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These will probates are all tied in to the COULTER families of Co. Louth - with some tendrils into Co. Armagh. There is still more to learn, and no doubt amendments will be made to the footnotes in the near future.
Sharon Oddie Brown. November 14, 2008


COULTER wills 1861-1913




Date Of Death

Date Of Grant







under £100

Letters of Administration (with the Will annexed) of the personal estate of Alexander Coulter[1] late of Cladybeg[2] in the County of Armagh Farmer deceased who died 18 June 1861 at same place were granted at Armagh to Mary Anne Coulter[3] of Cladybeg (Markethill) aforesaid the Widow of deceased and a Principal Legatee named in said Will during her Widowhood. (Limited Grant.)





Effects under £300

Letters of Administration of the personal estate of Anne Coulter[4] late of Carrickastuck[5] in the County of Louth Widow deceased who died 23 July 1864 at same place were granted at Armagh to Henry Coulter[6] of Carrickastuck aforesaid Farmer the Son one of the next of kin of said deceased.

Samuel Alexander




Effects under £1,000

 Letters of Administration of the personal estate of Samuel Alexander Coulter[7] late of Dundalk County Louth Gentleman deceased who died 11 December 1870 at same place were granted at Armagh to Elizabeth Coulter[8] of Roden-place (Dundalk aforesaid) the Widow of said deceased.





Effects under £600

The Will of Elizabeth Coulter[9]late of Dundalk County Louth Widow deceased who died 15 August 1871 at same place was proved at Armagh by the oaths of Joseph Arthur Coulter[10] (Auctioneer) and the Reverend Robert Black[11] (Presbyterian Clergyman) both of Dundalk aforesaid the Executors.





Effects under £6,000

The Will of Launcelot Coulter[12] late of Ballymascanlon[13] County Louth Esquire deceased who died 28 September 1873 at same place was proved at Armagh by the oath of Thomas Wilson[14] of Belfast County Antrim Merchant the sole Executor.





Effects £908 1s. 11d

Probate of the Will of John Coulter[15] late of Wellington-place[16] Dundalk County Louth Gentleman who died 20 May 1901 granted at Armagh to The Reverend Launcelot Coulter[17] Clerk.

Joseph Arthur




Effects £2,945 8s. 1d

Probate of the Will of Joseph Arthur Coulter[18] late of Roden-place Dundalk County Louth J.P. who died 3 October 1901 granted at Armagh to Elizabeth Coulter[19] the Widow and Arthur S. Coulter[20] Gentleman and Robert J. Coulter [21]F.R.C.S.I.[22]





Effects £21 10s

Probate of the Will of Mary Coulter[23] late of Shanmullagh[24] County Louth Spinster who died 31 December 1901 granted at Armagh to Patrick Byrne[25] Farmer.





Effects £114 1s. 8d

Probate of the Will of James Coulter[26] late of Liscalgot[27] County Armagh Farmer who died 4 September 1912 granted at Armagh to James O'Donnell[28] Merchant and James Morgan[29] Blacksmith.





Effects £1,314 16s. 11d

Probate of the Will of William Coulter[30] late of Barronstown[31] County Louth Revenue Officer (Retired) who died 14 April 1913 granted at Armagh to Charles Joseph McGahon[32] Solicitor



[1] Alexander COULTER. I do not know any more.

[2] Cladybeg, Parish of Kilclooney, Co. Armagh. Freeholder records show that James & John COULTER had freeholdings from 181-1839 and an Alexander COULTER had a holding at Clady in 1723, so I suspect a connection to these people.

[3] Mary Anne COULTER. I do not know any more.

[4] Anne COULTER. I suspect that she was the wife of Ralph COULTER of Carrickastuck and mother of Henry COULTER (and 7 other children - but he was likely the eldest)..

[5] Carrickastuck, Parish of Phillipstown, Co. Louth. 229 Acres. It is on the south-eastern border of Cavananore and on the north-eastern border of Clonaleenaghan. It is also the home of numerous extended family members, DICKIE in particular.

[6] Henry COULTER of Carrickastuck, Parish of Phillipstown, County Louth. NOTE: In the 1842 list of voters, a Ralph COULTER was residing and was also a freeholder at Carrickastuck. A Ralph COULTER of Barrenstown was buried in the Kane old Graveyard, but no dates are given.

[7] Samuel Alexander COULTER (abt 1812-1870) I do not know how he fits into the COULTERs of Carnbeg, but it is likely significant that he was buried with this line of the family. See footnotes for his wife, Elizabeth COULTER.

[8] Elizabeth COULTER nèe PARKS the widow of Samuel Alexander COULTER. SOURCE: The Belfast News-Letter (Belfast, Ireland), Monday, August 21, 1871 COULTER - August 15, at Roden Place, Dundalk, Elizabeth, widow of the late Samuel Alexander Coulter, Esq. She is buried in St Nicholas' graveyard, Dundalk, in the grave of the Carnbeg Coulters. SOURCE: http://www.jbhall.freeservers.com/st__nicholas_dundalk.htm Flat limestone slab: -To the Memory of Thomas Coulter of Carnbeg who is interred here and departed this Life 27th March 1769 aged 60 Years. And Jane his Wife who departed this Life 26th December 1783 aged 59 Years. Also Thomas Coulter their Son who departed this Life 26th December 1790 aged 27 years. Also of Robert Coulter of Carnbeg who died 30th Septr 1861 aged 60 years and Anne his daughter died 15th January 1854 Aged 24 years. Also of SAMUEL ALEXANDER COULTER who died 11th December 1870 aged 58 years. and of ELIZABETH PARKS his wifewho died 15th august 1871aged 41 years.

[9] Elizabeth COULTER nèe PARKS, the widow of Samuel Alexander COULTER.

[10] Joseph Arthur COULTER (b. Aft 1828-d. 1901), son of Robert COULTER and Jane COULTER. Died at Roden Place, Dundalk.See footnote beneath for details. He is connected into our family tree, so his place here as executor for the widow of Samuel Alexander COULTER (who I cannot yet place) is intriguing. It may be that he was a brother to Samuel Alexander COULTER (whose parentage we have yet to ascertain). This is not farfetched as there were two siblings of Joseph Arthur COULTER who as yet have not been identified and the inclusion of Samuel Alexander COULTER on the Carnbeg COULTERs gravestone is likely telling.

[11] Rev. Robert BLACK. I don’t know his family ties, but it is not impossible that he was a son of Rev. James Birch BLACK – another “family” member. He is mentioned in The History of Dundalk and its Environs p. 314 as the minister of Dundalk Presbyterian Church who in 1862 erected a manse and a schoolhouse capable of housing 100 students.

[12] Launcelot COULTER, of The Cottage, Ballymascanlon/died 28th Sept., 1873/Aged 60 Years.SOURCE: http://www.faughart.com/inscriptions-page22456.html He was a son of Thomas COULTER and Anne DOWDELL. See his will.

[13] Ballymascanlon was also the residence of Rev Robert DURMOND (AKA DRUMMOND), a beneficiary in the 1775 will of Andrew COULTER of  Cavananore (a brother of Barbara COULTER who married John BRADFORD).

[14] Thomas WILSON. I don’t know anything.

[15] John COULTER. This is the John COULTER, husband of Hannah  mentioned in the grave memorial:

Sacred To the memory of JANE daughter of Thos. Coulter of Skyhill who departed this life 4th June 1840 Aged 21 Years And also the above named Thomas Coulter who died on the 22nd of January 1850 Aged 72 Years Also Anne Coulter Wife of the above who departed this life on the 20th of May 1871 Also in Loving Memory of Hannah wife of John Coulter, Wellington Place, died 23rd Feby 1889 Aged 67 years John Coulter Died 20th May 1901 aged 83 years. NOTE: A Mary COULTER is noted as resident at Wellington Place in Griffiths Valuations 1864.

[16] Wellington Place was the residence of a Thomas COULTER in Slater's Commercial Directory of Leinster 1846 / Dundalk / Nobility, Gentry, and Clergy. I would suspect this connects to the COULTERs of Skyhill.

[17] Rev. Launcelot Coulter, TA, died 10 July 10th,  1930.  

·         SOURCE: http://www.jbhall.freeservers.com/death_notices_alair-cummins.htm and The Times, Saturday, Jul 12, 1930; pg. 1; Issue 45563; col A COULTER. - On July 10, 1930, at his residence, Braccan, Howth, the REV. LAUNCELOT COULTER, formerly Rector of Ardbraccan for 32 years, only son of the late John Coulter, of Dundalk, aged 72. 

·         He earned his BA at Trinity College, Dublin and was a deacon SOURCE: The Times Dec 22, 1888 p. 6. He was ordained Dec 21, 1887 at Chichester.

·         Son of John COULTER and Hannah LUNDY.

[18] Joseph Arthur COULTER Mr. Joseph A. Coulter, JP, of Dowdallshill and Roden Place (the second son of Mr. Robert Coulter solicitor and first Secretary of the Lighting Paving and Improvement Committee, 1832), spent the early part of his life abroad, in the service of the Hudson's Bay Company and elsewhere, and at one time acting or Deputy Governor of Vancouver Island. He was with the escort who late accompanied Lady Franklin on her last expedition in search of her husband, Sir John Franklin, the Arctic explorer. His family has been connected with this county for seven or eight generations. For many years at up to the time of his death in 1901, he was the able Secretary of the Dundalk Gas Company.  He married the daughter of Mr. John McDowell of Mullaharlin.  His eldest son, Mr. Arthur S. Coulter, B.A., Solicitor has inherited his father's practical commonsense and integrity.SOURCE: Tempest Annual Centenary 1859-1959 NOTE: This article mentions 7 or 8 generations – we can only so far go back 5 to Alexander COULTER born in Scotland.

[19] Elizabeth COULTER nèe McDOWELL (d.1928)

[20] Arthur Samuel COULTER. He was a son of Joseph COULTER and Elizabeth McDOWELL and was a solicitor. He was born on May 3rd, but I don’t know what year (he is in Jeannie MOORHEAD’s birthday book).

[21] Robert J. COULTER (b. 1868-) son of Samuel Alexander COULTER & Elizabeth PARKS. In the 1901 census of England, Robert James Coulter was enumerated at Bristol Gloucestershire; age: 32, birthplace: Dundalk, Ireland, occupation: ophthalmic surgeon. He would seem likely to be the Robert J. Coulter FRCSI who was an executor of the will of Joseph Arthur Coulter. ... Robert was orphaned at the age of three, so presumably was raised by a relative. ... Joseph Arthur Coulter was his uncle, and so would be a logical candidate for the guardian. SOURCE: Wendy Jack. Email Nov 8, 2008

[22] F.R.C.S.I. = Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland

[23] Mary COULTER. Given that this would be in the area of the Brownlow estate, she may be connected to those COULTERs.

[24] Shanmullagh, Parish of Clonfeacle, Co. Armagh. Given that this would be in the area of the Brownlow estate, she may be connected to those COULTERs.

[25] Patrick BYRNE

[26] James COULTER. He shows up in the 1901 valuations of Liscalgot, but there are no COULTERs resident there any earlier. Eliezer GILMORE (who may have been related) still lives in the same townland. NOTE in the 1911 Census, he was registered asliving at Liscalgot and being 70 years old, hence born 1841. He was RC.

[27] Liscalgot, Parish of Creggan. Co. Armagh. This was the long time home of the GILMOREs and JACKSONs.

[28] James O’DONNELL

[29] James MORGAN. There may be a connection here: Creggan Graveyard: p. 31 In loving memory of Mary Elizabeth widow of David MORGAN Liverpool died at Silverbridge 10th September 1954 aged 84 years.(therefore born 1870).

[30] William COULTER, son of Ralph COULTER. SOURCE: http://www.faughart.com/inscriptions-page5466.html COULTER Sacred to the Memory of Ralph Coulter Barronstown also his son William who died 14th April 1913 Erected by the above William.

[31] Barronstown was a Parish where other family members lives (STITT at Derryfalone, for example)

[32] Charles Joseph McGAHON



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