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NAMES: James HAMILTON, Right Honorable Earl of Clanbrassill; Thomas TUCKEY; William HUNT; Anne JACKSON née HUNT; William JACKSON; James WATSON; Thomas SMITH; Thomas BRADBURN; William DUDLEY; Thomas CULLEN; James ASHE; Alice BRYAN; Luke KELLY; William KELLY; James SHEIL. PLACES: Dublin & Raheny.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 29, 2011
NOTE: I am starting to put together various lines of JACKSONs in the tanning trade. All help is welcome.


Book 314, pg. 265, #213328

Transcription by Dawn Lowe

SEE ALSO: Book 374, page 275, #249017


Deed of Assignment dated 30 June 1777


Between the Right Honorable James Earl of Clanbrassill[1], Chief Remembrancer of His Majesty’s Court of the Exchequer in Ireland, of the first part


Thomas Tuckey[2], City of Dublin, Currier?, of the second part


William Hunt[3] of Chamber Street, County Dublin, Clothier, and

Ann Jackson,[4] Widow, executrix named in and by the Last Will and Testament of William Jackson[5]  late of Mill Street, County Dublin, Tanner deceased, of the third part


James Watson,[6] Chamber Street, County Dublin, Clothier, of the fourth part


Reciting William Jackson 24 Sept 1772 exhibited his Will in said Court of the Exchequer setting forth that Thomas Smith[7] Cabinetmaker being seized of a sufficient Estate in a piece of ground situate on the west side of Liffey Street, Dublin, containing in the front in a bevel line 40 feet in the rear 38 feet 10 inches and from the front to rear 161 feet bounded as therein is mentioned. Did by Indre dated 30 Aug 1764 demise same to Thomas Bradburn[8] his heirs and assigns from 29 Sept then next for 186 years at the yearly rent of 12 pounds and said Thomas Bradburn erected houses thereon and by Indre dated 13 Sept 1768 did in consideration of 600 pounds sell and assign said Lot with buildings to said Thomas Tuckey his heirs and assigns during all residue of said Term and that William Dudley[9] Farmer being possessed of that part of the lands of Raheny, County Dublin, containing 11 acres 20 Perches did by Indre of 13 April 1769 for considerations mentioned therein demised to said Thomas Tuckey his heirs and assigns the said part of said lands from 1 May then ensuing for 60 years at the yearly rent of 14 pounds and that James White, Gent, being possessed of 2 fields part of the lands of Raheny[10] aforesaid containing 5 acres and bounded as therein mentioned did by Indre of 25 Mar 1768 demise the same to Thomas Cullen[11] and James Ashe[12] their heirs and assigns for 25 years at the yearly rent of 11 pounds 7 shillings 6 pence and they by Deed of 17 Mar 1769 by endorsement of said lease did for considerations therein mentioned assign to said Thomas Tuckey all their Interest in said fields and that said Thomas Tuckey being indebted to Plt??? (Plaintiff?) in 500 pounds did in Indre of 1 Dec 1770 assign to Plt his heirs and assigns said leasehold Interest during the residue of said Terms subject to redemption and said Thomas Tuckey by said Indre covenanted that said leasehold Interests were free from all Encumbrances except 150 pounds with which the Premises in Liffey Street stood affected and was due to the Executors of Alice Bryan[13] therein named and after reciting the proceeding under the said Bill and the Decree obtained thereon whereby it was amongst other things ordered that said Thomas Tuckey should in 3 months form the date thereof pay to the Plts the sum of 744 pounds 5 shillings 4 pence sterling the sum then due or in default thereof that the said Chief Remembrancer or his Deputy should sell the said Mortgaged lands and Premises for the purposes therein expressed in pursuance whereof the said Chief Remembrancer at the time therein mentioned set up to be sold by Public Cant the lands of Raheny aforesaid and the said James Watson having bid the several sums therein mentioned was declared Highest Bidder and Purchaser and the Report thereof was duly confirmed by which said Deed of Assignment whereof this writing is the Memorial in consideration of the several sums of 50 pounds and 28 pounds 8 shillings 9 pence sterling to the said Earl of Clanbrassill paid by James Watson and for other considerations therein mentioned the said James Earl of Clanbrassill, Thomas Tuckey, William Hunt and Ann Jackson did assign and make over unto James Watson his heirs and assigns the before mentioned several parts of the lands of Raheny aforesaid with their appurtenances during all the residue of the before mentioned several Terms of 60 years and 25 years granted by the said 2 several Indres then to come subject to the rents and Covenants thereby reserved and contained on the Tenants or Lessees parts to be paid Done and Performed which said Deed of Assignment whereof this writing is a Memorial and are witnessed by


Luke Kelly[14], Attorney, City of Dublin,

William Kelly[15], Shoemaker, City of Dublin


Signed and sealed in presence of Luke Kelly and William Kelly. Luke Kelly maketh oath he saw James Shiel[16] City of Dublin, Esq, affix the seal and subscribe the Title of Honour of the above names James Earl of Clanbrassill to the Deed of Assignment … and is a subscribing witness to said Deed and Memorial delivered to John Macabe[17], Deputy Register.


Thomas Tuckey:  Seal


Registered 18 Sept 1777

[1] James HAMILTON, Right Honorable Earl of Clanbrassill. SEE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Hamilton,_2nd_Earl_of_Clanbrassil

[2] Thomas TUCKEY, City of Dublin, Currier.

[3] William HUNT of Chamber Street, City of Dublin, Clothier.He was a brother of Ann HUNT, and died unmarried and intestate.

[4] Anne JACKSON, widow of William JACKSON made over lands of Raheny in this agreement. In deed 321-437-217181, she is living at Chambers Street.  Her husband had left her £1,500. According to deed 330-175-221120 , it seems that she then married a Thomas NORRIS, a tanner. She & William JACKSON married in 1739, and she was born Anne HUNT, daughter of John HUNT, late of Dublin, a clothier. SEE: Deed: 93-560-66911.

[5] William JACKSON, late of Mill Street, in the Liberty of Thomas Court & Donore, Co. Dublin, Tanner, deceased abt 1772. It is perhaps significant that there was an earlier William JACKSON who was a tanner in Dublin. He married Alice DAWSON Nov 9, 1693 at St. Michan’s Church. There were also other JACKSON tanners active in the trade in Dublin, and Robert JACKSON a tanner of Chambre Street is most likely a relation in an earlier generation, possibly even his father. HeIn other deeds, he is referred to as  William JACKSON, tanner of Kilmainhorn, Co. Dublin. I also suspect they were related to JACKSONs of Athy, Kildare.

[6] James WATSON of Chamber Street, City of Dublin, Clothier

[7] Thomas SMITH, Cabinetmaker

[8] Thomas BRADBURN

[9] William DUDLEY

[10] Raheny is a northern suburb of current day Dublin, on the coast. It is in the Parish of Lusk, Barony of Balrothery East, Co. Dublin.

[11] Thomas CULLEN

[12] James ASHE

[13] Alice BRYAN

[14] Luke KELLY, Attorney, City of Dublin

[15] William KELLY, Shoemaker, City of Dublin

[16] James SHEIL, City of Dublin

[17] John MACABE, Deputy Register



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