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NAMES: Andrew OLIVER of Corragh Down, Parish of Donagh, Monaghan; Elizabeth OLIVER (wife); William PRINGLE of Caledon, Tyrone; Thomas GREISSON; William DONNOLLY of Caledon, Co. Tyrone; Bryan Mc[?]ANNA of Caledon. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Mullin, Parish of Tynan, Armagh.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 16, 2007
Update June 10, 2017.

1765 Oct 30

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Index: 1758-1786


NOTES: 1765 Oct 30 Deed of Release between Andrew OLIVER [1] of Corrodown [2] [?] in the Parish of Donagh & Co. of Monaghan, Farmer and Elizabeth OLIVER [3] wife of said Andrew OLIVER of the one part and William PRINGLE [4] of Caledon in the County of Tyrone, Gent of the other part £35 pd by PRINGLE for release one half part of the land of Mullin [5] formerly in the possess of Thomas GREISSON [6] deceased - for lives of William PRINGLE and William GREISSON - abt 10 acres in Barony of Tohrany [7] , Parish of Tynan & Co. Armagh. Witness Wm. DONNOLLY [8] wigmaker and Bryan Mc[C?]ANNA [9] , Labourer both of Caledon.



Corraghdown is outlined in red. It is close to both Caledon and Tynan, two places where OLIVERs had intergenerational lease holdings going back to at least the early 1700s. PS: Gremlins made the font size smaller for two townlands. Sorry. My technical skills are limited.

[1] Andrew OLIVER of Corragh Down aka Corraghdown, Parish of Donagh, Co. Monaghan.  NOTE: The parish of Donagh is also close to the townlands of Lislooney and Derryhaw where several OLIVERs held leases for several generations. At this point, I am leaning towards the likelihood that he was the Andrew OLIVER who was a son of William OLIVER (born bef 1700 - died aft 1730) and Elizabeth HARDY. This is based on the convergence of deeds and geography, but does not constitute unassailable proof. The deed of 1764 August 5th is significant because in it Andrew OLIVER of Coraghdown is demising lands of Carricknaveagh, the part adjoining Carrickatee in Co. Monaghan. Both these townlands are on the southern border of the townland of Creeve. This is where several known OLIVERs, who had a brother named Andrew, held leases to mills in what was then known as Creevy Oliver (now simply Creevy). Another option is that he may be related to the OLIVERs of Tattykeel - a tree where the earliest generations are based on the research in  Henry (William) Oliver: 1807-188: Ancestry and Descendants  by Henry Oliver Rea, 1959. Many of the suppositions in this tree need to be revisited.

[2] Corradown aka Corraghdown, Parish of Donagh, Co. Monaghan – it was part of the Leslie estates in the mid-1800s. On its eastern border is the townland of Annaghroe, parish of Aghaloo, Co. Tyrone.Annaghroe is in the southermost part of Co. Tyrone, the part where the border of Co. Tyrone dips down and has Co. Monaghan on the west and Co. Armagh on the east.
[3] Elizabeth OLIVER. As yet, I do not know who she might be.
[4] William PRINGLE of Caledon in the County of Tyrone, Gent. His will was probated 1779. He was the son of John PRINGLE of Lyme Park. The family shows up as signatories on many OLIVER leases.
[5] Mullin AKA Mullan, Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh. This townland bordered on the townland of Breaghy, which in turn bordered on the townland of Lislooney – a townland that William OLIVER held a lease to as early as 1718.
[6] Thomas GREISSON
[7] Barony of Tohrany AKA Barony of Tiranny, Co. Armagh
[8] Wm. DONNOLLY wigmaker of Caledon, Co. Tyrone
[9] Bryan Mc[C?]ANNA, Labourer, of Caledon. I suspect his surname was McKENNA or McCAN..



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