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NAMES: John JOHNSTON of Urker; George JACKSON and David JACKSON of Liscalgot; PatrickKEENAN and Owen KEENAN; M. JOHNSTON; John JOHNSTON son of John JOHNSTON; James DOYLE; John CRILLY; Richard JOHNSTON. OTHER PLACES: Claranagh; Drummuck; Charter Lands; Mill at Coolderry
NOTE: It is alleged that the JACKSON family was at Liscalgot and/or the neighbouring townland of Urker from 1720 onwards. That may be so, but at present this is the oldest documented evidence that I have seen myself. It represents a lease on the southern portion of Liscalgot. It is helpful to look at the Map of Liscalgot in order to get oriented.
Sharon Oddie Brown, June 29, 2006.
Footnotes Updated October 2, 2009

INDENTURE 9 April 1770


Between John Johnston [1] of Urcher in the County of Armagh Gent of the one part and George Jackson [2] and David Jackson [3] both of Liscalgot [4] in the said County of Armagh of the other part ...

John Johnston leased to Jacksons “All that and those the part or parcell of the Lands of Liscalgot aforesaid bounded on the south by Claranagh On the west by Drummuck and part of Liscalgot On the North by the Charter Lands [5] and M. Johnstons [6] two acres of Meadow and on the East by the River and Patrick and Owen Keenans [7] holding containing by estimation forty two acres and three roods profitable land ...” ... “Excepting and allowing preserving out of this demise unto the said John Johnston his heirs and assigns liberty of Fishing Fowling, Hunting and Hawking on the demised premises together with all Bogg Timber Marles Mines Minerals Quarries of Stone and Slate Timber Trees Wood and Underwood and all royalties and Immunities whatsoever with liberty for him his Heirs ....” ... “for and during the natural life of John Johnston [8] eldest son of John Johnston  the lessor for and during the residue and remainder of the Term of Thirty one years....”

“... that they the said George Jackson and David Jackson and Under tenants shall grind at the Mill of Coolderry [9] or any mill or mills not three miles distant from the demised premises .... all the grindable corn which shall grow or be expended upon the premises during the demise and pay the Sixteenth grain for Toll or mulcture unto the said John Johnston ...”

[phrases about improvements]


Signed Sealed and delivered in the presence of

James Doyle [10]

Jon Crilly [11]


Jno Johnston [12]

George Jackson


David Jackson


A Memorandum added one half of a piece of meadow November 30, 1772

Present Richard Johnston [13]

Signed by John Johnston

George Jackson

David Jackson

[1] John JOHNSTON, the eldest son of John JOHNSTON (1728-1816), he was later of Longfield. SEE: 1830 September 2 Deed

[2] George JACKSON This could be either the George JACKSON (1718-1782) or his son the solicitor George JACKSON (Birth & death dates?).

[3] David JACKSON (d. 1796), son of George JACKSON (1718-1782).

[4] Liscalgot is a townland in the parish of Creggan, Co. Armagh - the longtime home of JACKSONs and later their descendants, GILMOREs. SEE: Map of Liscalgot on my web site.

[5] The Charter lands refers to the lands where the Charter School was housed and where George JACKSON Sr. served as schoolmaster.


[7] Edward & Patrick KEENAN are listed in the 1766 Census as resident at Liscalgot.

[8] John JOHNSTON son of John JOHNSTON. I suspect he is the John JOHNSTON (1729-1816) who was the son of the infamous or legendary JOHNSTON of The Fews.. SOURCE: Creggan guide to Creggan Church and Graveyard. Kevin McMahon and Jim Murphy. Page 32: Here also lieth the remains of the said John JOHNSTON, who departed this life the 12th day of December 1816 aged 87 years.

[9] Coolderry Mill  is just a short distance south down the Creggan River. I would estimate the distance to be about a kilometer.

[10] James DOYLE?

[11] John CRILLY?

[12] John JOHNSTON.

[13] Richard JOHNSTON is most likely the Richard JOHNSTON who was the husband of Anne JACKSON (the daughter of George JACKSON 1718-1782 & Margaret O'LAUGHLIN). She was a sister of David JACKSON.



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