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NAMES: John JACKSON of Urker; Andrew DONALDSON; Graham JOHNSTON; Unnamed EASTWOOD; Samuel BRADFORD; James McCULLAGH; Thomas McCULLAGH;Mr. McCARTER. OTHER PLACES: Tullygallaghan possibly aka Tullyogallahan.
John JACKSON of Urker died at age 37 leaving his wife, Elizabeth McCULLAGH at age 25 with four young children. The youngest child and only male was David JACKSON, age 3 who would later inherit the farm and go on to father ten children, one of whom would become Sir Thomas JACKSON. There is also mention of money owed by McCULLAGHs - which may have been the start of an ongoing intergenerational legal tiff.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 20, 2006
Updated: August 26, 2009
Updated: April 23, 2010

Farming Utensils & Stock belonging to the late John Jackson[1] of Urker[2] valued by us on the 20th day of April 1817



£ .. S.. D

3 Plows & Traces

1.. 12..9

2 Harrows


1 Spade & 2 Shovels


Pitch forks & Rakes


A Cart & 3 Carrs & Harness

6.. 16..6

3 Wheelbarrows


A Sheep ???

1.. 10..0

2 Beams Scales & Weights

2..   0..0

Cheese Press


Handbarrow & Water[???]





?12.. 17..0


Cattle belonging to the late John Jackson valued by us 20th August 1817


£  S  D

10 Milk cows

34.. 2..6

1 Bullock & Heiffer

   9.. 0..0

2 three yr Old Heiffers

7.. 8..3

2 two year olds


3 One year olds


2 Sold for

   4.. 0..0

2 Old Mares


8? Colts

   24.  0..0

A Foal

2.. 5..6




94.. 6..3

Geese & Fowl

1.. 0..0




95.. 6..3


An Acct of the Value of the personal property of John Jackson late of Urker in the County of Armagh.

Farmer decd


Cash in the house

X 6..18..3

The interest the Lease of the Farm in Urker

X 150..0..0

The crop in the Ground Pots Oats & Turnips

X 70..0..0


X 5..0..0

The value of Potatoe Ground Set to difft persons

X 20..0..0

The Value of [Difft?] Cows & Horses both at home


& in Tullygallaghan[3] Fowl & Geese

X 95..6..3

Farming Utensils

X 14..17..8

Household Furniture Plate

X 60..5..8

Wearing apparel

 X 3..8..3


   X 3..8..3

Fire Arms

 X 6..0..0

Andw Donaldson[4] owes for [Paid?][Intt?][??]

X 71..14..0

A Bond of Graham Johnston[5] & [??] Eastwood[6]

X 100..0..0

Intt to 7th June 1817

21   X 6..0..0

Arrears of rent [??]


the greater part of this rent is bad & will not be Recd


Due by Mr Saml Bradford[7] for Board [Lodge?]


& [?] of Josh Coulter

 X 135..14..4

Flax yarn & linen

X 5..12..6

Farming Utensils



X 2..2..9

Due by Messrs Jas & Thos McCullagh[8]


Balance of Mr. McCarter[9] Legacy


Due by Civil Bill [Decrees?]



X 19..0..0



[NOTE: There is no total included on these pages, but my addition shows the total value to be: £994:19:6. Using a calculator at Measuring Worth and the date of 1830 (the furthest back I could go, the value using the retail price index would be £66,570.] The site points out that it is also not that simple:


If you want to compare the value of a £994 19s 6d Commodity in 1817 there are three choices. In 2013 the relative:
real price of that commodity is £63,570.00
labour value of that commodity is £735,300.00
income value of that commodity is £1,033,000.00

If you want to compare the value of a £994 19s 6d Income or Wealth , in 1817 there are three choices. In 2013 the relative:

historic standard of living value of that income or wealth is £63,570.00
economic status value of that income or wealth is £1,033,000.00
economic power value of that income or wealth is £3,339,000.00

If you want to compare the value of a £994 19s 6d Project in 1817 there are three choices. In 2013 the relative:

historic opportunity cost of that project is £77,050.00
labour cost of that project is £735,300.00
economic cost of that project is £3,339,000.00



[1] John JACKSON died June 20, 1817 at the age of 37. He left three daughters and one son. His son David, who would become the father of Sir Thomas JACKSON, was three years old at the time. It is curious that the Baptismal registry at Creggan Church shows one daughter, Elizabeth Johanna JACKSON, being baptised on June 20, 1817 - the day of her father’s death. His wife was Elizabeth McCULLAGH.

[2] Urker, Parish of Creggan, Co. Armagh was the home of the JACKSONs and related family until well into the 1970s.

[3] Tullygallaghan. This is a townland that I first encountered in the will of David JACKSON, father of John JACKSON. SEE: http://www.user.dccnet.com/s.brown/documents/1796_Will_DavidJACKSON.html I wonder if it might be the townland of Tullyogallaghan, Parish of Newtownhamilton, Co. Armagh.

[4] Andrew DONALDSON. SEE also 1817 June 9th Andrew Donaldson lease The most likely contender out of my known DONALDSONs is the son of Samuel DONALDSON (1753-1827) and Alice [last name unknown]. Of course, he may not even be a DONALDSON who is known to me.

[5] Graham JOHNSTON. Probably related to the Richard JOHNSTON (who married Anne JACKSON – an aunt of John JACKSON - in 1767). IN LOVING MEMORY OF Graham Johnston, Esq., of Dundalk, Died Aug. 8, 1873, aged 87 His Wife, Anne, Daughter of Robert Macan, Esq., Cariff, Co. Armagh, Died Oct. 9, 1852, Aged 68. And Their Children, Anna Margaret, Died Ap. 25, 1825, Age 10 Thomas William, Died at Lahore, June 13, 1846, Aged 33: Robert Macan, Died Oct. 2, 1856, Aged 36. Charlotte Dorcas, - Nov. 18, 187x - 54. Richard Keating, - Feb. 28, 1873 - 54. Louisa Frances, - Nov. 26, 18xx - 68 This Tablet is Erected by his two surviving Daughters over the place occupied by him and his family in this Church for nearly 80years. 1881. [White marble tablet inside the church.] SOURCE: St Nicholas Church, Dundalk His brother John JOHNSTON was at Urcher (see George Edward NOBLE notes ) See also Johnstons of Woodvale.

[6] EASTWOOD. NOTE: Many of the EASTWOOD family were buried in Creggan Church – but I don’t know which one this might be,

[7] Samuel BRADFORD. This is most likely: Samuel BRADFORD (1739-1818) of Cavananore; husband of  Margaret Henry or their son, Samuel BRADFORD who died after 1876. Interesting (given the BIRCH family interest in Cavananore) that there is also a Samuel BRADFORD in Banbridge in 1766. This legacy was most likely due for the care of Joseph COULTER, son of John & Martha COULTER. This son, Joseph, had been described in Martha’s will as a man who has been for some years by the Will of Almighty God deprived of his natural Reason and is now in such a State as not to be able to Manage his Own Affairs. He had already most likely died, but the legacy may have been still outstanding.

[8] James McCULLAGH (?-1865) of Ednafirkin & Thomas McCULLAGH (abt 1786-1849) of Derryvalley were both brothers of Elizabeth McCULLAGH

[9] Sally McCARTER of Shantanagh  was the wife of James McCULLAGH and the mother of Elizabeth McCULLAGH(1788-1880), Thomas McCULLAGH (d. abt 1850) & James McCULLAGH. Elizabeth McCULLAGH was the widow of John JACKSON.



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