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NAMES: Ann JACKSON, née HUNT widow of William JACKSON of Dublin; John ALLEN of Weavers Sq., Co. Dublin; Hon Col Robert FRAZER, Governor of Kinsale; William CURLES; Paul WINTER; Alderman Percival HUNT & son Percival HUNT; John HUNT; Ann MURRAY, widow of Percival HUNT sr.; Elizabeth WINTER of Portarlington; Anthony POLLE; Joseph NONE [HONE?]; Thomas COLLINS.
Sharon Oddie Brown. January 31, 2011
NOTE: My main interest in these deeds is following links to JACKSONs. If others would like to help fill in the missing bits in footnotes, I am always happy to add them.


Book 374, page 275, #249017

Transcription by Dawn Lowe

 SEE also: Book 314, pg. 265, #213328 Deed of Assignment dated 30 June 1777


Assignment of a Mortgage dated 25 Nov 1785


Made between


Ann Jackson[1] of Summer Street, City and County of Dublin, Widow, Sister and Administrator of the goods and Chattle of William Hunt[2] of Chamber Street, County Dublin, Clothier deceased, of the first part


John Allen[3] of the Weavers Square, County Dublin, Clothier, of the other part


Reciting the Honorable Col. Robert Frazer[4], Gov. of Kinsale by Indre dated 29 Sept 1751 for the considerations in said lease did set unto Paul Winter[5] of Park in the King’s County the house on the north side of the Town of Banagher[6] then in possession of Ann Fosc?? Together with William Curles[7] plot and other holdings as by said Deed more fully appears for the lives in said and referring to Deeds of 27-28 May 1752[8] between Paul Winter[9] and Alderman Percival Hunt[10] deceased the said Paul in consideration of 100 pounds did grant and confirm to said Percival Hunt his heirs and assigns all aforesaid houses lands and premises situate as aforesaid during lives in said Deed … Further reciting that by Deeds of Release of 22-23 Dec 1771[11] the Release made between Percival Hunt[12], Esq, eldest son and Administrator of Percival Hunt of said City Alderman deceased, of the first part, and John Hunt[13] and Ann Murray[14] otherwise Hunt Widow of said Percival, of the second part, and Elizabeth Winter[15] of Portarlington acting Executrix of Paul Winter late of Park, King’s County deceased, of the third part, and Anthony Pollen[16] of the fourth part


Reciting that said Ann Murray Percival Hunt and John Hunt for considerations mentioned in said Deed did assign sell and release to said Anthony Pollen the aforesaid houses, lands, Premises as by said Deed also more fully appears the said Anthony Pollen’s name was made use of in said Assignment in Trust for said William Hunt and whereas by Deed of Assignment of 24 Sept 1781[17] between Anthony Pollen of the first part and William Hunt of the second part, said Anthony Pollen did assign above mentioned lands and Premises to William Hunt by said Deed also more fully appears said William Hunt died unmarried Intestate and without Issue and said Ann Jackson obtained Administration of the goods of said William and whereas the said John Allen paid all Interest and Arrears of Interest that accrued on the sum of 100 pounds and the principal money due on said Deed of Mortgage from 20 Nov 1783[18] to the day of the date of these presents and there is now owing on said Mortgage the principal sum of 100 pounds witnesseth that said Ann Jackson for consideration of the sum of 100 pounds and Interest and Costs already paid unto her that said Ann Jackson and William Hunt deceased by the said John Allen hath assigned the said mortgage unto said Allen the Receipt thereof Ann Jackson doth acknowledge. Said Deed and this Memorial is witnessed by


Joseph None[19] (Hone?), City of Dublin, Esq

Thomas Collins[20], City of Dublin, Gent, subscribing witness to the Indented Deed of which this is a Memorial. Delivered to John Moore[21], Deputy Register, Gent, at the Register Office in the Castle of Dublin.


Ann Jackson:  Seal


Registered 9 Dec 1785





[1] Ann JACKSON, née HUNT widow of William JACKSON made over lands of Raheny in Book 314, pg. 265, #213328 Deed of Assignment dated 30 June 1777. In deed 321-437-217181, she is living at Chambers Street.  Her husband had left her £1,500. According to deed 330-175-221120 , it seems that she then married a Thomas NORRIS, a tanner. She & William JACKSON married in 1739, and she was born Anne HUNT, daughter of John HUNT, late of Dublin, a clothier. SEE: Deed:93-560-66911.

[2] William HUNT died unmarried and intestate.

[3] John ALLEN. I do not know who he may be, but if he is from Wexford, there is a great deal of research here: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~karenblacksoutlaws/allens_8gen_07.html

[4] Hon Col Robert FRAZER, Governor of Kinsale. He was made Governor in 1749. SOURCE: The London Magazine, or Gentleman’s monthly intelligencer, Volume 18, p.529.

[5] Paul WINTER of Park, King’s Co.

[6] Town of Banagher, wester edge of Co. Offally on banks of River Shannon. SEE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banagher

[7] William CURLES

[8] Deeds of 27-28 May 1752

[9] Paul WINTER

[10] Percival HUNT, Alderman, deceased. He died 1776. SOURCE: The Gentleman’s magazine and historical Chronicle, Volume 46, p.483. SEE: HUNT, CHRISTIAN otherwise HIGGINS otherwise HEWETTSON wife of Alderman Percival Hunt of Dublin. 6 March 1749. Full 3 3/4 pp. 22 Jan. 1757. My husband Alderman Percival Hunt. Alderman Percival Hunt of Dublin, the younger, and John Hunt, Dublin, merchant, sons of my said husband. Richard Higgins my son. James Browne my grandson. My daughter Christian Paine, her husband. My grandson Laurence Paine.  SOURCE: Registry of Deed, Dublin Abstracts of Wills, Vol II, 1746 to 1785. http://news.rootsweb.com/th/read/HUNT/1999-09/0936705779

[11] 22-23 Dec 1771

[12] Percival HUNT, Esq, eldest son and Administrator of Percival Hunt sr.

[13] John HUNT. This may be the John HUNT, father of Ann JACKSON.

[14] Ann MURRAY, widow of Percival HUNT sr.

[15] Elizabeth WINTER of Portarlington

[16] Anthony POLLEN

[17] Deed of Assignment of 24 Sept 1781 POLLEN-HUNT.

[18] Deed of Mortgage from 20 Nov 1783

[19] John HONE [NONE?]

[20] Thomas COLLINS, City of Dublin, Gent

[21] John MOORE, Deputy Register, Gent



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