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NAMES: William JACKSON of Balyolane aka Ballyvaloon, Co. Cork; George HODDER; Thomas BARTER [pos. Thomas BARKER] of Anagh, Co. Cork; Rt. Hon Edward SOUTHWELL; John NASH, Esq. of Brinny; Elizabeth FRANKLYN; John VAUGHAN; William SNOWE; Gregory PHILPOTT. OTHER PLACES: Currane Treilshane in “Kinnelea” Barony aka Barony Kinalea Co. Cork.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 2, 2011
NOTE: I missed footnoting Samuel JACKSON, and it is hard to add after the fact (my limited expertese).
Update: March 16, 2017. New info from Clerical and Parochial Records of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross, Volume 1. William Maziere Brady



1757 Apr 5

ROD 187-264-124861

Transcribed by Mike Stewart. Footnotes by Sharon Oddie Brown.


In an indenture of release dated 5 April 1757, the Rev. William Jackson[1] of Balyvolane[2] in the north Liberties of Cork city, for £200 released Currane Treilshane in “Kinnelea”[3] barony county Cork unto George Hodder[4] of Cork city, Esq., subject to fee farm rent of £19 and payment of the mortgage.  On the back of the deed, George Hodder acknowledged that the lands conveyed were in trust for Thomas Barter[5] of Anagh[6], Co. Cork, Gent and that the £200 was of the sd. Thomas Barter.

The deed recited that the land had been granted by indenture of lease & release dated 4 & 5 June 1736 by the Rt. Honorable Edward Southwell[7] Esq., unto John Nash[8] Senior, of Brinny[9] Co Cork, Gent forever at £19 yrly rent; that John Nash granted the land by indenture of lease and release dated 11 & 12 July 1736 unto the sd. William Jackson for £520, subject to rent; and that the sd. William Jackson had granted the land by indenture of lease & release dated 28 & 29 January 1753 unto Elizabeth Franklyn[10], widow of Cork city, in mortgage for £500.

Witnesses were John Vaughn, then of Cork city, Gent (dee[11]d), William Snowe[12], of Cork city, Gent (deed & memorial) and Gregory Philpot[13] of Cork city, Silversmith (memorial).

Samuel Jackson and George Hodder signed the memorial. The memorial was registered 17 June 1757.


Samuel JACKSON Notes: p 141 Clerical and Parochial Records of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross,. Samuel HAYMAN married, at St. Anne's, Belfast, on 26th September, 1854, Emily, dau. (by his first wife, Henrietta, dau. and coheiress of Samuel Jackson, esq.) of the Rev. Marcus Cassidy, Chancellor of Kilfenora, and Incumbent of Newtownards, co. Down; and by her has issue an only child, Emily-Henrietta Aline Hayman.

[1] William JACKSON (1713-1767) of Balyolane, Co. Cork.

  • SOURCE: p 51 Clerical and Parochial Records of Cork. William Jackson (son, I think, of Rev. William Jackson, D.D.), was born in Dublin in 1713, and became a Pensioner of T.C.D. on 26th April, 1730, when seventeen years old. He was ordained Priest at Cork on 24th July, 1737, for the Curacy of Desertmore, Knockavilly, and Brinny. From 1738 to 1739 he was P. Kilbrogan. From 1739 to 1749 he was P. Templebryan, V. Templequinlan, R. Templeomalus and Kilnagross, in Ross. He was also, from 1745 to 1749, P. Holy Trinity, Cork. In 1749 he resigned his other livings, and became P. Cahirlag and R. Rathcony, which he held until his death in 1767.
    He married, in February, 1738, Mary Nash, of Brinny, to whom he bequeathed all his property by his will, dated 19th Feb. 1750, and proved 19th May, 1767.
  • ROD 187-264-124861

[2] Balyvolane, in the North Liberties of Cork is probably Ballyvaloon, Parish of Corkbeg, Barony Imokilly, Co. Cork

[3] Currane Treilshane in “Kinnelea” Barony county Cork aka Barony Kinalea. There is a Parish of Ringcurran, but no names fit with “Currane Treilshane” that I could see. There is a  townland named Currane, Parish of Dersertserges, Barony of East Carbery.

[4] George HODDER

[5] Thomas BARTER NOTE: I wonder if this might be Thomas BARKER.

[6] Anagh, Co. Cork

[7] Rt. Hon Edward SOUTHWELL, Esq., MP for Kinsale, and Borough of Downpatrick and Principal Secretary of State for Ireland in the reigns of King William III and Queen Anne.His wife was Elizabeth CROMWELL(1674-1709), the daughter of the 4th Earl of Ardglass, and owner of the Downpatrick estate. SOURCE: Wiki.

[8] John NASH sr. Esq.of Brinny, Co. Cork

[9] Brinny, Parish of Brinny, Barony of Kinalea, Co. Cork

[10] Elizabeth FRANKLYN, widow of Cork

[11] John VAUGHAN, of City of Cork

[12] William SNOWE, Gent, of Cork.

[13] Gregory PHILPOT of City of Cork, silversmith



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