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The table on this page includes links to all the pieces on my blog which are connected in one way or another to family connections in the Far East. That way, you don't have to troll through recipes for cocktails and other irrelevant pieces.
Sharon Oddie Brown, April 7, 2014


Blogs relating to Silver Bowl & Hong Kong, Yokohama, Singapore or related research.


Feb. 2011

 TJ and the Story of his Statue


 In Defence of Not Knowinglinks to 19th C Hong Kong photos


 Choosing Rooster Scratches instead of County Louth


 Organic Gardening Advice from 1802 – old practices, new soil.

April 2011

 1898 Avast the Mast – photos of Irish in 19th C Hong Kong.

Jun 2011

Tales of the Elusive JuliusPart One.


Tales of the Elusive Julius – Part Two.

Sept 2011

Talk at Armagh & District History Group An ad for a speech I gave.

Sept 2012

Francesca aka Frances Bertha Marion “Daisy” Sexton. If you were to see Mrs. Noble in 1890, just after the birth of her youngest child and presiding as President of the Ladies Recreation Club of Hong Kong, you would think that the world was her oyster.

Sept 2012

George Edward Noble. At the peak of his bank career, he was Chief Manager of HSBC.

Oct 2012

The Irish Governors of Hong Kong. At least eight Irishmen became Governors of Hong Kong in the 19th and early 20th Century. Other governors married Irish women or had other such connections.

Nov 2012

Sir Robert Ho Tung (1862-1956)   Ho Tung was one of Sir Thomas Jackson’s cherished friends.

Nov 2012

Shameless Self Promotion #1. Sir Thomas Jackson and The Bank: Not your average banker.

Nov 2012

Crowd Sourcing and the Dares. A quick flypast describing Amelia’s brothers and brother-in-laws, with a focus on their inter-connected business involvements.

Nov 2012

Shameless Self Promotion #2. The next speaker at the Royal Asiatic Society is an unusual choice. She failed history in High School, and then steered clear of all such courses at university.

Dec 2012

500 Words.  I received several emails from people who were unable to attend my talk at the Royal Asiatic Society in Hong Kong in November, so I promised to publish parts of it in future blogs. This is the first installment.


Flibbertigibbet. A round-about intro to a 1902 description of a banquet in Hong Kong.

Jan 2013

Hong Kong & Ireland: Two British Colonies. An excerpt from a speech delivered to the Hong Kong branch of the Royal Asiatic Society in November 2012.


A Hong Kong Embroidery 1902. A 1902 news account described the attempted presentation of this embroidered scroll to Thomas Jackson in Hong Kong at a banquet celebrating his life in the Colony.

Jan 2014

Creggan on the Peak. Sir Thomas JACKSON of Creggan parish in south Armagh built a home in Hong Kong that he named Creggan.

Feb 2014

Thomas Jackson and the Overland Route. The experience of travelling from England to Hong Kong before the opening of the Suez canal.


Margaret McMillan. When I was reading her book The War the Ended Peace, it got me thinking about Prince Henry and his visits with the Jacksons in Hong Kong in the 1890s.

Mar 2013

The Sizzle of Connections. A story about the links between the SCOTTs of Singapore and Sir Walter SCOTT and William Ramsay SCOTT, brother-in-law to Sir Thomas JACKSON.


Whitworth Allen and Anna Maria Dare. Anna Maria DARE was a sister to Sir Thomas Jackson’s wife, Amelia Lydia DARE.




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