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Names in order of mention: John OLIVER, Mary OLIVER, Elizabeth OLIVER, Joseph OLIVER dec'd of Ballinahonebeg, John SCOTT, Andrew OLIVER, Thomas PRENTICE. See Also: Olivers of Ballinahonebeg
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 26, 2007

1796 April 1

DEED: 510-33-328019


Indenture of Lease between John OLIVER [1] , Mary [2] & Elizabeth OLIVER [3] son and daughters and also admons of Joseph OLIVER [4] late of Ballinahonebeg aforesaid Gent, deceased on the one part & John SCOTT [5] of Umgola, Co. Armagh 10 acres  roods 15 perches with the Mansion House and offices & all lands [?] & all other buildings and improvements thereon: Garden, Bleach Green, Bleaching Utensils & Machinery theron said premises all water & water courses, mill dams, mill tail race & waste water course & also that small park on the other side the River opposite said Bleach Green containing 3 acres & 17 perches more or less to hold for 19 years from 1 Nov ... yearly rent of £62. Witness Andrew OLIVER [6] & Thomas PRENTICE [7] both of City of Armagh, Gent. John SCOTT [SEAL] Jan. 1797.


[1] John OLIVER, son of Joseph OLIVER deceased of Ballinahonebeg

[2] Mary OLIVER, daughter of Joseph OLIVER deceased of Ballinahonebeg.

[3] Elizabeth OLIVER daughter of Joseph OLIVER deceased of Ballinahonebeg

[4] Joseph OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg – father of John, Mary & Elizabeth.  He died before 1796. His wife may have been Jane OATES (m. 1764 SOURCE: National Archive 2007 notes)

[5] John SCOTT of Umgola?

[6] Andrew OLIVER – this could be the one from Newtownhamilton or not.

[7] Thomas PRENTICE – any relation to John PRENTICE – merchant of Armagh?



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