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These timelines are a work in progress. Names of family members are highlighted in red on the date of their death and in green on the day of their birth. Since several members had the same name, it may appear that they have died at least twice. They didn't.
At this stage, my list is somewhat quixotic. More is to come - particularly in the fields of science, economics and politics. It is helpful to note that the impact of many events has a time lag in terms of how their effects are felt by the people living at that time.

Date Notable Persons & Events relating to our Family History
1811 - Prince of Wales appointed Regent due to George III's insanity.
-Birth of Francis MCCONNELL
-27 April, birth of Mary Jane DILL
-Birth of Wellington GILMORE
-24 June, birth of Sarah JACKSON
1812 -Birth of George Birch McCONNELL
- June 28. Death of Elizabeth BIRCH
1813 - First recorded "12th of July" sectarian riots take place in Belfast
-Birth of Rachel GILMORE
1814 -Birth of Isobella DILL
-Birth of John MCCONNELL
- January 16 death of George BIRCH
-4 February, birth of David JACKSON (father of Sir Thomas Jackson)
1815 - British under Wellington defeated French under Napoleon
NOTE:130,000 Irishmen served in British Army in Napoleonic Wars (1800-1815)
-10 April, birth of Elizabeth OLIVER
1816 -Birth of Sarah MCCULLAGH
-Birth of Hugh MCCONNELL
1817 - Typhus plague ( 50,000 deaths by end of 1819)
-Birth of John Marcus DILL
-Birth of Robert Gordon DILL
- death of John JACKSON
1818 - death of William DILL
- February 27, death of Samuel BRADFORD
1819 - death of Elinor BIRCH
- May 28 death of Jane WATSON
23 July, birth of Caroline GILMORE
1820 - George III dies, George IV accedes to the throne.
-Birth of Francis John DILL
- death of Thomas Ledlie BIRCH
- October 1, death of Allan MARTIN
- October 10, death of James Jackson BIRCH
1822 - Percy Bysshe Shelley dies
-Birth of Richard DILL
- January 29, death of Wellington GILMORE
- December 31, death of Alexander GILMORE
1823 - October 3, death of James Birch BLACK
-Birth of Elizabeth DILL
-Birth of Augusta WALE
1824 - death of Phocian DARE
-22 January, birth of Mary Jane MCCULLAGH
- October 19, death of Ellen GILMORE
- There are 9,000 hedge schools in Ireland
1825 - Thomas D'Arcy McGee born in Carlingford, Co. Louth (Canadian politician)
- February 5th, death of Caroline GILMORE
- February 24th, death of Francis MCCONNELL
- July 12th, death of Elizabeth BRADFORD
- August 20, death of Robert Johnston BIRCH
1826 -Birth of Mary DILL
- November 17, death of Rachel GILMORE
1827 - poet William Blake died
-Birth of Esther MCCULLAGH (approx)
- October 28, death of George BIRCH
1828 - Anti Catholic "Brunswick Clubs" are founded
- February 29, death of Sarah JACKSON
- April 12, death of Thomas Ledlie BIRCH
1829 - Andrew Jackson becomes USA 7th President
-Birth of Thomas Murdock MCCULLAGH (aprox)
-6 July, birth of William REID
1830 - George IV dies, William IV accedes to the throne.
- over 40% of the British Army is Irish
- death of Rebecca NEWELL
- September 18, death of George Watson BIRCH
1831 - August 14, death of Rachel BIRCH
- September 17, death of Marcus DILL
1832 - 1832-34 First Irish railway is constructed (Dublin - Kingstown).
- Parliamentary Reform Act increases electorate to 1.2% of population
1833 - death of Marcus DILL
-Birth of Jane DILL
-Birth of George Talbot BIRCH
1834 - Timothy Eaton born near Ballymena, Co. Antrim. (Eatons store in Canada)
-Birth of Francis Hamilton MOORE
- July 29, death of Eliezer Birch GILMORE
- November 27, death of Sarah MARTIN
1835 -Birth of Rev. Hugh EDGAR of Aghauville
-9 June, birth of James MCCULLAGH
1836 - January 28, death of John BIRCH
- July 1, death of Arabella MARTIN
- November 25th, death of Isabella LEDLIE
-Birth of John Marcus MOORE
1837 - William IV dies & Victoria accedes to the throne
-Birth of Thompson BROWN
- June 18, death of James BIRCH
- July 8, death of George Birch Oceanus HILL
-Birth of Edward Hume BIRCH
- December 12, death of Adam BIRCH
1838 -The Sirius - first steam power only crossing of Atlantic, Queenstown - New York
-Death of Catherine DILL
-Death of Randal William McDonel JOHNSTON
-Birth of Elizabeth MOORE
1839 -Birth of John JACKSON (older brother of Sir Thomas JACKSON)
-Death of Robert Gordon DILL
-21 April, birth of Robert MOOREHEAD
1840 -Birth of John COULTER
-Birth of George Mildmay DARE
-2 April, birth of Isobella Dill MOORE
1841 -Ireland's first commercial photography studio opens in Dublin
-4 June, birth of Sir Thomas JACKSON
-Birth of John Julius DARE
-Birth of William R. BROWNE
-Death of Mary DILL
1842 - 2nd railway line connecting Belfast, Lisburn & Portadown is opened.
- Abstinence crusade at its peak - 3,000,000 pledged adherents (out of 8,000,000 population).
1843 - Thackeray publishes "The Irish Sketch Book".
-29 January, birth of Elizabeth JACKSON (sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON)
-Birth of Hugh William MOORE
-19 July, birth of John Jackson BROWNE
- November 29, death of John Marcus DILL
1844 - Thackeray publishes "The Luck of Barry Lyndon"
-23 November, birth of Mary JACKSON (sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON)
1845 - death of Caroline JULIUS
-Birth of Eliezer GILMORE
1846 - 3/4 of potato harvest fails & first deaths from starvation reported.
- death of Marcus John MOORE
-October 9, death of Margaret HENRY
-8 April, birth of Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON
-1 August, birth of Eliza Emily GILMORE (see letters which she wrote)
1847 -Bram Stoker born in Dublin
-Birth of Susannah M. EDGAR
- March 27, death of Hamilton BIRCH
- May 10, death of Andrew Coulter BRADFORD
-Birth of John MCCULLAGH (approx)
1848 - January 29, death of Francis DILL
-1 April, birth of Sarah JACKSON (sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON)
1849 - 20 Catholics killed by soldiers during Orange Parade, near Castlewellan, Co. Down
- Queens Colleges open at Belfast, Cork & Galway.
-28 July, birth of Daniel Francis BROWNE
1850 - Party Processions Act bans provocative sectarian meetings & parades.
- death of Isabella Anna Jane BIRCH
- death of Hugh William MOORE
- February 12, death Allan MARTIN
1851 - January 12, death of Mary Jane DILL
1852 - Britain & Ireland linked by submarine telegraph cable.
-15 October, birth of Sarah MCCULLAGH (married WHITESIDE)
-3 April, birth of Margaret JACKSON (sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON)
1853 - Income Tax is extended to Ireland.
- death of John MOORE
- October 16, death of Francis DILL
1854 - Oscar Wilde born in Dublin
- death of Richard DILL
- March, death of Allan MARTIN
- October 28, death of George Birch MCCONNELL
-23 November, birth of Thomas MCCULLAGH
1855 -16 November, birth of David JACKSON (HSBC & Order of the Rising Son)
1856 - death of George Julius DARE
1857 - 10 days of riots spaked in Belfast by "12th of July" speech to Orangemen by Thomas Drew.
- August 13, death of Sarah MCCULLAGH

-Birth of George William JACKSON
-10 February, death of John BIRCH
-19 December, birth of Sarah IRWIN
- First rate-funded free public library opens in Dundalk

1859 -15 August, death of James BIRCH
-14 November, death of Richard DILL
-28 November death of George William JACKSON
1860 -10 February, death of Ann BIRCH
-1 September, birth of William Sherlock WHITESIDE
1861 -American Civil War begins. 150,000 Irish serve with Union & 40,000 with Confederacy
1862 -12 April, death of William R. BROWNE
-7 September, birth of Thomas BARTLEY
1863 -24% of recruits to Indian Civil Service are Irish.
-death of Thomas Murdock MCCULLAGH (approx)
-19 January, death of Isobella HAMILTON
-13 October,death of Elizabeth BIRCH
1864 -two weeks of rioting in Belfast.
- Compulsory marriage registry begun, 61% of grooms & 49% of brides can sign their name.
-Birth of Dora Elizabeth ELLIOT
-death of WIlliam Denny BIRCH
1865 -William Butler Yeats born in Dublin
1866 -Fenians conduct brief raid on Quebec under name IRA (1st use of acronym)
- submarine cable between Valentia Island, Co. Kerry to Newfoundland.
-Birth of George Birch MCCONNELL
- Birth of William REID
1867 -Irish largest anglophone ethnic group in Canada
- Confederation of Canada
-Birth of Robert Dill MOORHEAD
-February, death of Daniel Francis BROWNE
1868 -Gladstone becomes British Prime Minister.
- Thomas D'Arcy McGee assassinated in Ottawa after condemning Fenianism
-Birth of Mary Towers MCCONNELL
-Birth of Mary Josephine MOORHEAD
-21 August, birth of Thompson BROWN
-28 December, birth of Margaret Louisa WRIGHT (wife of David JACKSON of HSBC)
-Death of Mary Anna HODGE
1870 -The Irish National Foresters secedes from (British) Ancient Order of Foresters.
-last Fenian raids on Canada (led by Col. John O’Neill from Vermont).
-Belfast Telegraph founded to further interests of the Orange Order.
-End of Red River Rebellion, Manitoba becomes a Canadian Province.
-Franco-Prussian War, France declares war on Prussia, Napoleon III capitulates at Sedan.
-Charles Dickens died.
-Tchaikovsky premier of Romeo and Juliet in Moscow.
-John D. Rockefeller founds Standard Oil Co.
2 November, birth of Elizabeth BROWN
1871 16% of the adult male Irish population entitled to vote (34% in England).
-British Columbia joins Dominion of Canada
-William I, King of Prussia, proclaimed German Emperor at Versailles.
-Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll published.
-Middlemarch by George Eliot published.
-The Descent of Man by Charles Darwin published.
-Verdi’s Aïda performed in Cairo.
-Pneumatic rock drill invented.
-P.T. Barnum opens his circus The Greatest Show on Earth.
-S.S. Oceanic, White Star Line launched first of the large modern luxury liners.
-Death of John DILL
1872 -Sectarian rioting Aug 15-20 in Belfast.
-Ballot Act in Britain, voting by secret ballot.
-Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne.
-Jesuits expelled from Germany.
-Bertrand Russell born.
-Edison perfects the duplex telegraph.
-William Thomson (Lord Kelvin) invents machine for ships to take accurate soundings
-16 March, birth of John Marcus MOORHEAD
-5 November, birth of Mary MENARY
-Death of John COULTER
-14 July, death of Francis MCCONNELL
1873 -Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 2 performed in Moscow.
-Colour photographs first developed.
-Gunsmith firm, E. Remington & Sons produce first typewriters.
-Home Rule Confederation of Great Britain is founded in Manchester.
-Home rule League is founded in Dublin.1873 Autobiography by John Stuart Mill. He died later in the year.
-Anna Karenina by Tolstoy
-Cézanne The Straw Hat.
-Bruckner Symphony no. 2 performed in Vienna.
-Rimsky-Korsakov Ivan the Terrible performed in Moscow
1874 -Home Rulers are returned in a February general election. Gladstone (British PM) resigns.
-Home Rule vote in British Parliament rejected 458 to 61.1874 Winston Churchill born.
-Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy.
-First Impressionist exhibition in Paris - name from Monet’s Impression: Sunrise.
-Renoir La Loge.
-Brahms, Hungarian Dances.
-Birth of Arnold Schönberg.
-Johann Strauss II Die Fledermaus operetta performed in Vienna.
-pressure cooking methods for canning foods introduced in US.
-Birth of Somerset Maugham in Paris of Irish ancestry
-Birth of Gugliemo Marconi in Bologna (Irish & Italian ancestry)
-27 May, birth of Amy Oliver JACKSON (second child of Sir Thomas JACKSON)
-6 June, birth of Acheson George Henry GILMORE
-17 August, death of Margaret BRADFORD
-6 September, death of Mary Towers MCCONNELL
-7 September, death of Edith Bradford JACKSON
1875 -10,000 horse-operated threshing machines in Ireland.
-The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain.
-Bizet’s Carmen performed in Paris. He died later in the year.
-Trial by Jury the first Gilbert & Sullivan operetta performed.
-Tchaikovsky Concerto No. 1, Op. 23 performed in Boston.
-London’s main sewage system is completed.
-Birth of James USSHER
-Birth of James WRIGHT
-Death of Mary Jane OLIVER (approx)
1876 -Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone
-29 January, birth of Mary Jane GILMORE
14 June, Thomas Dare JACKSON (Son of Sir Thomas JACKSON & Amelia Lydia DARE)
-Birth of Eva Oliver REED
-January, death of John Jackson BROWNE
-29 February, death of Sarah MURDOCK
1877 -Parnell elected Pres. Of Home Rule Confederation of Great Britain.
-College of Physicians licences its first female practitioner.
-Buenos Aires has an Irish population of 25,000.
-Queen Victoria proclaimed Empress of India.
-The Pillars of Society by Ibsen.
-The Blue Cross founded to fight alcoholism.
-Rodin The Age of Bronze sculpture.
-Brahms Symphony No. 2 Op 75
-Edison invents the phonograph
-First public telephones (USA)
8 March 1877 James Birch GILMORE
-17 March, death of Thomas MCCULLAGH
-26 May, death of John COULTER
-23 July, birth of George BROWN
-17 August, birth of Jeannie Coulter JACKSON
-7 December, birth of Charles Andrews MOORHEAD
1878 -19 May, birth of Maud Elizabeth REED
-11 December, death John WILLIAMS
1879 -10,000 attend land agitation meeting at Irishtown, Co. Mayo.
-Irish National Land League founded in Dublin. Parnell is first President.
-Both Stalin & Trotsky are born.
-Ibsen A Doll’s House
-Daisy Miller Henry James.
-The Red Room Strindberg.
-First electric tram exhibited by E.W. Siemens at Berlin Trade Exhibition.
-Albert Einstein born.
- London’s first telephone exchange established.
-19 June birth of Thomas Jackson BROWN (my grandfather)
-5 May, birth of Thomas Dare JACKSON
-21 October, birth of Francis Gordon JACKSON (grandfather of Ian JACKSON)
--Birth of Marion Elizabeth ARCOLL
-Death of John Julius DARE (brother-in-law of Sir Thomas JACKSON)
-Death of Sarah Strieve DARE (mother of John Julius DARE-both died of cholera)
22 February, Mary Jane MCCONNELL
1880 -Parnell elected in General Election, Chairman of Irish Parliamentary Party.
-Lord Erne’s crops are harvested by 50 Cavan Orangemen protected by 1,000 policemen.
-Trial of Parnell & others for conspiracy begins.
-Dublin Mean Time is introduced, 25 minutes behind Greenwich Mean Time.
-First commercial electricity in Ireland generated by Dublin Electric Light Company.
-Telephone exchanges open in Dublin & Belfast.
-The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky.
-Uncle Remus J.C. Harris.
-Helen Keller born.
-Rodin The Thinker
-Canned fruits and meats first appear in stores.
-Parcel Post introduced in England.
-Birth of Margaret Hamilton REED
-Death of Elizabeth MCCULLAGH
-Death of Francis Hamilton MOORE
17 November, death of Joseph BARKLEY
7 December, death of James MCCULLAGH
1881 -2nd Gladstone Land Act & sets up Land Commission (fair rent, fixed tenure & free sale).
-Parnell arrested for attacking Land Act. Agrarian violence increases.
-9 April, birth of Andrew Hugh Gilmore JACKSON
-25 May, birth of Thomas Jackson REID
-10 July, birth of Jane Edgar BROWNE (my grandmother)
16 September, death of Robert Hamilton REED
-14 October, birth of Margaret Anna REID
1882 -Two politicians assassinated by “The Invincibles” (extremist society) in Dublin.
-James Joyce born in Dublin
-Birth of Frances Olive BROWN (approx)
1883 World’s first hydro-electric tramway, from Portrush to the Giant’s Causeway.
-4 June George Julius JACKSON (fifth child of Sir Thomas JACKSON & Amelia Lydia DARE)
-3 October 1883, birth of Elizabeth Oliver GILMORE
1884 -Dublin-Belfast trunk telephone routes are installed.
-Franchise extended to most male householders. Rural electorate increases greatly.
-Gerard Manley Hopkins appointed to Chair of Greek at University College, Dublin

- Redistribution of Seats Act enacted. Electorate triples in size (from 226,000 to 738,000).
- Parnell’s party wins 85 seats and holds balance of power between Liberals & Consrv.
-Birth of Robert BROWN (approx)
-7 May, death of Susanna MARTIN
-2 July, death ofAlexander EDGAR (husband of Susanna MARTIN above)
22 July, death of Ann MCCONNELL

1886 -Irish hierarchy formally endorses Home Rule.
-Gladstone (now supporting Home Rule) introduces bill, defeated 341-311
-A summer of serious rioting in Belfast.
-Gladstone defeated as PM. Salisbury takes over again.
-Guinness incorporated as a public company
-Stock exchange established in Cork.
21 July, death of John JACKSON
1887 -Birth of Sarah Margaret BROWN (approx)
21 July, death of Edward Hume BIRCH, age 50
1888 -Cecil Rhodes (South African statesman) sends £10,000 to Parnell to support Home Rule.
-80 die & 400 injured in crash of two trains between Armagh & Warrenpoint.
-World’s first pneumatic tyre factory opens in Dublin.
-William Morris The Decorative Arts.
-Gilbert & Sullivan H.M.S. Pinafore
-First bicycles manufactured in US
-German engineer builds first motorized tricycle (top speed 7 mph).
-Electric street lighting introduced in London.
-Birth of Thomas Jackson GILMORE
1889 -Death of Francis John DILL
-7 February 1889, death of Isobella DILL
1890 -Birth of Herbert E. BROWN
-Birth of Mary MCCULLAGH (approx)
-27 January, birth of Edith Eileen GILMORE
-8 March, birth of Walter David Russell JACKSON (seventh child of Sir Thomas JACKSON)
-13 July, birth of Elizabeth Oliver Muriel JACKSON
-18 April, death of John MCCONNELL
-30 December, death of Jane MARTIN
1891 -The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde is published.
-9 November, death of Mary Watson BIRCH
1892 -12,000 delegates at Ulster convention in Belfast oppose any Home Rule Parliament.
- Gladstone re-elected to 4th Parliament.
-30 January, birth of Claude Stewart JACKSON (8th child of Sir Thomas Jackson)
-Death of Margaret Hamilton REED
-6 February, death of Sarah JACKSON (Aunt of Sir Thomas JACKSON)
6 April, death of Robert MCCULLAGH
-24 May, death of Daniel Gunn BROWNE
1893 -Gladstone introduces 2nd Home Rule Bill passed by Commons, rejected by Lords (419-416)
-1 October, birth of Thomas Clair WHITESIDE
-20 November, death of Robert MOORHEAD
1894 -Birth of Alice Margaret MCCULLAGH (approx)
-22 April, death of Rev. Hugh EDGAR of Aghauville
1895 -Stock exchange established in Belfast.
-Wilde’s An Ideal Husband and The Importance of being Earnest premier in London
-Birth of Andrew ALEXANDER
-April, birth of Kathleen HUNTER
18 April 1895, birth of Elemer FABIAN .
1896 Women appointed to local government posts for the first time in Ireland.
-4 November, birth of George David MCCULLAGH
8 January, birth of Jozsa SARLO
-death of Robert James BIRCH
1897 -November, birth of John MCCULLAGH
-31 March, Mary Margaret GREEN
-Death of Robert Dill MOORHEAD
-21 July, death of Andrew Bradford MCCULLAGH
1898 -Centenary of 1798 rebellion leads to formation of separatist “‘98 Clubs”.
-Women gain the right to stand for election to district councils.
-Marconi tests his radio invention between Rathlin Island and the Mainland.
-C.S. Lewis born in Belfast.
-24 April, death of Hugh MCCONNELL
-15 September, death of Mary REID
-Boer War commences. 28,000 Irishmen fight on British side; 400 for the Boers.
% of Irish in British army has fallen to 13%. Still high, Irish 9% of UK population.
-24 April death of George Martin CREAN
-16 July, death of Elizabeth Oliver GILMORE
-11 November, death of David JACKSON (father of Sir Thomas JACKSON)
1900 -7 June, birth of Mary BARTLEY



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