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As with any such research, my work stands on the shoulders of others – countless others.There are the various long-dead ancestors as well as living relations who had the foresight to save certain key documents. In this regard (amongst the living relations), Christine WRIGHT of Gilford Castle stands head and shoulders above all others. Then, there are the countless researchers, many of whom I have yet to meet. In this regard, Wendy Jack of Australia continues to amaze me with her clarity and doggedness and accuracy (and we may even meet one day if the gods smile on us). With respect to the COULTER family, we are also blessed that E. Charles Nelson & Alan Probert saw fit to publish: A Man who can Speak of Plants: Dr. Thomas Coulter (1793-1843) of Dundalk in Ireland, Mexico and Alta California. 1994, Dublin (privately published in a limited edition of 500). The book is not only informative, but is clearly written and beautifully produced. SEE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Coulter
In trying to decode the history of some of the COULTERs and their relations to the BRADFORDs and JACKSONs, I found it helpful to start with the available maps. Text and links to indentures are included beneath.
Sharon Oddie Brown, August 22, 2008
NOTE: Some excellent photos of the land can be viewed at Ireland's Stonehenge - a monument that was unfortunately carted away sometime between 1748-1820, possibly by some of my ancestors.
This map situates the townland of Carnbeg amidst adjacent townlands (which are named in various related deeds).
This 13 December 1737 map drawn by J. Noble is the earliest map I have found (SOURCE: A Man who can Speak of Plants).
Carnbeg and other lots
This map is connected to the indenture of 6 July 1754. I have also transcribed the notes on the maps as well as some of the indenture. SEE: 1754 July 6th Indenture
This map is part of the documents supporting the public Auction of this land on October 31st, 1900. It is in the collection of Christine WRIGHT of Gilford Castle.

With respect to the 1737 map, we learn from A Man who can Speak of Plants (p5) that this land was rented from Viscount Limerick on or before 1731 by Samuel COULTER (1700-1760). It is significant to note that although Samuel COULTER married (his wife is known only as Mary), that he died without issue. This map reveals that the holding includes 13 fields which surround a small, single-story farmhouse and garden. The lease included 86 acres 36 perches (Irish or Plantation measure), equivalent to more than 139 statute acres. At the time, the farm was bounded on the west by a road leading to the lime kilns and on the south and east by a road heading northwards towards Jonesborough. Some time after this map was drawn, a new road was constructed between Dundalk and Markethill as can be seen on the 1754 map.

With respect to the next map, of particular interest in terms of family links, is the fact that the lease was for: The Natural Life and Lives of the said Samuel Coulter the Lessee, Willm[probably McCullough]] nephew to the said Samuel Coulter, and Thomas Read eldest son of Isaac Read of Dundalk aforesaid Esqs and the Survivors and Survivor of them. This makes me wonder whether the "Mary", wife of Samuel COULTER may have been either a McCULLOGH or a REID or whether Samuel's sister Jane COULTER married into either of these families. Such leases are often clues about where to look next. See: 1754 June 6th Indenture

The final map, which was associated with the auction of October 31, 1900, raises as many questions as it answers. It was part of a much larger sale of a group of lands which also included (as well as the Carnbeg lands) lands at the townlands of Sportmans Hall, Cavananore, Ballynahattin and Dowdall's Hill. It was related to the Estate of Samuel BRADFORD as well as the estate of Thomas JACKSON in his role as Representative of the Residuary Legatees named in the will of Andrew BRADFORD, deceased, Owner of Land and in the matter of the Partition Acts, 1868 and 1876.

In the 1876 Agreement of Samuel Bradford of Carnbeg we know that Thomas Jackson Esquire of Hong Kong is the Residuary Devisee of the estate of Andrew Coulter Bradford of Cavananore. We also know that Andrew Coulter BRADFORD died 10 May 1847. I do not yet know the death date of the Samuel BRADFORD who is tied to the 1900 auction of Carnbeg. I do know that this Samuel BRADFORD and Andrew Coulter BRADFORD were each first cousins and that Sir Thomas JACKSON was their first cousin twice removed. The link in between all these BRADFORD men and the townland of Carnbeg is likely Barbara COULTER (1721-1795) whose parents still elude me. She married John BRADFORD (1705-1789).


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