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NAMES: Joseph WRIGHT of Gola; William WRIGHT of Tullygraham; Henry OWEN of Killmore; Mary OWEN; Edward OWEN; Alexander HAMILTON of Dublin; William SCOTT of Rabanan. PLACES: Gola aka Gowlea also Gowlee Gowlagh Dordowles; Corduffles aka Cordevlish; Shenadown aka Shenaden; Corleck aka Knockenelter also Corbofin; Listumacy aka Aghaclea.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 16, 2011
NOTE: See also Wrights of Gola Family Tree.


ROD Book 19, page 392, #10419

Transcribed by Dawn Lowe


NOTE: I would be guessing about most of these townland names. Hopefully, others can set me straight.


Lease and Release dated 20-21 Jan 1717 between

Joseph Wright[1] of Gowla[2], County Monaghan, Gent

William Wright[3] of Tullygraham[4], County Monaghan, Gent

Henry Owen[5] of Killmore[6], County Monaghan, Gent


Joseph Wright for consideration of marriage had and solemnized between himself and Mary[7] his now wife, one of the daughters of Edward Owen[8] of Killmore, County Monaghan, Gent … confirms to William[9] and Henry Owen[10] their heirs and assigns the Tates of land known as Gowlea also Gowlee Gowlagh Dordowles[11] and Corduffles[12] and Shenadown also Shenaden[13], in the Parish of Tydawnet, Barony and County of Monaghan, together with the Tate of Corleck[14] also Knockenelter also Corbofin and 75 acres part of the Tate of Listumacy[15] known as Aghaclea and Reversions and all Rents and Profits to the use of Joseph Wright during his natural life to Joseph Wright to change the Premises therein after limited to his Wife for her Dower with any sum not exceeding 500 pounds sterling for portions to his younger child or children begotten of the Body of Mary and from and after determination of that Estate to use of Henry Owen, City of Dublin, Esq, for and during the life of Joseph Wright upon Trust for intent and purpose that after Joseph Wright’s death Mary shall receive the yearly sum of 14 pounds sterling if Joseph Wright died without Male Issue and 18 pounds sterling per annum together with half the Mansion house and household goods, orchard, etc., now in possession of Joseph Wright …


The third part of lands situate in the Barony of Dartry and all other lands, goods, etc., go to the first son on the Body of Mary and the heirs Male of such first son and for default of such Issue to the second son, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and all other sons of Joseph Wright and Mary.


The elder of said sons always being preferred … and for default of such Issue, to use of William Wright and Henry Owen, their heirs and assigns, for 99 years …


Portions for the daughters of Joseph Wright from the Body of Mary … 200 pounds to the eldest and 100 pounds to every other daughter paid at the age of 18 …


This L+R perfected in the presence of Alexander Hamilton[16], City of Dublin, Gent


Edward Owen, Killmore, County Monaghan, Gent

William Scott[17], Rabanan[18], County Monaghan, Gent

Both subscribing witnesses


Signed and sealed 21 Jan 1717 in the presence of Alexander Hamilton and William Scott


Joseph Wright: Seal


Delivered to William Parry[19], Deputy Register

31 Jan 1717


Registered 31 Jan 1717



[1] Joseph WRIGHT (1652-1731) of Gola. NOTE: He was married about 1708, and he and Mary had a son born, Joseph WRIGHT, born 1711. He was a son of James WRIGHT (1615-1700) and Mary SLACKE (the 2nd wife).

[2] Gowla aka Gola aka Gowlea also Gowlee Gowlagh, Parish of Clones, Co. Monaghan

[3] William WRIGHT of Tullygraham. He may be the William WRIGHT b. abt 1640, husband of Emily SCOTT. He was the only son of James WRIGHT and Jane OWEN (the 1st wife). He was a half brother of Joseph WRIGHT.

[4] Tullygraham – possibly Tullygony, Parish of Tedavnet, Co. Monaghan.

[5] Henry OWEN of Killmore

[6] Killmore

[7] Mary OWEN (?-abt 1781)

[8] Edward OWEN of Killmore, Gent.  NOTE: he also had a daughter, Euphemia OWEN who married James MARTYN.

[9] William OWEN

[10] Henry OWEN, Esq. City of Dublin

[11] Dordowles. NOTE: This was new name to me for Gola.

[12] Corduffles aka Cordevlish, Parish of Aghnamullen, home to BREAKEYs & linen industry concerns. SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/maps/Cordevlish.htm

[13] Shenadown also Shenaden, Parish of Tedavnet, Barony & Co. Monaghan

[14] Corleck also Knockenelter also Corbofin

[15] Listumacy known as Aghaclea

[16] Alexander HAMILTON of Dublin, Gent

[17] William SCOTT of Rabanan, Co. Monaghan

[18] Rabanan, Co. Monaghan

[19] William PARRY, Deputy Registrar



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