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NAMES: David JACKSON of Urker Lodge; Elizabeth JACKSON née McCULLAGH; William Henry OGLE of Newry; John GILLESPIE; James SMYTHE; John SMYTHE; Richard Jebb BROWNE; William Henry WOODS; Edward GREER; John HANBURY. OTHER PLACES: Drummuck, Parish of Ballybay, Co. Monaghan.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 31, 2011
Updated April 8, 2014 - Footnotes.


1860 16 230


NOTE: This deed is significant since it indicates that David JACKSON and his mother sold off their interest in Drummuck.


A Memorial of a deed of Mortgage bearing date the twenty fourth day of May One thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty and made between David JACKSON[1] of Urker Lodge[2] in the County of Armagh Farmer of the first part Elizabeth JACKSON[3] of Urker Lodge aforesaid widow of the second part and William Henry OGLE[4] of Newry in the County of Down solicitor of the third part. Whereby after reciting as therein is recited it was witnessed that in further performance of the agreement therein mentioned and in consideration of the promises and  also in consideration of the sum of Three Hundred and Fifty pounds paid by the said William Henry OGLE to the said David JACKSON and the sum of ten shillings paid by him to the said Elizabeth JACKSON (receipts acknowledged) each of them the said David JACKSON and Elizabeth JACKSON according to his and her estate and interest therein did Grant Bargain Sell assign release and conform unto the said  William Henry OGLE and to his heirs and assigns All That and Those the therein before mentioned annuity or yearly rent charge or sum of Thirty pounds late Irish Currency equivalent to Twenty Seven pounds Thirteen Shillings and fourpence sterling in and by the therein in part recited Indenture of the Twenty fourth day of April, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eleven granted issuing and payable out of and charged and chargeable on all that part of the lands of Drum____[5] as formerly held by John GILLESPIE[6] deceased and afterwards in the possession of James SMYTHE[7] and John SMYTHE[8] situate in the Parish of Ballybay, Barony of Cremorne and County of Monaghan with the appurtenances and  all the Estate Right Title  claim and demand whatsoever both at Law and in Equity of them the said David JACKSON and Elizabeth JACKSON and each of them of in and to the said annuity or yearly rent charge and promises and every part thereof together with all powers and remedies in and by the said therein in part recited Indenture of the Twenty Fourth day of April  One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eleven given for recovering and receiving the same. To hold take receive and enjoy the said annuity or yearly rent charge of Thirty Pounds late Irish currency equivalent to  the sum of Twenty Seven pounds Thirteen Shillings  and Ten pence of the present currency together with all the said powers and remedies and means of enforcing the same and all and singular other the premises thereby assigned or intended so to be unto the said Henry OGLE his heirs and assigns forever and fully and beneficially to all intents and purposes whatsoever as they the said David JACKSON and Elizabeth JACKSON were then entitle to subject nevertheless to the proviso or condition for Redemption upon Payment by the said David JACKSON and Elizabeth JACKSON or either of them or either of their Heirs Executors or Assigns of the said sum of Three Hundred and fifty pounds Sterling with Interest at the rate of Six Pounds Sterling per cent per annum at or upon the Twenty Fourth of May then next ensuing the date aforesaid presents and which said deed and this Memorial as to the execution thereby the said David JACKSON and Elizabeth JACKSON are respectively. Witnessed by Richard Jebb BROWNE[9] solicitor and William Henry WOODS[10] Law Apprentice both of Newry in the County of Down. David JACKSON [SEAL] Elizabeth JACKSON [Seal] Signed and sealed by the said David JACKSON and Elizabeth JACKSON in the presence of  us R.J. BROWNE, Solicitor, Newry; Wm H. WOODS, Law Apprentice Newry. The above named William Henry Woods and saith that he was  present and saw the deed of which the above writing is a Memorial signed sealed and delivered  and also the above Memorial signed and sealed by the above named David JACKSON and Elizabeth JACKSON two of the executing parties thereto and saith that the deponent is a subscribing witness to said  deed and Memorial and that the name Henry WOODs subscribed as witness thereto respectively in this deponents proper name and handwriting Wm H. WOODS Sworn before me Newry in the  County of Down this 25th day of May 1860 a Master Extraordinary of the Court of Chancery in Ireland for taking Affidavits in said County and I k now the deponent. Edward GREER[11]. A true copy Eleven folios John HANBURY[12].

[1] David JACKSON (1814-1889), father of Sir Thomas JACKSON.

[2] Urker Lodge, Parish of Creggan, Co. Armagh.

[3] Elizabeth JACKSON née McCULLAGH (1788-1880), mother of David JACKSON.

[4] William Henry OGLE (1816-1877) of Newry. He was buried in St. Patrick's, Newry.

[5] Drum___ - presumably, this is the townland of Drummuck, Parish of Ballybay, Barony of Cremonre, Co. Monaghan. This was a townland that the McCULLAGHs had an interest in.


[7] James SMYTHE. NOTE: There were also SMYTHEs at Urker.

[8] John SMYTHE

[9] Richard Jebb BROWNE (1819-1876) of Newry His father was a staff surgeon, and he was a lawyer. SOURCE: thepeerage.com A detailed descrption is in Crossley's Hstory of Nelson Masonic Lodge (1809-1909): Richard Jebb Browne, of Needham Place, Newry, and Shannon Grove, Kilkeel, son of Richard Jebb Browne, Surgeon in the 59th Foot, and afterwards Surgeon in Newry on the Northern Recruiting Staff, was born 14th January, 1819. He married, first, Kate B. (who died 26th January, 1857), eldest daughter of E. W. Dickenson; and, secondly, 1st December, 1859, Jane H. (who died 19th March, 1903, aet. 80), daughter of William Hanna, B.L. He was admitted an attorney 4th December, 1840, and enjoyed a lucrative and extensive practice. He was for many years in partnership with William Henry Ogle, Solicitor, Needham Place. He was Solicitor to the Newry Board of Guardians, and was Agent  to the Hon. A. S. G. Canning, of Rostrevor. His only son, R. J. Browne, is now resident in Canada. He died 16th October, 1876, and is buried in St. Patrick's Churchyard. Bro. Browne was initiated, 13th March, 1844, in XVI IL, of which he was J .W. 1848-9. He resigned, 22nd September, 1851.

[10] William Henry WOODS

[11] Edward GREER

[12] John HANBURY



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