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NAMES: John OLIVER, Mary OLIVER & Elizabeth OLIVER (all of Ballinahonebeg children of Joseph OLIVER), John SCOTT of Umgola, William GARVIN, John PRENTICE and William SLOAN of Armagh; Winright PROCTER. OTHER PLACES: Kennedies. SEE also: Olivers of Ballinahonebeg
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 26, 2007
Updated June 19, 2008


1797 Jan 17

DEED: 506-95-328017



This deed seems to be linked to the earlier one dated 1796 April 1 (DEED 510-33-328019) where the OLIVERs leased lands and buildings to SCOTT (after the death of Joseph OLIVER – father to John, Mary & Elizabeth) including: 10 acres [?] roods 15 perches with the Mansion House and offices & all lands [?] & all other buildings and improvements thereon: Garden, Bleach Green, Bleaching Utensils & Machinery theron said premises all water & water courses, mill dams, mill tail race & waste water course & also that small park on the other side the River opposite said Bleach Green containing 3 acres & 17 perches more or less to hold for 19 years from 1 Nov ... yearly rent of £62.


To the Register appointed by Act of Parliament for the Registering of Deeds Conveyances and Wills.

A Memorial of a Deed bearing date seventeenth day of January one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven Made between John OLIVER[1] Mary OLIVER[2] and Elizabeth OLIVER[3] late of Ballinahonebeg[4] in the County of Armagh and John SCOTT[5] of Umgola[6] in said County Reciting that the said John, Mary & Eliza OLIVER had demised part of the lands of Ballinahonebeg aforesaid with the bleach Mill, Mill Dam, Weir and Water Course therto belonging with several other things reserving thereat Liberty to convey the Water from the Mill on the lands of Kennedies[7] then in the possession of William GARVIN[8] by a cul called a Mill tailrace thro’ said lands of Kennedies by a quarry and to discharge itself below said weir in times of Flood only so as to prevent back water on said Garvins Mill And reciting that it was intended by said parties to said lease that the Current of Water in said Mill dam should be Continued to flow and run in the same bed it now occupies so that the Mill in said demise be not injured by any decision or [persuasion?] thereof. Whereby the said John and Mary & Eliza OLIVER to prevent misconstruction of this said recited Lease and in consideration of the annual rent did agree with the said John SCOTT his executors administrators and assigns that they the said John Mary & Elizabeth OLIVER their Executors Administrators or Assigns would not suffer or permit the water belonging to said Dam or Tailrace from said Garvins Mill to [?[ by or avoid said weir same as in said deed is reserved on when said Dam shall over flow its banks – and which Deed and this Memorial are witnessed by Thomas PRENTICE[9] and William SLOAN[10] both of the City of Armagh, Merchants.




Signed and Sealed in the

Presence of

Thos Prentice

William Sloan

The above named Thomas PRENTICE maketh oath that he saw the above named John OLIVER Mary OLIVER and Elizabeth OLIVER and John SCOTT duly seal and execute the above mentioned Deed in which the above writing is a Memorial and also saw the said John SCOTT duly seal and execute the above memorial and that the name Thomas PRENTICE subscribed as a witness to said Deed and Memorial is this Deponents name and proper handwriting.


Sworn before me at Armagh in the County of Armagh the _____ day of January 1797 by virtue of a commission to me directed for taking affidavits in said Co. And I know the Deponent.

Winright Procter[11]

[1] John OLIVER, son of Joseph OLIVER (d. Between 1794-1796) of Ballinahonebeg

[2] Mary OLIVER, daughter of Joseph OLIVER (d. Between 1794-1796) of Ballinahonebeg

[3] Elizabeth OLIVER daughter of Joseph OLIVER (d. Between 1794-1796) of Ballinahonebeg

[4] Ballinahonebeg, Parish of Lisnadill, Co. Armagh. The town of Millford is now on part of this townland. The OLIVERs had a long term presence in this area – Farmacaffley, the townland immediately to the east, was inhabited by an Andrew OLIVER at the time of the Hearth Money Rolls (1663). It seems most of the OLIVERs were gone by the time the McCRUM family built up the current village.

[5] John SCOTT of Umgola?

[6] Umgola, Parish of Armagh is the townland adjacent to Tullymore, a townland where the OLIVERs long held a presence.

[7] Kennedies is the townland on the western border of Ballinahonebeg, both in the Parish of Lisnadill. The OLIVERs also held leases here as well.

[8] William GARVIN?

[9] Thomas PRENTICE. Merchant of Armagh. It is probable that he is the Thomas PRENTICE (1751-1818) who was the son of James PRENTICE & Elizabeth OATS. His mother was likely the sister of Jane OATS wife of Joseph OLIVER(1726-Abt1796) of Ballinahonebeg. (Details in KIDD-OSBURNE Family Tree in my records)

[10] William SLOAN, Merchant of Armagh. NOTE: The name William SLOAN & John SLOAN both appear in the Hearth Money Rolls for Ballinahone (1663) Also possibly significant that the First Armagh Presbyterian births show a couple: William SLOAN & Jane BALLANTINE from Alistrogh (Parish of Grange). Also, an Elizabeth BALLANTYNE married William OLIVER (nephew of Joseph OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg). Also, A David SLOAN shows up at Ballyduffe (where there were also records of OLIVERs) AKA Ballydoo, Parish of Eglish. There was also a James SLOAN of the Kennedies - a neighbouring townland.

[11] Winright PROCTER



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