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Carrickistuck aka Carrickastuck is a townland of 229 acres in the Parish of Philipstown. At the time of the 1740 Census, it was in the Parish of Castletown (NOTE: I do not know when the Parish boundaries and/or names changed). On its north eastern border is the river of Castletown, on the south-east, the townland of Philipstown; on the south, Barronstown, to the west Clonaleenan and Annaghvacky and to the north-west, Cavananore. The families connected to these lands also had significant business and family connections with people living in these neighbouring townlands.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 8, 2009

Updated May 11, 2011 NOTE: I have yet to look at the post-Griffiths records in any detail.
Updated June 25, 2011 & June 26, 2011. About a dozen new records and/or changes were added.


Carrickistuck History from Deeds & other sources.


Carrickistuck environs



For a listing of lessors and lessees and valuations at the time of Griffiths for Carrickistuck and some of the adjacent townlands, SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/TABLES/Louth-GriffithsTable.html


NOTE: I have also included a few related deeds that mention the same COULTERs who show up in Carrickistook aka Carrickistook aka Carrickistuck (etc. – computers need to know all spellings in order to find information!)

Carrickistuck History from Deeds & other sources.




1734 Mar 11

Deed: 82 179 57452 Rt. Hon John Lord BELLEW leased to Patrick SYMPSON of Phillipstown, Co. Louth lands of Annaghivacky, Barony of Dundalk, Co. Louth. then in his possession … 223 acres 1 rood 20 perches for natural lives of James COULTER son of Charles COULTER of Carrickstuck & Nathanial COULTER son of Samuel COULTER of Cavananore & of Grizell SYMPSON third daughter of said Patrick SYMPSON … rent £54.13.6 SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1734Mar11-BELLEW-SIMPSON.html

1735 Aug 5

BELLEW-DICKIE DEED: 79-389- 56530. Lord John BELLEW leased 159 acres 2 roods of profitable land of Clonaleenan to James DICKIE and John BAILIE both of Clonaleenan.

NOTE: I have included this here because of the relationship of these DICKIEs to the ones connected to Carrickastuck.


1735 Aug 5

BELLEW-COULTER DEED: 80-451-56529. Lord John BELLEW leased 129 acres 2 roods of profitable land of Cavananore and bog to Samuel and John COULTER of Cavananore. NOTE: I have included this here because of the relationship of these COULTERs to the ones connected to Carrickastuck.


1735 Aug 27

BELLEW-COULTER Deed: 80 473 56629. Rt. Hon John Lord BELLEW leased to Charles COULTER, William COULTER & John COULTER of Carrickastuck, Co. Louth Farmers 135 acres profitable land and bog in Carrickistuck for the lives of William COULTER & John COULTER & of James COULTER, son of Charles COULTER… rent for £57.7.6

SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1735Aug27-BELLEW-COULTER.html  

NOTE: This Charles COULTER sr. would have been the great-great-grandfather of John Charles COULTER (d 1919).

1737 Jan 5

SIMSON to DONALDSON Rev. Patrick SIMPSON leased 136 acres of Philipstown to Alexander DONALDSON for the lives of Patrick SIMPSON, Grizel SIMPSON and James COULTER (son of Charles COULTER “late of Carrickistook”. SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1737Jan5-SIMSON-DONALDSON.html


COULTER to COUTLER Deed: 483 391 315210


COULTER Charles to WALSH Deed: 584-191-396573


NAMES of occupiers in Carrickistuck mentioned in 1740 Corn Census: COULTER, Will;


COULTER, Charles;


COULTER, John; Their crops were oats and barley. SOURCE: http://www.jbhall.freeservers.com/1740_corn_census_of_county_louth.htm  

See Also: An Eighteenth Century Corn Census of County Louth, Dermot MacIvor. Journal of the County Louth Archaeological Society, Vol. 11, No. 4 (1948), pp. 254-286

1748 Feb 14

COULTER-McEVER Deed: 134 179 90509 Charles COULTER of Carrickstuck, Co. Louth, Farmer & Mary COULTER otherwise McEVERs his wife and Thomas McEVERs transfer lands of Nicodemus McEVERs in Drumcondra Lane, Dublin. SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1748Feb14-COULTER-KYLE.html

1776 Dec 4

Deed: 323 232 213562 NOTE: I clearly have inaccuracies in my notes re: rent (was it £57.7.6 or £7.7.6 – I recorded both, as well was the acreage: 136A or 135A. I recorded both versions.

This deed between John COULTER of Carrickastuck and William POLLOCK (land in the possession of William POLLOCK - I assume a sub-lease?) refers to an earlier lease from the late Lord BELLEW dated the 4th day March 1734 of the said lands of Carrickistook . for the lives of Wm. COULTER, John COULTER and James COULTER, son of Charles COULTER. The acreage of 136A in this new deed is substantially less than the deed of 1734 March 11 (223 acres) because 1/3 of it had subsequently been demised to William BELLEW by John COULTER.

A Catherine COULTER is also mentioned as is the townland of Longfield[1], Co. Monaghan. SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1776Dec4-COULTER-POLLOCK.html  

1782 Oct 7

SIBTHORPE-DICKIE Deed 349 169 233427

NAMES: Robert SIBTHORPE of Newtown; Robert DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Alexander McCOMBE; Rev. Alexander McCOMBE; Elizabeth Lady Viscountess Dowager BOYNE; John WARBURTON of Dublin; John KENNEDY; John MURPHY; William KELLY.


1787 July 1


Indenture of Robert Sibthorpe, Dunany, to Catherine Donaldson, Philipstown, widow, and Joseph Donaldson, Cloghoge, County Armagh, gentleman, in respect of part of the lands of Philipstown, containing 119 acres and then in the possession of Catherine and her undertenants. Sibthorpe grants to the Donaldson's the said lands for the lives of James Coulter, Annaghavacky, yeoman, Alexander son of Catherine and John, son of Joseph Donaldson, perpetual renewal. Rent is £92 from 1 May 1787. £650 of Catherine Donaldson's money was made use of in trust, for her son and daughters Alexander, Dorothy, Jane and Alice (save one undivided fifth part which is Catherine's sole property). Catherine and Joseph assign the property to Alexander, Dorothy, Jane and Alice. NOTE: I suspect this James COULTER was a son of the Charles COULTER of Carrickastuck.

NOTE: This deed relates to another deed (see beneath) July 3, 1802 DEED 547 454 361307

SOURCE: Louth County Archives. PP00053/002

1788 Aug 20

SIBTHORPE-BAILIE Deed 397 227 264082. It mentions lands of Annaghavackey secured by life of James COULTER of Carrickastuck.

NAMES: Robert SIBTHORPE of Dunany; John BAILIE akak BAILLIE; Robert DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Rev. Patrick SIMSON aka SIMPSON aka SYMSON aka SYMPSON of Philipstown; James COULTER; George TWIBILL; C. ROONEY;John MOORE. OTHER PLACES: Annaghavackey; Tavanore aka Cavananore; Carrickastuck; Shanmullagh; Courtbane; Terfecken aka Termonfekin.


1789 Mar 7

SIBTHORPE to BAILIE Deed: 406 549 267399

NAMES: Robert SIBTHORPE of Dunany; Susannah BAILIE of Clonaleenan; William POLLOCK; Richard KINDRICK; George BANON; Charles BANON; Robert BANON; John BANON; James COULTER of Carrickastuck; John MURPHY; George TWIBILL of Dublin.


1789 Apr 8

COULTER-McCORMICK NAMES: Charles COULTER of Roachdale aka Rochdale aka Annaghavackey; Mary McCORMICK; Hugh McCORMICK; Arthur McCORMICK of Carrickastuck; Ralph COULTER; Henry COULTER; William COULTER; John COULTER of Mounthill; James COULTER; Patrick MAGINNIS; Samuel MOFFETT. http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1789Apr8-COULTER-McCORMICK.html

1792 Jan 20


NAMES: Samuel MOFFITT aka MAFFETT aka MOFETT of Freeduff; Robert DICKIE of CLonaleenan; James COULTER, sr. of Carrickastuck; Charles COULTER of Annaghavackey; Patrick MAGUINESS; Patrick CORR.


1795 May 4

COULTER-COULTER Also Deed 483 391 315210

NAMES: Charles COULTER; Henry COULTER of Carrickastuck; Robert SIBTHORPE of Newtown; WIlliam COULTER; Charles COULTER; John COULTER; John Lord BELLEW; Ralph COULTER; James COULTER of Roachdale aka Anaghavackey; John COULTER of Mounthill,


1795 Jul 6

COULTER-DICKIE Deed 476 414 315515

NAMES: Charles COULTER of Roachdale aka Annaghavackey; Robert DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Samuel MOFFETT; Robert SIBTHORPE; Henry COULTER; Ralph COULTER; William COULTER; Charles COULTER; James COULTER. OTHER PLACES: Philipstown.


1799 Dec 10

COULTER-LENNON DEED: 584 251 397068. Charles COULTER of Roachdale demises to Patrick LENNON of Carrickastuck lands held for life of  James COULTER the elder of Carrickastuck.


1802 Apr 14

Will of Grizel REID née DICKIE of Carrickastuck

NAMES: Grizel REID of Clonaleenan; Joseph REID; Robert DICKIE; James DICKIE; Ann COULTER; Joseph DICKIE; Mary DICKIE; Robert DICKIE; Elizabeth DICKIE; John DICKIE; Robert SMALL; of Mourne; Robert REID sr of Leakeal & Robert REID jr; James DICKIE; William NELSON; Alexander DONALDSON; James McCULLAGH; Alexander McCOMBE; J. RADCLIFF. OTHER PLACES: Ballygallum, Co. Down.


1802 July 3

DONALDSON-DONALDSON. Deed: 545 432 361307 Lease of Catherine Donaldson, Derrynaught, County Armagh, widow to Alexander Donaldson, Philipstown, gentleman, in respect of part of Philipstown now in his possession, containing 73 acres, 3 roods and 29 perches with the proportionate part of the bog of Philipstown, bounded on the south east by lands in the occupation of Alexander Donaldson, on the south west by Thomas and Peter Morgan, Hugh McDonnell and Owen McEntegart, on the north west by Alexander Donaldson, Patrick Hughes and Owen McEnteggart and on the north east by the river of Phillipstown. Catherine grants to Alexander the said lands for the lives of James Coulter, Anavackey, yeoman, Alexander Donaldson and John, son of Joseph Donaldson, Clohogue, County Armagh, rent, from 1 November 1799. A memorial of this deed was entered in the Registry Office, book 545, page 432 on 3 July 1802. (PP00053/003) item 29 Jan 1800 SEE:http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1802Jul3DONALDSON-DONALDSON.html

1803 Jan 20

Mention of James DICKIE of Carrickastuck in deed with COULTERs of Carnbeg. NOTE: Anne DICKIE of Carrickastuck married Samuel COULTER of Carnbeg. http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1803Jan20-COULTER-DICKIE-RODEN.html

1803 Dec 5

Deed: 583 237 396572 Charles COULTER of Annavacky [aka Roachdale], Co. Louth, Gent demised to Owen ROONEY of Carrickistook, farmer 2A of Carrickistook during natural lives of William COULTER & Charles COULTER sons to the Lessor and Ralph COULTER son of Henry COULTER of Carrickistuck, farmers … term of 41 years after the death of James COULTER the elder mentioned in a lease perfected to Charles COULTER. SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1803Dec5-COULTER-ROONEY.html

1803 Dec 5

Deed: 584 191 396573 Charles COULTER, Gent of Annavakey, Co. Louth leased to Nicolas WALSH of Carrickastuck, famer ... life and lives of James COULTER of Carrickastuck since deceased & William & Charles COULTER sons to lessor [Charles COULTER] & Ralph COULTER son to Henry COULTER of Carrickistuck for term of 49 years from death of said James COULTER ... yearly rent £3.5 SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1803Dec5-COULTER-ROONEY.html

1809 Jan 23

From Nigel Dickie collection. Robert Dickie of Clonaleenan father of James DICKIE of Carrickastuck; ref to Charles COULTER indenture 6 Jul 1795 for 18 acres in Carrickastuck demised to Robert DICKIE, land occupied by Samuel MOFFAT;

1811 Oct 1

COULTER-CALLAN Deed 625 523 43612

NAMES: Charles COULTER of Annaghavacky; Brian CALLAN of Tankardstown; Patrick LENNON of Carrickastuck; William COULTER; Charles COULTER jr.; Ralph COULTER; Henry COULTER; Daniel CASSIDY; Stephen PAGE.



The first mention I have of a TREACY connection to Carrickastuck: Castletown Old Graveyard http://www.faughart.com/inscriptions-page11978.html

TRACY/TREACY IHS Gloria in Excelsis Deo Erected by Dennis Tracy of Carrickastuck in memory of his son John who departed this life 21st Septr A.D. 1817 aged 21 years. Also three more of his children who died young. And also in memory of his son William Tracy who departed this life the 6th day of December 1823 aged 24 years. Also the above Dennis Tracy who depd this life 15th Decr 1844 aged 85 yrs. James Treacy. Henry Treacy died 16th Dec. 1877 aged 72 years. John Treacy died Dec 1890. Anne Treacy died 16th March 1920. William Treacy died 16th June 1921. Patrick Treacy died 7th Jan. 1922 and Mary A. Treacy, Shortstone, died 8th Nov. 1925 aged 50 years and Margaret Treacy died 26th Feb. 1939 aged 71 years. Also Eliza Treacy Connor. Requiescat in pace Amen. (763)

1818 Oct 24

Probate of Will of Grizel REID

NAMES: Grizel REID of Clonaleenan; Joseph REID; Robert DICKIE; James DICKIE; Ann COULTER; Joseph DICKIE; Mary DICKIE; Robert DICKIE; Elizabeth DICKIE; John DICKIE; Robert SMALL; of Mourne; Robert REID sr of Leakeal & Robert REID jr; James DICKIE; William NELSON; Alexander DONALDSON; James McCULLAGH; Alexander McCOMBE; J. RADCLIFF. OTHER PLACES: Ballygallum, Co. Down.


1818 Nov 24

DICKIE & DONALDSON – Partition: Deed: 734-306-500642

NAMES: James DICKIE of Carrickastuck; Alexander DONALDSON; Stewart KING; John FOSTER of Collon; Rt Hon. Frederick Viscount BOYNE aka Frederick HAMILTON; Sir Charles HAMILTON; John Stewart HAMILTON; Charles GRANT; Charles COULTER; Henry COULTER; Paul PARKS; James POLLOCK; Patrick LAWLESS; William FOSTER; Robert DICKIE of Annaghavackey; Andrew BRADFORD; Samuel BRADFORD;John BAILIE; Hugh CULLAN; James LAWLESS; Alexander PARKER; John TOWNLEY; E. WOODHOUSE. OTHER PLACES: Cavananore; Shortstone; Cloughmagniggan - perhaps aka Clonaleeenan; Barronstown.


1819 Jan 28

References to this deed at:




1820 May 3

DONALDSON to COULTER Deed: 751-451-510986

NAMES: Alexander DONALDSON of Philipstown; Henry COULTER of Carrickastuck; Stewart KING; James DICKIE; Charles COULTER; Robert DICKIE; Joseph DICKIE; James DICKIE; John GETTY; Robert GETTY; Ralph COULTER; Francis ARMSTRONG.


1825 Dec 5

COULTER-DICKIE Deed 811 217 546752
Samuel COULTER of Carnbeg of 1st part & James DICKIE Carrickastuck of 2nd part.

NAMES: Samuel COULTER of Carnbeg; James DICKIE of Carrickastuck; Samuel COULTER of Dowdallshill; Robert COULTER of Carnbeg; Samuel COULTER late of Carnbeg; Joseph COULTER; Sir Robert JOCELYN - Earl of Roden; Unnamed JEFFRIE aka JEFFRY; Lennox BIGGER; Thomas COULTER; Joseph COULTER; Samuel COULTER; John CARMICHAEL; Thomas COULTER of Dowdallshill; Thomas BRADFORD of Carnbeg; Daniel BARTATILE [possibly: BASTABLE?]; Oliver MOORE. OTHER PLACES: Carnmore; Ballinahattin; Sportsmanshall; Glebe - all in Co. Louth.


1827 Apr 20

From Nigel Dickie collection. James DICKIE (1771-1835) of Killeen and John Thomas DICKIE (1787-1876) of Clonaleenan. Part of Carrickastuck in possession of John Thomas DICKIE – 18 acres Irish Plantation measure as well as part of a bog – heretofore occupied by James DICKIE and now in possession of John Thomas DICKIE – to hold for the natural lives of Ralph COULTER son of Henry COULTER, late of Carrickastuck deceased and William COULTER and Charles COULTER sons of Charles COULTER late of Roachdale, deceased – for 41 years from Nov 1, 1801. Signed in presence of Thomas BRADFORD & Robert COULTER.

1850 Oct 13

Death of Ralph COULTER, of Carrickastuck. He was a son of Henry COULTER.

1851 Apr 28


Henry COULTER, in order to provide fairly for his brothers and sisters (his father Ralph COULTER had died before the children had reached the age of majority), registered a deed whereby James TREACY of Philipstown was made one of the trustees of the lands of Carrickastuck. In this deed, he sold 44 acres referred to in a deed dated Jan 28, 1819 (which I have not yet see).



Griffiths Valuation shows that Ann COLTER owned two small parcels of land, and leased other lands from Alexander BELL and Edward MARTIN totalling a little over 142 acres. I suspect that she was the widow of Ralph COULTER. Henry TRACY had some small holdings, and much of the rest of the townland was owned or leased by DICKIEs. SEE: Co Louth Griffiths Valuation

1854 Aug 10

From Nigel Dickie collection. Indenture between Rev Joseph DICKIE and his spinster sisters Ellen & Mary. Land now occupied by Mary & Ellen = 20A 3P 32.5R Irish plantation measure. Bounded on North by lands of Carrickastuck, the property of Savard MARTIN Esq., in the east by lands of Carrickastuck & townland of Barronstown; on the south partly by the road to Castleblayney & lands of Clonaleenan and Derryfalone & Lands of Carrickastuck in possession of James WELSH & Marie Alice [?]. Term 21 years from 1st Nov.

1857 Jun 29

Robert COULTER of Carrickastuck, but now of Philipstown was a trustee of the marriage between Alexander PARKER and Mary BRADFORD


1864 Jun 23

Death of Ann COULTER, of Carrickastuck, wife of Ralph COULTER.


Voters List: Henry TRAY of Carrickastuck.

1866 Jul 13

COULTER-JOHNSTON 44 acres mortgaged by Henry COULTER to Arthur JOHNSTON. It made reference to a lease dated January 28, 1819 by Alexander DONALDSON and Henry COULTER of Carrickastuck, grandfather of the current Henry COULTER.


1868 Jan 27

COULTER-JOHNSTON 44 acres were leased by Henry COULTER to Arthur JOHNSTON.


1875  Jun 3

Will of Ellen DICKIE of Carrickastuck.

NAMES: Ellen DICKIE of Carrickastuck; John DICKIE; Mary DICKIE; Rev. Joseph DICKIE; John Dobbin BELL; William STITT.


1876 Sept 25

The Will of Henry Treacey late of Carrickastuck County Louth Farmer deceased who died 25 September 1876 at same place was proved at Armagh by the oaths of Anne Treacey of Carrickastuck Widow and James Lennan of Lurgankeel Farmer both in said County the Executors. Date Of Grant: 25/07/1878 Effects: Effects under £100

1880 Sep 16

COULTER-TRACY. Sale of Estate of Henry COULTER of Carrickastuck.

NAMES: Henry COULTER of Carrickastuck; Alexander BELL of Philipstown & Dublin; Catherine TRACY aka TREACY; Dennis TRACY.



1881 Chancery Documents NAMES: Robert Ellis BAILIE of Castleblayney; Thomas McARDLE of Ducavan; James LAMB of Shortstone East; Mary McARDLE of Shortstone East; Thomas THORNTON of Slieve; Peter JONES of Philipstown; Anne TRACY of Carrickastuck; Anne FOX of Carrickastuck; Charles POLLOCK of Carrickastuck; John JOHNSTON of Woodvale; M.E. JOHNSTON of Woodvale; Townley Paton Hume Macartney FILGATE of Shortstone East; John W. HORAN and Mary Josephine HORAN of Slieve; Thomas BATTERSBY of Philipstown; H. J. OWENS of Dublin; Alexander BELL of Dublin and Philipstown; Charles McMAHON.

1885 Dec 2

A letter from Eliza Jackson: Another piece of news is that Mr. McCracken has sold his interest in Carrickastuck to Mr. Foy who bought Henry Coulter’s place and built a fine house on it; and Dr. Wilson is going to live in Carrickastuck



Return of Judicial rents. Anne Tracey of Carrickastuck Louth, landlord William B. Dickie, 8a/0r/7p, poor valuation £6/10/0, old rent £7/18/10, new rent £6/5/0

1919 Jun 14

Will of John Charles COULTER of Ottertail County, Minnesota, USA. He was a son of Ralph & Ann COULTER of Carrickastuck. TREACYs of Carrickastuck are his trustees, and he leaves them a thousand pounds in War Bonds. The will was probated August 2, 1919.


1920 Mar 16

Anne TRACY died. She was 60 years old in 1901 and  then aged fifteen years in a decade to become 75 in 1911 – a not unusual occurrence when it comes to census data – being older helped with pension eligibility.

1921 Jun 16

William TREACY died.





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