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NAMES: Andrew OLIVER of Corragh Down, Parish of Donagh, Monaghan; George THOMPSON; Rev. Robert SMYTHE AKA SMITH of Dillin, Parish of Ballee, Co. Down; Alexander SMITH (brother); John SMITH (brother); John WILSON of Oreas, Glasslough, Parish of Donagh; Francis CARLIFFE of Tournamale [?][possibly Rev. Francis CARLIFFE of Tirnaneil, Parish of Donagh] John ROGERS of Cornamucklagh; John FIDDES. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Corrinshigo, Parish of Currin, Co. Monaghan; Carricknaveagh (possibly Carnaveagh or Carrickaveilty), Parish of Aghnamullen.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 16, 2007
Updated August 4, 2017


1764 Aug 25 OLIVER, Andrew - THOMPSON  From the “Names Register: 1758-1786”

ROD: 234-237-152813
Image 128
NOTE: I have a photocopy of the actual memorial, but unfortunately it was not signed by Andrew OLIVER, so I have yet to get an image of a signature for him.


A Memorial of a deed of Lease dated the twenty fifth day of August one thousand seven hundred and sixty four made between Andrew OLIVER[1] of Coradown[2] in the Parish of Donagh, Co. Monaghan of the one part and George THOMPSON[3] of Curunshagh[4] in the Parish of Currin and said County. Whereby the said Andrew OLIVER Demised unto the said George THOMPSON that part of Carricknaveagh[5] “to wit the upper half of the half tate next adjoining to Carriketee"[6] lying and being in the Parish of Aghnamullen and said County of Monaghan and the appurtenances (except as therin is Excepted)  to hold said premises unto the said George Thompson his Exors Admons and Assigns for the lives of the Revd Robert SMYTHE[7] of Dillan[8] in the County of Down, Alexander SMITH[9] and John SMITH [10]brothers of the said Robert SMITH to commence from the first day of May then last at yearly rent of four shillings and sixpence. [?] will sixpence a pound [?] fees payable half yearly in which said Deed of Lease  there is a Covenant of Renewal for Ever on paying half arrears rent and eight Shillings Sterl as a fine on the Renewal of Each Life and several other [?] which said Deed of Lease is Witnessed by  John WILSON[11] of or near Glasslough[12] & Francis CARLISLE[13] of Tournamale[14] & John ROGERS[15] of Cornamulagh[16] all in Co. Monaghan, Gent. And this Memorial is witnessed by Francis CARLIFFE & John FIDDES[17] of the City of Dublin, Gent.


George THOMPSON[18] [SEAL]


Signed Sealed Executed

In presence of

Francis Carlile

John Fiddes


Sworn before me at Monaghan my Circuit this 27th day of August 1764.


Corraghdown is outlined in red in a map from townlands.ie. I have also labeled other nearby townlands associated with OLIVERs in this time frame.

The OLIVERs of Creeve OLIVER were the descendants of the OLIVERs of Ennislare, Ballinahonebeg & Ballyrea, all in Co. Armagh. It is significant that Andrew OLIVER is demising lands of Carricknaveagh, the part adjoining Carrickatee. Both these townlands are on the southern border of the townland of Creeve. This makes me suspect that Andrew OLIVER was either the Andrew OLIVER (bef 1717-aft1738) who was a son of Elizabeth HARDY & WIlliam OLIVER - or else a close relation.

A deed for 1738 February 6 is one of the smoking guns that sigificantly adds to my suspicions. The lands that it references include Lislooney (see map above) and Ballynahonebeg.

There are OLIVERs who were also active in the Presbyterian Parish at Ballybay.

Creeve environs


[1] Andrew OLIVER of Corragh Down, Parish of Donagh, Co. Monaghan is a mystery to me. The parish of Donagh is on the Armagh border and close to the townlands of Lislooney and Derryhaw where several OLIVERs held leases for several generations. I suspect a relation to the William OLIVER of Farmacaffley, Co. Armagh - possibly given the time frame, a brother (and hence linked to various Co. Tyrone OLIVERs ). If they were brothers, their father would probably be an Andrew. (SOURCE: p. 11  Henry (William) Oliver: 1807-188: Ancestry and Descendants  by Henry Oliver Rea, 1959. I base this on his link to the townland of Carriketee and Canaveagh – both townlands that would seem to tie in to Creevy (Oliver) and other deeds that connect to the OLIVERs of  Ballinahonebeg (the townland beside Farmacaffley). NOTE: In a deed 1765 Oct 30, which relates to a sale of part of the townland of Mullan, his wife is named as Elizabeth.

[2] Corradown AKA Corragh Down, Parish of Donagh, Co. Monaghan – it was part of the Leslie estates in the mid-1800s.

[3] George THOMPSON

[4] Curunshagh – this is likely Corrinshigo, Parish of Currin, Co. Monaghan – at least it is my best bet.

[5] Carricknaveagh There is a Carnaveagh and a Carrickaveilty, both in the Parish of Aghnamullen, Barony of Cremorne, and both of them adjacent to Carrickatee.

[6] Carriketee AKA Carrikatee, Parish of Aghnamullen, Co Monaghan. Of special interest to me is the fact that Carrickatee seems to be right where the townland known as Creevey (Oliver) is. SEE:  This is significant, because in 1770 July 30th David OLIVER of Ballyrea, Co. Armagh sold his lease on 8 acres and the mill at Creevey to Arthur OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg, Co. Armagh

[7] Revd Robert SMYTHE AKA SMITH of Dillan, Co. Down. He was the minister at the nearby Ballee Non-subscribing Presbyterian Church from 1750-1787. SOURCE: Ros Davies web site.

[8] Dillan AKA Dillin, Parish of Ballee, Co. Down. A townland 2km NW of Ballee village with good arable soil and owned by owned by heirs of Lord De Clifford & John W. Maxwell. SOURCE: Ros Davies web site.

[9] Alexander SMITH

[10] John SMITH

[11] John WILSON of Oreas, Glasslough, Parish of Donagh. A John WILSON as well as a James WILSON shows up in the 1706 Irish Flax Growers records as resident in the Parish of Donagh.

[12] Glasslough is a town in the Parish of Donagh, Co. Monaghan – just over the border from Armagh. In fact, it is only about 5 km away from, Lislooney – a townland long held by successive generations of OLIVERs. The names in the Hearth Money Roll for Glasslough  in 1663 & 1665 shows the names  William ARMSTRONG; David, John, and William JOHNSTON; Andrew McNAB; Henry O’HUGH; James SHORT and William TURNER.

[13] Francis CARLISLE of Tournamale. This is probably Rev. Francis CARLISLE of Tirnaneil, Parish of Donagh, Co. Monaghan. The father of his wife, Anne Jane nèe HAMILL, was David HAMILL who owned and farmed land in the Parish of Killeevan. A four page history of her and her work in Temperance societies can be found: Journal of Cumann Seanchais Breifne (Breifne Historical Society) Vol II, No 6. Cavan. 1963.

[14] Tournamale, Co. Monaghan. Probably Tirnaneil, Parish of Donagh, CO. Monaghan.

[15] John ROGERS of Cornamuklagh, Co. Monaghan

[16] Cornamulagh, Co. Monaghan. This might be Cornamucklagh North or South, in the Parish of Clontibret. Interestingly, a James OLIVER shows up in the 1796 Flax Growers records in the Parish of Clontibret.

[17] John FIDDES The FIDDES family were involved in leases with the WRIGHT branch of the family in the early 1800s.

[18] George THOMPSON




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