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This undated letter and the attachment are in the Gilford Castle collection and shared thanks to the generosity of Christine WRIGHT.
Sharon Oddie Brown, June 30, 2005

Dear Mrs. Calvert [1] ,

I have given the main points of my mother’s long story re: the Menary origin [2] etc. It would take a good many pages to write it in full but I think this is all that matters and I hope it will interest Miss Menary [3] , perhaps you would let her have this, or was it Mrs. Wright [4] who was so anxious to know the details.

            They must have been two brave lads those ancient Menarys. No wonder I am what I am!!

                        With Kindest regards,
                                    Yours sincerely
                                                Nancy Menary [5] .

Mother says “Seven Towns” [6] was the name of place at or near Armagh but I did not write that.


Menary – of Huguenot Origin.

In 1670 two brothers [7] settled in Leicestershire, England. entered the army and for service in Ireland in the campaigns of William III (having fought at ‘Derry, Aughrim and the Boyne) were given a grant of land in the vicinity of Armagh –

Later, one brother [8] emigrated to America.

[1] I don’t know which Mrs. CALVERT this might be.

[2] The outlines of this agree with the MENARY web page. SEE: http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~menary/history.htm

[3] Miss MENARY? Since this letter is undated, it is hard to guess which one. One guess might be a daughter of Samuel MENARY – but I have no records on him at all.

[4] Mary (Née MENARY) WRIGHT (1872-1946)

[5] Nancy MENARY – likely related to both the Mrs. CALVERT who is likely trying to piece together the MENARY part of the CALVERT family tree as well as Mary WRIGHT who saved this letter.It may be that this Nancy MENARY was the wife of Alexander MENARY of Armagh-Breague Keady, otherwise known as Agnes.(see: BMD news clippings from Gilford Castle). Another guess (and more probably - since elsewhere she is called an aunt of William) would be as a daughter of Alexander MENARY and Martha HERRON.

[6] Seven Towns refers to seven townlands that had belonged to the Culdee Priory of Armagh. They included Cannadisse (now known as Kennedies, part of Milford village),  Lisleagh (Lislea), Ennogsegurt (Enagh),  Aghaville (Aughavilly), Lisvonowe (Lisbanoe, part of Milford village), Killenure (Killynure) and  Maghocarrell (Magherarville). These townlands are just SW of Armagh city in the parish of Lisnadill. Magheraville was the home of William MENARY (1838-1874), father of Mary (née MENARY) WRIGHT (1872-1946). Killynure is right next door. See http://www.user.dccnet.com/s.brown/maps/Lisnadill.htm for my map of Lisnadill Parish and the pertinent townlands.

[7] Unnamed MENARY brothers. Likely spelled “De Menery” at the time.

[8] Unnamed MENARY. It may also have been Canada that he emigrated to.


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