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NAMES: Robert WELSH of Tullymore, Co. Armagh; John OLIVER of Tullymore; Robert WELSH; Joshua MEGEOUGH; Tobias MAGUIRE of Drumcullen, Co. Armagh; John OLIVER of Tullysarren; Rev. James WHITESIDE of Drumflugh, Co. Tyrone.
Sharon Oddie Brown. updated June 16 2008
NOTE: There are two John OLIVERs mentioned in this deed. The Lessee is from the Parish of Armagh, while the witness is from Tullysarren, the Parish of Eglish.
NOTE: Tullysaren is recorded in this deed as being in the Parish of Armagh, but there is only one Tullysaren and it is actually in the Parish of Eglish.

1800 May 6
DEED: 523-426-346117
Robert WELSH – John OLIVER

To the Register appointed by Act of Parliament for Registering Deeds Wills

A Memorial of an Article of agreement  Bearing Date  the 6th day  of May one thousand eight hundred and  made between  Robt WELSH[1] of Tullymore[2] Parish & Co of Armagh (Miller) of the one Part and John OLIVER[3] of Sd Townland Parish & County  Farmer of the other part. _ Whereby the Sd Robt WELSH for and in the Considn in the Sd article Mentioned did Demise Grant Set and to Farm let unto the said John OLIVER all that Mills & Farm in Tullymore Aforesaid  Excepting such Reservations out of the Same as is Specified in Said Article for and during the Term Set forth in the same being a Covenant of Renewal held by Article Specifying the same from Joshua MEGEOUGH[4] of Drumcull[5] Esq. And Perfected by the said Robert WELSH to the said John OLIVER his Heirs, Executors, Admons and Assigns at the yearly rent of   thirty six pounds fifteen shillings sterling with clauses of Distress and [?] and Other Clauses Specified in the Same Article. Which said Indenture of Article is Witnessed by Tobias MAGUIRE[6] of Drumcull[7] , in the parish of Clonfealle and County of Armagh and John OLIVER[8] of Tullysarren[9], Parish & County of Armagh and this Memorial is witnessed by Tobias MAGUIRE of Drumcullen aforesaid And the Revd James WHITESIDE[10] of Drumflugh[11], Parish of Clonfeagle, County of Tyrone.


John Oliver


Signed and sealed by the above Signed John Oliver

In Presence of us

Tobias Maguire

Jas Whiteside


The above named Tobias Maguire maketh oath that he saw the above named Robert Welsh and John Oliver duly execute the article of agreement whereof the above writing is a Memorial and also saw the said John Oliver sign and seal the above Memorial and saith he is a subscribing Witness to the said Article and Memorial and that the name Tobias Maguire subscribed therin is this Deponents proper name and is his own handwriting.

Tobias Maguire

Sworn before me at Armagh in the County of Armagh the 19th day of June 1800 by virtue of a Common to me directed for taking affidt in said County and I know the Deponant.

Jon Mosson.


[1] Robt WELSH of Tullymore Parish & Coof Armagh Miller

[2] Tullymore, Parish of Armagh, Co. Armagh was also a long time residence of various OLIVERs. SEE: Map of Tullamore & Umgola.

[3] John OLIVER of Tullymore, Parish of Armagh, Co. Armagh, Farmer. He would have been the husband of Catherine WHITESIDE. It is likely that he died in 1806. SOURCE: 1806, Feb 9, a John OLIVER of Tullymore Sturgeon was interred at St. Patrick’s Cathedral (Church of Ireland). I am guessing that this John OLIVER is the son of the John OLIVER who died in 1772 probably at Tullymore.

[4] Joshua MEGEOUGH (1747-1817) . SOURCE: Rootsweb tree by Evan. NOTE: A reference in the McGEOGH papers seems relevant. It would have been in the lifetime of the John OLIVER father of the JOhn OLIVER of this deed: SEE: PRONI D288/41. 10 January 1766.Macgeough Bond papers. Lease of lands at Tullymore Co. Armagh, (with renewal covenant) for 14 years from 1 Nov. 1765. Rent £33 18s. p.a. and duties. Joseph Johnston, Knappagh, Co. Armagh and John Oliver, Tullymore, Co. Armagh

[5] Drumcull AKA Drumcullen, Parish of Clonfeacle, Co. Armagh

[6] Tobias MAGUIRE

[7] Drumcull, parish of Clonfealle, Co of Armagh is likely Drumcullen, Parish of Clonfeacle, Co. Armagh.

[8] John OLIVER of Tullysarren, Parish & Co of Armagh. I am guessing that this is the son of James OLIVER (abt 1713-?) of Tullysarren and hence a cousin of John OLIVER of Tullymore. Tullysarren is likely now to be found in the Parish of Eglish (which used to be part of the Parish of Armagh)

[9] Even though this deed identifies Tullysaren in being in the Parish of Armagh, it is actually a townland in the Parish of Eglish, bordered on the west by Mullanture.

[10] Revd James WHITESIDE of Drumflugh, Parish of Clonfeagle, Co. of Tyrone. I am guessing that he is the brother of Catherine WHITESIDE who married John OLIVER of Tullymore some time before 1803. Another Rev. James WHITESIDE (1753-1799) of Tobermore may have been their father, and they may have had a brother Rev. John WHITESIDE of Coleraine - all Presbyterian. See footnote #4 in 1813 Jun 12 deed..

[11] Drumflugh, Parish of Clonfeacle, Co. Tyrone.



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