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NAMES: John JACKSON; John TATLOW of Grover, Co. Cavan; Elizabeth TATLOW; Anthony Tippington TATLOW probably of Bally [?]; Hugh JACKSON of Drumfaldra, Co. Monaghan; John JACKSON of Crieve; Robert KERR; Hugh JACKSON; John JACKSON; Alexander JACKSON; James JACKSON; Rev. Robert SMYTHE aka SMITH of Dillan, Co. Down;Andrew OLIVER of Leuradown aka Corradown, Co. Monaghan; Capt William JOHNSTON; James DUFF; Thomas GOSLIN of Drumruin Lodge, Co. Cavan. OTHER PLACES: Carrickneneeagh.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 7, 2011


1816 February 26

Book 699, page 416, #479614

Deed of Marriage Settlement

Transcribed by Dawn Lowe. Footnotes by Sharon Oddie Brown


NOTE: The John JACKSON of this deed is one of the JACKSONs of Lisnaboe. Just as interesting to me, are the references to OLIVERs, a family that like the JACKSONs was significant in the linen industry in Co. Monaghan in the late 1700s and early 1800s. A fair bit of the family tree that I have assembled for the OLIVERs in the 1600s and 1700s involves a lot of guess and by golly and may prove to be incorrect. Still and all, I do suspect that the linen-trade OLIVERs of Armagh, Tyrone and Monaghan will turn out to be related. I will need to revisit all this, but for now let me think out loud and share some of the clues that I find intriguing:


·       This deed refers to a 1766 deed between Rev Robert SMITH and Andrew OLIVER of “Leuradown” who was demised part of “Carrickneneeagh” in the Parish of Aughnamullen, Co. Monaghan. There is a deed dated August 5, 1764 that has enough convergences to probably be the same Andrew OLIVER.

·       It would interesting to see if Deed 2-94-299 & Deed 22-443-12533 between James SHIRLEY and SMITH are also connected to these same townlands, and whether there is also any mention of OLIVER in these deeds. NOTE: I have yet to look up these two deeds.

·       In the mid 1700s, a Thomas OLIVER (abt 1741-1826) was living in Aughnamullen. Given the geographic proximity of the BREAKEYs to the OLIVERs (each having half of Carricknaveagh[1]), the choice of Thomas OLIVER’s son’s name “Isaiah” is perhaps telling. Isaiah BREAKY (b abt 1688) was one of the first to settle in Aughnamullen and set up mills.

·       With these clues, it may be appropriate to start thinking of Thomas OLIVER of Aughnamullen as a probable relation of the Andrew OLIVER of this deed.

·       A William OLIVER (1764-1844) owned bleaching Mills, a flax Mill and corn mill in 1829 at Laragh, Parish of Aughnamullen.  It now shows on some maps as Cornalaragh. His father David OLIVER (1725-1806) set the leases for them back in a deed dated June 1, 1766.

·       An Andrew OLIVER (1748- bet 1788-1793) and his wife Elinor DAWSON conveyed lands of Enagh, [would this be parish of Donagh?] Co. Monaghan Sept 7, 1777. They were from Newtownhamilton, although he was probably from Tullymore, Co. Armagh – near the home of the David OLIVER (1725-1806). This Andrew OLIVER had children, who were mentioned but not named in the deed. It is not impossible that he was the father of Thomas OLIVER (abt 1741-1826)

·       Two years earlier on January 25, 1775, the Sherriff made a seizure of land from David OLIVER which had been granted five years earlier in January 6, 1770 to Andrew OLIVER. I have a fair bit of thinking out loud on the pages where these deeds are posted.

·       A townland named Creevey OLIVER is just south of the Laragh where OLIVERs had milling interests in the mid1700s-1800s.


Deed of Marriage Settlement made between:


John Jackson[2] Jr., Crieve, County Monaghan, Esq, of the first part

John Tatlow[3], Grover[4], County Cavan, Esq and

Elizabeth Tatlow[5], daughter of John Tatlow, of the second part

Anthony Tipington (Tissington?) Tatlow[6], Esq, Lt. in his majesty’s 6th Regiment of Foot, and

Hugh Jackson[7], Drumfaldragh, County Monaghan, Esq, of the third part


Reciting that by Indenture of Lease dated 10 June 1780 between Robert Kerr of Newcliff, County Monaghan, Esq, of the first part and John Jackson[8] of Crieve, Parish of Aughnamullen, County Monaghan, Merchant, of the second part, said Robert Kerr for consideration mentioned therein demised to John Jackson part of the lands of Drumfaldragh, then in possession of said Robert Kerr[9] to hold to said John Jackson, his heirs and assigns, from 1 Nov then next for the life and lives of Hugh Jackson[10] John Jackson[11] and Alexander Jackson[12], sons of James Jackson[13] of Ballyboy, Gent, and for and during the term and time said Robert Kerr’s interest in said lands consisted at yearly rent of 1 pound per acre payable as therein mentioned which said Deed contained a Covenant for perpetual renewal on payment of a pepper corn fine on the fall of each life.


And reciting John Jackson the lessee in said lease Father of said John Jackson Jr., party thereto had by Deed of Assignment dated 18 Jan 1816 conveyed his entire interest in said lease to said John Jackson Jr. … and by Indenture dated 20 Aug 1766 between the Rev Robert Smith[14] of Dillon[15], Barony of Lakale, County Down, of the first part and Andrew Oliver[16] of Leuradown[17], County Monaghan, of the second part, Robert Smith demised to Andrew Oliver that part of Carrickneneeagh[18] To Wit: The upper half Tate[19] in the Parish of Aughnamullen, County Monaghan (except as therein excepted) to hold to said Oliver, his heirs and assigns for the lives therein named and the survivor of them at the yearly rent of 5 shillings per acre … which contained a Covenant for perpetual renewal …


Further reciting the Estate and Interest of Robert Smith became vested in William Johnston[20], a Captain in the Monaghan Militia and the Estate and Interest of Andrew Oliver … had been vested in said John Jackson Jr. and that by Indenture dated 3 April 1815 between William Johnston of the first part and John Jackson of the second part, William Johnston demised to John Jackson his heirs and assigns that part of Carricknaveaugh for the lives renewable forever … and that a marriage was intended between John Jackson Jr. and Elizabeth Tatlow and in light of said marriage John Jackson granted to Anthony Tipington Tatlow and Hugh Jackson of Drumfladragh in as ample a manner as in the lease of 16 June 1780 …


After the decease of John Jackson Jr. upon Trust to permit and suffer Elizabeth Tatlow in case she should survive her intended husband … and take to her use 200 pounds yearly payable every 1 May and 1 Nov.


Anthony Tissington Tatlow and Hugh Jackson, their heirs and assigns, should raise by mortgage or otherwise 2,000 pounds sterling to be divided among the children of John Jackson, sons of the Body of Elizabeth Tatlow, to be begotten and their heirs and assigns in equal shares paid from the day of death of John Jackson but if any such children should die under age 21 and unmarried their shares of 2,000 pounds would be divided equally among the survivors. If there are no children and no survivors …


Subject to an annuity of 2,000 pounds should sink into the freehold of said lands and Premises as a further security for payment of said annuity and also said 2,000 pounds sterling and --- interest said John Jackson did for himself and his heirs and assigns charge and encumber all his property real and personal with payment of same in a manner herein stated and Elizabeth Tatlow accepted the provision made in her Jointure in full Lieu Bar and Satisfaction of all Dower or thirds to which she might be otherwise entitled and said Deed contained a Covenant for further assurances and was equally executed by all parties.




Anthony Tatlow[21] of Bally, subscribing witness, Witness to Memorial

James Duff[22], County Cavan

Thomas Goslin[23], Drumruin?[24] Lodge, County Cavan, Esq


John Jackson:  Seal

Signed and sealed in presence of Anthony Tatlow, Thomas Goslin

Sworn in Cavan, County Cavan, Thurs 26 Feb 1816

A True Copy


[1] A memorial of a deed of lease bearing the date 18 July 1764 between Reverend Robert Smith of Lakale, County Down, and William Breakey Junr of Lisgillan whereby said Robert Smith did demise sett and to farm lett unto the said William Breakey that part of Carrickneveagh remaining of the lower half tate of Carrickneveagh Mr. William Armstrong…and being in the estate of Ballibea. Witnessed by William Daly of Ballibay Gent Andrew Wilson of Durinalubnagh and Isaiah Brakey of Derry Merchant all in the County of Monaghan. Memorial witnessed by the said Isaiah Breakey and David Williamson of Lisgillan aforesaid linen draper. Signature & seal: William Brekey Signed and sealed in presence of David Williamson, Isaiah Breakey. Reg‟d 30th June 1767 at half an hour after 10 o‟c in the forenoon. NOTE: This appears to be Deed: 250 613 166160 . I need to double check.


[2] John JACKSON (1795-?) He died in Athens, near Florence, Alabama. He was a son of John JACKSON (1744-1824) and Sarah BRUNKER. His family were from Crieve House, Co. Monaghan

[3] John TATLOW, Esq. Grover, Co. Cavan. He is listed as one of the principal landed proprietors in Co. Cavan. SOURCE: Statistical Survey of the County of Cavan. Sir Charles Coote, Bart. Graisberry and Campbell. 1802 p280.

[4] Grover is an obsolete form of groover which mean that he was probably a miner – actually, In the case of John TATLOW Esq, he probably owned mines.

[5] Elizabeth TATLOW (1793-1824) 1st wife of John JACKSON, daughter of John TATLOW. She had one daughter Anne JACKSON (1816-1820)

[6] Anthony Tippington TATLOW, Esq. Lt. in his Majesty’s 6th Regiment of Foot.

[7] Hugh JACKSON of Drumfaldra, Co. Monaghan. In all likelihood, this is Hugh JACKSON (1783-1833)  the elder brother of John JACKSON.

[8] John JACKSON (1744-1824) of Crieve, son of Hugh JACKSON (1709-1777) and Elinor GAUNT, and father of John JACKSON jr. & Hugh JACKSON

[9] Robert KERR

[10] Hugh JACKSON (1769-1806)

[11] John JACKSON (1773-1832)

[12] Alexander JACKSON (1776-1826)

[13] James JACKSON. I suspect this is the James JACKSON (1743-1822) of Ballybay, husband of Mary STEEL, and father of 13 known children.

[14] Revd Robert SMYTHE AKA SMITH of Dillan, Co. Down. He was the minister at the nearby Ballee Non-subscribing Presbyterian Church from 1750-1787. SOURCE: Ros Davies web site.

[15] Dillin, Parish of Ballee, Barony of Lecale Lower, Co. Down. A townland 2km NW of Ballee village with good arable soil and owned by owned by heirs of Lord De Clifford & John W. Maxwell. SOURCE: Ros Davies web site.

[16] Andrew OLIVER of Leuradown, Co. Monaghan

[17] Leuradown, Co. Monaghan  aka Corradown AKA Corragh Down, Parish of Donagh, Co. Monaghan. I feel reasonably confident about this, given the reference in the 1764 Aug 5th deed of Rev. Robert SMITH.

[18] Carrickneneeagh. There is currently no such townland, but there is a Carnaveagh and a Carrickaveilty, both in the Parish of Aghnamullen and both of them adjacent to Carrickatee. Carrickneveagh was mentioned in the 1764 August 5th deed. It may be that the townlands have since merged.

[19] OLIVERs had the upper half tate, and BREAKEYs had the lower half tate.

[20] William JOHNSTON, Capt. in Monaghan Militia. NOTE: I would like to have more background on him..

[21] Anthony TATLOW of Bally (wherever that might be). He is likely related to the Elizabeth TATLOW (1793-1824), first wife of John JACKSON (1795-?).

[22] James DUFF, Co. Cavan

[23] Thomas GOSLIN of [Drumruin?] Lodge, Co. Cavan

[24] [Drumruin?] Lodge, Co. Cavan



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