will let you know.
            My intentions are to go to Belfast Friday and stay over week-end and then go on to Dublin, where I expect to see you. I hope Mr. Wright [7] is feeling much better and able to be out again.
            With kindest appreciation to you both for the very pleasant time, Yours sincerely,

                                                                        Elizabeth C. Menary [8]

P.S. We are invited out to Maghery [9] Wednesday.

[1] Mary (née MENARY) WRIGHT (1872-1946) of Gilford Castle

[2] Alexander MENARY, son of James MENARY (d 1917). This is conjecture at this stage.

[3] Dr. John MENARY, son of James MENARY (d. 1917). This is conjecture at this stage.

[4] In the City of Armagh – supplier to the Royal School of Armagh.

[5] William MENARY of  Ballyheridan House, Armagh was the proprietor of Picture House, Bangor, Co. Down (SOURCE:  Royal School of Armagh by Major M.L. Ferrar – James MENARY, his son, b. April 6, 1902 went to school there)

[6] Nancy MENARY – at present I have her as a daughter of Alexander MENARY and Martha HERRON  - but I could be far off the mark.

[7] James Francis WRIGHT, husband of Mary MENARY

[8] Elizabeth Cotton Menary (1864-1943) of Toronto, daughter of William MENARY & Sarah Jane COTTON of Orangeville

[9] Maghery, Co Armagh -  home to generations of MENARY – going back at least as far as Alexander MENARY & Marth HERRON


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