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NAMES: Jane McCLELLAN; Thomas McCLELLAN of Marlycone, Parish of Mullaghbrack, Co. Armagh; Thomas McCLELLAN jr.; James McCLELLAN; Elizabeth McCLELLAN; William GILLESPIE of Lisaveagh, Armagh; Agnes GILLESPIE nee McCLELLAN; William OLIVER & Benjamin OLIVER of Ballyrea; David OLIVER; Owen McMAHON; Samuel McCLELLAN of Lisdoo; Thomas APPLEBY; Michael MAGEE. OTHER PLACES:Cornecarrow; Lough Eglish.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 1, 2009

1804 Sept 15

DEED: 568-571-384625


 NOTE: In 1807, a Patrick McCLELLAN, son of a Samuel McCLELLAN, married Margaret OLIVER, daughter of David OLIVER. Also, the Thomas OLIVER who married Margaret McCLENNAN is at the start of Richard’s line of OLIVERs.
I suspect that these will turn out to be significant aspects of the families’ interconnections, although I still cannot square the circle here.
I am working my way through lots of deeds and as I learn more, I will update the footnotes accordingly.


To the register appointed by act of Parliament for the public registry of all deeds leases and sector. A Memorial of an indenture assignment bearing date the 15th day of September in the year 1804 and made between Jane McCLELLAN [1]widow and relict of Thomas McCLELLAN[2] formerly of Marleycone[3] in the parish of Mullaghbrack and County Armagh deceased, of the first. Thomas McCLELLAN[4] the younger one of the sons of the said Thomas McCLELLAN deceased of the second part and James McCLELLAN[5] one other of the sons of the said Thomas McCLELLAN deceased of the third part. Elizabeth McCLELLAN[6] spinster one of the daughters of the said Thomas McCLELLAN deceased of the fourth part. William GILLESPIE of Lisaveagh[7] in the said County of Armagh farmer and Agnes McCLELLAN[8] otherwise GILLESPIE his wife which said Agnes is one of the daughters of the said Thomas McCLELLAN deceased of the fifth part and William OLIVER[9] and Benjamin OLIVER[10] both of Ballyrea[11] in the said County of Armagh farmers of the sixth part. Reciting that by provisions of lease bearing date the 14th day of January 1766 David OLIVER[12] of Ballyrea aforesaid did demise grant set and to farm let to the said Thomas McCLELLAN deceased all that part of current Cornecarrow[13] from Owen McMAHON[14] and Livingston's March of Longligush?[15] and the River through the midst of the Red Bog lying between the hills the mearing of the same to run from the head to the foot of the Red Bog with any undivided moiety[16] of the Rocks or mountain part containing about 22 acres the said moiety to be held equally in partnership between them which said demised premises situate lying and being in the parish of Aughnamullen and County of Monaghan. To hold from the first day of May then past unto the said Thomas McCLELLAN deceased his heirs and assigns for the lives of the said David OLIVER the lessor William OLIVER[17] and Joseph OLIVER[18] sons of the said David OLIVER then aged about 12 months and Twins and the first and survivor of them is for the term of 31 years to Commence from the first day of May then last past subject to the yearly rent of eight shillings the Irish acre for the undivided moiety of the Rocks or mountain part and for the remainder aforesaid demised premises the yearly rent of nine shillings, for every acre same should contain [?] proportion for every things less than an acre the Red Bog excepted during the continuance aforesaid three lives and after the death of any of them the rents to rise six pence an acre more and when the death of the two surviving lives sixpence an acre more also reciting that said Jane McCLELLAN the widow of aforesaid Thomas McCLELLAN deceased the said Thomas McCLELLAN the younger the said James McCLELLAN and the said Elizabeth McCLELLAN spinster each of them entitled to one sixth part of the lands and premises demised aforesaid lease under and by virtue of the last will and testament of the said Thomas McCLELLAN the elder deceased and that William GILLESPIE and Agnes his wife or one of them were or was under and by virtue of the same will likewise entitled to one other sixth part of the same lands and premises and by said deed of a payment the said Jane McCLELLAN widow Thomas McCLELLAN the younger James McCLELLAN Elizabeth McCLELLAN William GILLESPIE and Agnes his wife for the considerations therein mentioned did grant bargain sell transfer make over release and confirm unto the said William OLIVER and Benjamin OLIVER in their actual possession then living by virtue of the Bargain Sale and Lease for a year in said deed of assignment rented and to their heirs and assigns all that and those the said several and respective parts share and proportion of the said towns and lands of Cornacarrow to hold unto the said William OLIVER and Benjamin OLIVER their heirs and assigns from the date of the date heretofore and during the natural life and lives of the three persons named as lives in said recited Indenture of Lease and the survivors Junior of them (the term of years granted by that lease being determined and Expired subject however to a proportionable part of the Rents and to the performance of the several clauses covenants and reservations in and by the same lease reserved and contained on the tenant or Lessees part to be paid and performed which deed is witnessed by Joseph OLIVER of Tullamore[19] in the County of Armagh Gent and Samuel McCLELLAN[20] of Lisdoo[21] in said County Tanner and the Memorial is witnessed by the said Joseph OLIVER and Thomas APPLEBY[22] of Armagh Scrivener. William OLIVER [SEAL] signed and sealed in presence of Joseph OLIVER Thomas APPLEBY the above named Joseph OLIVER maketh oath and saith he is a subscriber and witness to the deed as which the above writing is a Memorial and that he saw the form duly executed of all the parts thereto said deponent is a subscriber and witness to the above Memorial and that he saw same duly executed by the above named to William OLIVER and Benjamin OLIVER two of the parties to said deed and that the name Joseph OLIVER subscribed as a witness to said deed and Memorial is deponents proper name and handwriting  Joseph OLIVER.

Sworn before me at Armagh in the County of Armagh 21st day of March 1805 by virtue of a commission to me directed for the taking of affidavits and I know the deponent. Michael MAGEE[23]?

[1] Jane McCLELLAN, wife of Thomas McCLELLAN sr.

[2] Thomas McCLELLAN sr.

[3] Marleycone, Parish of Mullaghbrack, Co. Armagh. NOTE: The Parish records of Mullaghbrack do not go back far enough to be of much use. All that I know is that the name McCLELLAN was known in the Parish in the late 1700s. Griffiths Valuation shows a number of McCLELLAN connections to Marlteycoo Beg.  Likely the most significant is a lease to William McCLELAN from Charles B. Marley for about 70 acres and buildings valued at £11.0.0.

[4] Thomas McCLELLAN jr.

[5] James McCLELLAN

[6] Elizabeth McCLELLAN

[7] Lisaveagh, aka Lisavagh, Parish of Kilmore, Co. Armagh

[8] Agnes McCLELLAN

[9] William OLIVER. Given the date of this deed, the most likely candidate is William OLIVER (1764--1844), brother of Benjamin OLIVER. His father David OLIVER was from Ballyrea,.

[10] Benjamin OLIVER. I am guessing here – without seeing signatures, it is hard to be sure. It may be that he was the Benjamin OLIVER (d bet 1837-1840) who was the son of David OLIVER.

[11] Ballyrea, Parish of Armagh, Co. Armagh.

[12] David OLIVER (1725-1806), married before 1764 and with his wife Susannah WALKER had 6 known children, including William & Benjamin OLIVER.

[13] Cornecarrow is a townland on the northern border of the townland of Laragh, Co. Monaghan at the point where the Owenagh River flows from the south into Lough Eglish. It may have come to Galbraith Lowry CORRY through his mother Sarah LESLIE since the LESLIEs had title to much of this region. SEE: Map of Laragh.

[14] Owen McMAHON.  Of interest in the Freeholders records is that Owen & Patrick McMAHON are lessees of Kiltybane in 1824 (a townland that involves BROWN, JACKSON & DONALDSONs.)

[15] Longligush? Lough Eglish is less than 1 km to the north. I suspect this is what was meant.

[16] “ Moiety”, meaning  '(half) portion' borrowed from French moitié.

[17] William OLIVER (1764-1844), son of David OLIVER (1725-1806), & Susannah WALKER (?-1808). He was known as “of  Laragh”. He married the widow, Mary Anne HYDE in 1809 and they had two sons: William & Joseph. SOURCE: For the marriage: 1809 Nov 20 DEED: 653-598-454000. News accounts filled in the other bits. NOTE: It may mean nothing, but in the townland of Drumart, Parish of Mullaghbrack, both a Mary HYDE and an Eliza McCLELAND show up in Griffiths Valuations.

[18] Joseph OLIVER (1764-1837), son of David OLIVER (1725-1806), & Susannah WALKER (?-1808) He was known as “of Tullymore”. SOURCE: 1837 Will of Joseph OLIVER

[19] Tullamore, Parish of Armagh, Co. Armagh. Joseph OLIVER lived in a substantial house in this townland.

[20] Samuel McCLELLAN. I do not know which Samuel McCLELLAN this may be, but htere is one with an OLIVER family connection. SOURCE: Here lyeth the body of Samuel McCleland of Laragh w.d. 5th March 1805, a 79 years; also Samuel McClelland, son to John McClelland of Ballibay w.d.t.l. January 1808, a. 15 years. Also Jane McClelland wife of John McClelland of Ballibay w.d.t.l. 18th February 1818 a. 77 years. SOURCE: At the Ford of the Birches. p. 127. I believe the subsequent family tree looks like this:

1 ,Samuel McClelland, b: Abt. 1725,,d: 05 Mar 1805 (based on hunch from gravestone)

..,2  Patrick McClelland, b: Described as of Ballybay, Co. Monaghan,,

......,,+Margaret OLIVER, b: Described as of Ballyrea, Co. Armagh, m: 1807, She was the daughter of David OLIVER (1725-1806)  & Susannah WALKER (?-1808).

......,3  Samuel McClelland, b: Mar 1803 in Laragh,,

......,3  Margaret McClelland, b: May 1805 in Laragh,,

......,3  David McClelland b: Aug 1808 in Laragh,,

......,3  Susannah McClelland,b: Aug 1808 in Laragh,,

..,2  John McClelland, d: Described as of Ballybay

......,,+Jane Unnamed, b: Abt. 1740,,d: 18 Feb 1818 in Ballybay, Co. Monaghan

......,3  Samuel McClelland, b: 1793 in Ballybay, Co. Monaghan - probably,,d: 1808 in Ballybay, Co. Monaghan

......,3  Margaret McClelland, b: 1797 in Ballybay, Co. Monaghan - probably,,

......,3  Hugh McClelland ,b: 1800 in Ballybay, Co. Monaghan - probably 

[21] Lisdoo. There are 3 Lisdoo townlands in Co. Tyrone & 1 in Co. Louth, but none in Armagh.

[22] Thomas APPLEBY, Scrivener

[23] Michael MAGEE



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