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Capt. Charles James BOLTON was Captain of the Glenartney, and was in the employ of Jardine Matheson. Some of the other BOLTONs mentioned may be relations.
Sharon Oddie Brown. April 3, 2014


Mentions of BOLTON in the Far East in the mid to late-1800s





1864 Feb 23

Singapore. Marriage of Charles James BOLTON (b abt 1829) & Louisa Caroline DARE.

Family History in India: Index to Bengal Marriages 1855-1896
Also One Hundred Years of Singapore Vol II 1921. p558.

1865 Sept 30 Birth of daughter Mary Louisa BOLTON in Singapore. Birth date was based on age at death.
1866 March 11 Death of daughter Mary Louisa BOLTON in Hong Kong. Inscription on Happy Valley Graveyard in Hong Kong: Sacred to the memory / of/ MARY LOUISA/ infant daughter / of/ CHARLES JAMES/ and / LOUISA CAROLINE BOLTON/ died 11th March 1866/ aged 6 months eleven days.Thy Will be done. I have a photo of the gravemarker.

1869 Oct 30

The British Steamer Glenartney, Capt Bolton, from Calcutta 19th en route to Panang and Calcutta anchored in the harbor last night.

The Straits Times

Also The London and China Telegraph -  he landed in Hong Kong 31 July 1869.

The Glenartney was a three masted screw-steamer launched Mar 13, 1869.

1869 Dec 28 28 December he sailed for Calcutta on Glenartney. The Straits Times 1 January 1870.

1870 Apr 2

The British Steamer Glenartney, Capt Bolton, from Calcutta 19th and Penang 26th inst. Arrived here at 9:30 A.M. today.

The Straits Times 2 April 1870. NOTE: In the same issue, Thomas JACKSON left Hongkong for Sydney from Singapore on P&O steamer Salsette under Capt. Tomlin, from Hong Kong – March 22, 1870.

1870 Mar 28

The Glenartney brought from Calcutta 1453 chests of opium, of which 170 have been landed in the Straits and 1283 are for China.

The Straits Times 2 Apr 1870

1874 Jan

Capt BOLTON arrived in London, and entered into negotiations to buy the steamer Europe  on behalf of Jardine Mattheson.

Law – Session Case.

1874 May 30

The British Steamer Europe, Captain Bolton, from London via Suez Canal, arrived at Jardine Matheson & Co’s wharf this morning. Saturday 30th May

The Straits Times, 30 May 1874. NOTE: By May 1874, the Glenartney had become a tea screw-steamer -  the fastest to deliver the tea in 44 days, but Bolton was not the captain. SOURCE: The Illustrated London News Vol 65.

1881 Aug 4

From Hongkong…. Mr. F. Bolton

Straits Times Overland Journal, 4 Aug 1881.

1884 Dec 25

The old clippers (reminiscing – all the old ships)… BOLTON of the Mazeppa

The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser.

Mazeppa was a USA schooner.

In 1844, it was described:  The "Mazeppa" - The new three-topsail schooner Mazeppa, the property of Mr Milne and which was built by Mr Milne, and which was built by Mr Lowe, at the William River. Has now nearly a full cargo on board, and will sail for the Bay of Islands and Auckland on Sunday next. The Mazeppa is a fine vessel, well calculated either for the New Zealand trade, or for cruising among the islands. Her dimensions are 107 fee overall, 20 feet beam, depth of hold 11 feet 9 inches. The cabins are handsomely fitted up with cedar, and are capacious; the fore cabin or saloon measures 14 feet in length, in which 14 berths are constructed; and the after or ladies' cabin measures about 13 feet, in which are sliding bulkheads to afford an opportunity of altering it into two, in the event of such being required, leaving space in the whole for eight berths. There is also a roundhouse upon deck aft, which is converted into six state rooms.

1884 Jan 12

For Shanghai from Marseilles… Cpt. Bolton

Straits Times Weekly Issue

1884 Nov 15

John Bolton, an Englishman, settled in the Marianne islands where he has a wife ….

Straits Times Weekly Issue

1901 Apr 15

Death of Mr. Joseph Cheney Bolton of Carbbook, Lambert, Sterling… formerly partner in Messrs. Ker, Bolton & Co., East India merchants of London and Glascow, Manilla and the Straits.

The Straits Times

1901 Feb 9

Passengers for Straits, China & Japan… Per P &O Plassy an Britannia…. Miss Bolton.

The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser.

1904 Jan 19

Passengers booked homeward… per Borneo… Miss Bolton.


1906 July 20

Lieutenant Bolton murdered by rebels

The Straits Times This was Edward C. BOLTON, an American Governor. SEE: AMERICAN GOVERNOR SLAIN.; Lieut. Bolton and a Foreman Murdered in the Philippines.




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