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This is William Menary & Mary Menary - likely in the early 1870s.
Mary Jackson William Menary & Frederick Richard Griffin
Born: 23 November 1844
Born: 16 August 1838
Died: 9 August 1921 Died: 7 February 1874
Father: David JACKSON Father: William MENARY
Mother: Elizabeth OLIVER Mother: Mary WILSON
Married: William MENARY 6 July 1871 28 October 1876
This is Mary Griffin in her mid-life.

Mary (nee Jackson) Menary

Frederick Richard Griffin
Born: 23 November 1844
Born: probably at Corrinary, Co. Armagh
Died: 9 August 1921 Died: Before 1897
Father: David JACKSON Father: Philip George GRIFFIN
Mother: Elizabeth OLIVER Mother:
Married: Frederick Richard GRIFFIN 28 October 1876

Mary Menary was born on 5 November 1872.

Mary JACKSON’s first husband William MENARY is possibly the MENARY who owned 80 acres at Maghery, Milford (SOURCE: Co. Armagh Landowners circa 1870s). The townland, Magherarville is 169 acres in the Civil Parish of Lisnadill, and very close (not quite bordering) on the townland of Killynure.

We don't know if Mary JACKSON’s second husband, Frederick Richard GRIFFIN is any relation of the Phil GRIFFIN who married Sarah JACKSON, likely in the late 1700s. Nor do we know if there is a link to the GRIFFINs of Griffinville Quebec, Canada (although I wouldn't rule this out). We do know that he was a twin of John Gilmore Griffin, the father of the well known writer Frederick GRIFFIN of Toronto, both of them sons of Philip George GRIFFIN and MArgaret GILMORE. The link was found in a love letter written by Frederick prior to his marriage to Mary MENARY (see:1886 GRIFFIN to MENARY .

In 1888, there were two GRIFFINs living in Armagh: Daniel GRIFFIN at Lenalea and Jackson GRIFFIN at Scotch Street. (SOURCE: "County Armagh 100 years Ago. A Guide and Directory 1888" George Bassett.)

The only other source at this time relating to GRIFFIN and JACKSON is to be found in an excerpt from article by Mary Cuminsky, “Sir Thomas Jackson”. 1990 Journal of the Creggan Local History Society. Her source was: Mary Ann Griffin (nee Hearty).

During the later years of Sir Thomas' life, his sister, Mrs. Griffin, lived in Urker Lodge as a caretaker. Her brother was very generous to her and she lived quite comfortably. He employed a companion, Miss O'Hare, to live with her. The companion lived with Mrs. Griffin until her death and afterwards she went to live with Mrs. Griffin's daughter. Mrs. Wright, in Gilford Castle and remained there for the rest of her life. Mrs. Griffin was first married to a man called Menary and it was the daughter of this first marriage who married Jemmie Wright, the great-grandfather of Major Wright of Gilford Castle. Jemmie Wright bought Urker Lodge in 1935

The marriage of Mary MENARY to James “Jemmie” WRIGHT is the third intermarriage of WRIGHT into the extended JACKSON/BROWN tree. David JACKSON & Margaret Louisa WRIGHT, Thompson BROWN & Martha WRIGHT. There is also the mention of WRIGHT & HORNBY in Hong Kong where Andrew Hugh Gilmore JACKSON – younger brother of Jeannie MOORHEAD - worked in 1916 as well as the R.T. WRIGHT who worked with Sir Thomas JACKSON in Hong Kong.

Interestingly, in the memorabilia box belonging to Jeannie MOORHEAD there was a newspaper clipping of an extensive obit of Frederick GRIFFIN of Toronto who died in 1956 (along with a copy of a letter of condolence from the Prime Minister). The connection with the GRIFFINSs continued



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