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NAMES: John OLIVER of Armagh, Gent; Samuel OLIVER of Monaghan, sadler; Robert McMORRAN of Tullymore, Co. Armagh; Leonard DOBBIN, Armagh.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 19, 2007

SEE ALSO: 1811, April 8 DEED: 640-359-440211 In this deed, John OLIVER signed over 29 acres of Tullymore to Samuel OLIVER for £100. The fact that the acreage is about the same would seem to indicate a connection.

Update: July 5, 2017. This is a significant update. I had a previous version where I had deduced that the townland of Tullymore was in the Parish of Armagh. It is now clear that this Tullymore was actually in the Parish of Eglish, another parish where there was a long term intergenerational presence of OLIVERs. The 1766 Jan 10 Deed is clear that it refers to land at Tullymore, Parish of Armagh. It may be that there are two John OLIVERs, or it may be that there is one who held leases in both places, and that both had mills.

1813 June 12 Image 150 659-284-456004
See also 1766 Jan 10 Deed and 1811 Apr 8.

A Memorial of an indented deed of assignment bearing date the 12th day of June, 1813 and made between John Olliver [aka OLIVER] of Armagh gent and Samuel Olliver[1] of Monaghan of Monaghan in the County of Monaghan Sadler of the one part and Robert McMorran[2] of Tullymore in said County of Armagh farmer of the other part. Whereby after reciting as therein is recited. They the said John Oliver and Samuel Oliver for the consideration therein mentioned and according to their respective estates therein grant bargain sell assign transfer and make over unto the said Robert McMorran all that and those that part of the town and lands of Tullymore[3] as formerly laid off for and later in the occupation of the said John Oliver and then in the actual occupation of the said Robert McNamara [sic?] containing by estimation 29.2 English statute measure be the same more or less as demised by a lease therein recited by which the same was held bearing date 1 December 1809 , made of said lands and premises by the Reverend [?] Whiteside[4] of Coleraine in the County of Londonderry Clk. to the said John Oliver and others then meared and bounded with the rights and appurtenances save and except the bog formally and there with by the said John Oliver, which said lands and premises are situate in the Barony of Tawrawny [aka Tiranny] County of Armagh aforesaid. To hold the said lands and premises with the appurtenances to the said Robert McMorran his executors, administrators and assigns for all the rest and residue, then to come and unexpired of term of 7 years. Granted thereof by the said recited lease of 1 December 1809 and all such further term and terms four years as should or at forever thereafter be added to the said lease in virtue of also for recital of the term of said lease Toties Quoties therein containing in said deed of which this is a Memorial also recited at and subject however to payment of the rent fees and fines for renewal and to the reservations covenants and agreements whereby said lease reserved and specified which said deed contains several covenants [?] That all the corn and other grain of the said Robert McMorran his executors, administrators or assigns which should grow on the lands and premises thereby conveyed during the term thereby executed of the same and all renewals thereof should be ground in the usual manner at the corn mill or mills of Tullymore[5] aforesaid, free of any tall mulch or duty for grinding the same. Which said deed is witnessed by Leonard Dobbin[6] of Armagh, in the County of Armagh and J. Waugh, Jr[7], of Armagh, in the County of Armagh. This Memorial is witnessed by L Dobbin and J. Waugh Jr. John Oliver [seal] Samuel Oliver [seal]. Signed sealed and executed in presence of Leonard Dobbin. John Waugh. The above named John Waugh, Jr, maketh oath and saith that he is a subscribing witness to the deed of which the above writing is a Memorial and [?] this Memorial. Saith that he saw said deed duly signed sealed and executed by the executing parties thereto and also saw the Memorial duly signed sealed and executed by the said John Oliver and Samuel the executing parties thereto and saith that the name John Waugh subscribed as a witness to said deed and Memorial is the deponent’s proper name and handwriting. John Waugh. Sworn before me at Armagh in the County of Armagh, the 12th day of June 1813 by virtue of a commission to me directed for taking of affidavits in said County for her Majesty’s High Court of Chancery in Ireland, and I know the deponents. Robert Livingston[8].


[1] Samuel OLIVER of Monaghan, Co. Monaghan sadler. NOTE: Church records mention a Samuel OLIVER (b abt 1805) who married a Mary WILLIAMSON and had three children baptized at Ballybay in the 1830s (Robert, Rachel & William OLIVER and then a son named Samuel OLIVER later at Cahans Presbyterian Church who became a tailor as well as a Presbyterian minister). The family was from Lisnavane, (Was this the townland in the Parish of Ematris or the one at Tullycorbet? NOTE: In 1864, an Elizabeth OLIVER held a lease at Cordressigo, Parish of Ematris.)

[2] Robt McMORRAN of Tullymore, Co. Armagh farmer. NOTE: A. John HANNA m Matilda McMORRAN. Also of interest with respect to the linen family connections, WILLIAM MCKEAN of Millmount, Keady who was born 1850, and died 9 December 1911 in Montano, Malone Park, Belfast married LYDIA HANNA 3 June 1875 in Elmwood Presbyterian, daughter of JOHN HANNA and MATILDA MCMORRAN.  He owned the mills at Keady. Matilda’s father was John McMORRAN (1765-1817) – I would suspect a connection to Robert. This John McMORRAN was from Glasgow SOURCE: PRONI D/991/6/1/9. My interest in the HANNA connection is because in 18th July 1823 John & Eleanor HANNA of Mullahara  (or Mullyera) had a son,  George OLIVER. SOURCE: Tedavnet Church records.

[3] Tullymore. NOTE: I had assumed for several years that this was the townland of Tullymore, Parish Armagh, Co. Armagh – but this deed makes it clear that it is the townland of Tullymore, Parish Eglish, Co. Armagh. There is Tullymore Agowan; Tullymore Etra; and Tullymore Otra. They are in the northerly part of the parish, and Tullymore Etra is on the border of the townland of Eglish. All are in the Parish of Eglish, Barony Tiranny - a Barony label which was in use as early as 1609.A quick glance at the list of townlands in the Parish of Eglish reveals many other townland names associated with OLIVERs in this time frame and for a least a century earlier. Chief among them are Mullintur, Drumsallen, Lisnafeedy & Tullysarren.

[4] Rev. [?] WHITESIDE of Coleraine is likely Rev. John WHITESIDE of Coleraine. Since Rev. James WHITESIDE is mentioned in related deeds, I suspect that they may be closely related. and also closely related to the Rev. James WHITESIDE of Tobermore (who died 3 years before the birth of Rev. John WHITESIDE of Coleraine).

  • In 1821, a Rev. WHITESIDE is listed as a donor to missionary work.
  • In 1834, he was a member of the Coleraine Mendiity Association (relief to the destitute in the hopes of reducing beging).
  • In The Orthodox Presbyterian, there is a mention of Rev. J. WHITESIDE of Coleraine.
  • In 1832, he resided at New Row, Coleraine.
  • In 1842, Rev. John Whiteside, was succeeded as pastor of the second congregation of Coleraine.
  • 1802-1843 In History of Congregations of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland: Mr. John Whiteside, who was ordained here on the last Tuesday of July, 1802. About the year 1840 a charge was brought against Mr. Whiteside, connected with the making of the will of Mr. Daniel Fulton, and a painful investigation followed. The result was that Mr. Whiteside retired from the discharge of the pastoral duties, and on the 10th of June, 1842, the Rev. Robert Knox was installed as his assistant and successor. Mr. Whiteside died on the 14th of April, 1843.
  • From Ashe Family History: Rev. James Whiteside, of Tobemore, 1753-1799. BNL 9 Aug 1933: In November 1780, a meeting was convened of the Tobermore Volunteer company, commanded by John Stevenson, at which the Reverend James Whiteside preached.
    James WHITESIDE was a minister of Benburb, Co. Tyrone
  • Saunders Newsletter Jan 15, 1818: Rev. John Whiteside of Colerain, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late James Hutchinson, Esq., same place.
  • Dublin Evening Post. April 13, 1809. Rev James WHITESIDE was mentioned as Presbyterian Minister of Clonfeacle. NOTE: He witnessed deed of 1800 May 5.

[5] An excellent map has been created of the Mills of Northern Ireland by Sebastian Graham.

[6] Leonard DOBBIN, Armagh. The DOBBIN family has more than one historic connection to the OLIVERs – many links I cannot yet prove. Leonard DOBBIN witnessed many of their deeds. I suspect this one was Leonard DOBBIN (1699-1770) of Scotch Street, Armagh. He was a husband of Mary OATES (1720-1793) and brother-in-law of Joseph OLIVER (1727-1795) of Ballynahonebeg. The latter may or may not be relevant. That Joseph OLIVER also had a son named John OLIVER.

[7] John WAUGH jr.



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