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These records provide the BMD sources for a number of the JACKSONs who ended up in Londonderry in the mid-1600s. They are likely significant for understanding many other Irish-England connections.
Sharon Oddie Brown August 2, 2010


The Registers of the Parish Church of Whittington: Christenings, Burials and Weddings 1538-1764. Vol 3. Transcribed and edited by Fanny Wrigley, Mab’s Cross Wigan, and Thomas H. Winder, Heaton, Bolton. The Indexes by Alice Brierly, Mab’s Cross, Wigan. Printer for the Lancashire Parish Registry Society. 1899. They can be viewed on line in two formats:




NOTE: Not all these entries showed up when I did a computersearch of the on-line text, but I think I have found all of them after a careful read of the entire book. I have also assembled a page ofpotential trees associated with these JACKSONs. The references in the footnotes to the Coleraine tree mean that these can be found in two places. At my Rootsweb version of the tree (which is the most frequently updated) as well as on my website The Silver Bowl. SEE:Jacksons of Coleraine.




WHITTINGTON— not to be confused with Withington, near Manchester, nor Whittingham, near Preston — is a pretty village situate in extreme North-East Lancashire, about one-and- a-half miles from Kirkby Lonsdale. Its Church, dedicated to S. Michael, is known to have been in existence in the fourteenth century. The Parish of Whittington comprises 4,327 acres, including the townships of Newton, Docker, and Whittington, and contains a population of 339. The adjoining parishes on the Westmorland side are Burton and Kirkby Lonsdale, and on the Lancashire side Tun- stall, Melling, and Warton. The Parish Registers share, with Whalley and Farnworth (near Widnes), the honour of commencing in 1538 — the year appointed by Vicar-General Cromwell.


The two earliest volumes have been wholly transcribed and a small part of the earliest Marriage Register kept under Lord Hardwicke's Act. The first volume comprises Christenings, Burials, and Weddings, 1538-1665, and the second volume contains Christenings and Burials 1665- 1764, and Weddings up to 1753. The two earlier volumes measure twelve inches by eight inches each ; the elder volume contains 148 paper leaves, very much worn at the edges, the later volume 69 parchment leaves, in good preservation : both are bound in vellum. The first "Lord Hardwicke" Marriage Register is also in excellent preservation. There are no Chapelries in the Parish.





Edmund son of Willm Jackson 14 Oct 1580 Christening


M’gret dau of Willm Jackson 7 Sept 1586 Christening


Anthony son of William Jackson 6 Oct 1589 Christening


Willm son of Willm Jackson 23 Oct 1592 Christening


Richard son of Willm Jackson 26 Sept 1595 Christening


Isabel ye daughter of Robt Jackson of Newton 12 Sept 1640 Christening


Marie[1] dau of Mr. Richard Jackson parson of Whittington 2 Dec 1642 Christening


Daniell[2] son of Mr. Richard Jackson pson of Whittington 19 Februarie 1644


John son of Robertt Jackson de Newton 11 November 1645


Rodger[3] son of Mr. Richard Jackson pson of Whittington 15 Mar 1645 Christening


Ellin dau of Robertt Jackson and Anne his wif 17 Sept 1648 Christening


Lenard[4] son of Richard Jackson 21 Apr 1650 Christening


Mary[5] dau of Richard Jackson 19 Oct 1653


Abigal[6] Jackson daughter of Mr. Richard Jackson pson, natus [sic] erat 15 day of Sept and bap. Reat ye 16 day of September 1655 Christening


Vigessima Jackson 20 Sept 1657 Christening


Ruth Jackson and Mary Jackson 25 Mar 1660 Christening


Richard son of John Jackson 22 March 1662 Christening


Richard son of John Jackson 22 March 1662 Christening


Richard son of William Jackson borne 4th day being Monday and bapt. The 21st day being Thursday of the month August 1673 Christening


Agnes daughter of Edward Jackson 11 July 1680 Christening


Mary dau of Edward Jackson 1 April 1683 Christening


Richard Jackson 22 Septembris 1558 Burial


Thomas Jackson 17 Maij 1562 Burial


Margery w of Willm Jackson 14 Marcij 1592 Burial


John son of Willm Jackson 20 Novembris 1597 Burial


Agnes wife of Robert Jackson of Newton 27 November 1633 Burial.


Isabell Jackson als Woodhous of Newton 23 December 1633 Burial


Mr. [Richard] Jackson[7] entered to the Rectori of Whittington 26o die Julij Burial


Daughter of Robert Jackson 26 Marcij 1643 Burial


Marie[8] dau of Mr. Richard Jackson pson of Whittington 4 Decembris 1642 Burial


Jane[9] dau of Mr. Rich: Jackson eodem die [Decembris 1648 Burial


Thomas Jackson uxor Roberti Jackson de Newton obit undecimo die Aprilis et sepult erat 12 April 1655 Burial


Robert Jackson 30 June 1656 Burial


Jenet Jackson widow and Thomas son of John Dawny of North Yeat in Newton 22 Feb 1668[10] Burial


Betterina Jackson Newton 13 May 1683 Burial


Mrs. Ruth Jackson 30 Mar 1687 Burial


Alice w. Of Edward Jackson 10 Decemb 1691 Burial


Mrs. Jane Jackson de Whittington 23 August 1695 Burial


John Jackson of Whittington 20 Jany 1715 Burial


Henry Jackson – Eldred Harrison 19 Novembris 1590 Weddings


John Midleton – Ellinge Jackson 30 Januarij 1596 Weddings


Henry Ewan – Jenet Jackson 14 Junij 1598 Weddings


Robert Jacson – Jenet Hardy 10 Februarij 1606


Robert Jackson – Agnes North vidua – primo die Marij 1616 Weddings


Robutus Jackson de Newton – Agnes Sidgewick 25 Febuarij 1638 Weddings


Mr. [Richard] Jackson[11] entered to the rectori of Whittington XXVI Julij anno prdj. 1641 Weddings


Edward Dowthwayt – Ellin Jackson 26 Augustij 1645 Weddings


Mr. Richard Jackson – Janne Carter vicessimo sexton Januarij 1647 Weddings


Peter Burrow and An Jackson Banes 22 April 1669 Weddings



Oliver North[12] and Jenet Jackson Banes 6 July 1671 Weddings


Christopher Taylor and Jane Jackson Banes 22 May 1673 Weddings


Rowland Burrow and Abigaile Jackson License 26 February 1676 Weddings

NOTE: p123 Abigail BORROUGH widow burial 11 Oct 1721


John Manserge and Ellin Jackson Bans 25 Jany 1681 Weddings

NOTE: p 125 Ellen MANSERGE widow burial 9 May 1728


Licence to Mr. Jackson

Edward Jackson and Alice Slater Bans 21 Sept 1685 Weddings


John Jackson adn Isabel Groser Lycence 14 July 1687 Weddings


Thomas Atkinson – Ellin Jackson Banns 17 April 1718


Wm Jackson of Casterton and Margaret Daubikin of Wh. Parish Banns 16 January 1719 Weddings


[Statement of church accounts] Richard Jackson 1650


 [Immediately after the Baptisms of 1648 are written the

Following: ]

"Whereas the Church of Whittington in the County of Lan-

caster is 'out of repayres as allso ye bells and clocke therein

so as ye quindames for yt purpose will not extend to pay for

ve same therefore know yee yt wee Richard Jackson Rector,

Richard North ye younger of Docker John Bland ye younger of

Newton William Bordrigge ye elder and Bryan Dawny of Whit-

tington Churchwardens within ye said pish upon consideration

thereof and for satisfaction of ye workmen for repaireinge of

ve said Church have severall lords dayes published ye sale of

severall vacant places within ye said Church and whosoever

would give ye most mony should have them and whereas

Lenard Jackson sonn of ye said Richard Jackson did after the

first meeting after publication offer thirteene shillings fourepence

for all ye place and portion of ground lying and being in ye

east end of ye south ile of ye said Church from ye east windowe

of ye said east end of ye aforesd south ile to extend into ye

new erected pew or inclosed seat of Mr. Brabin of Whittington

Hall afforesaid upon ye west to extend unto ye chancell of ye

sd church upon ye north, And afterwards ye last of December

being ye Lords day wee did againe publish ye same yt if any

would give any more mony for ye said place then ye said

thirteene shillings foure pence yt then they should have ye

same but none offering any more thirefore know ye to whome

these psents shall come yt wee ye said Rector & Churchwardens

with ye consent of ye parishoners within ye said pish for and

in consideration of ye said some of thirteene shillings foure

pence to us allreadie payed for ye use of ye said church have

by this our psent writing conveyed and sould ye aforesd pcell

of ground to ye only use and behoofe of ye said Leonard Jackson

his heires & assignes for ever with liberty for him and them

to erect a pew or seats therein & to enjoy ye same in pprijetie

for ye better accomodation of their soules in hearing ye word of

god receiueing ye sacrament and all other divine and religeous

duties of devotion in testimony whereof we have hereunto put

our hands the nynteenth day of Jan. 1654.

Richard Jackson Rector                       Richard North

Willyam Bordrigg M marke               John Bland

Bryan Dawnie


[Towards ye rebuilding of ye Cathedral Church of St. Paul’s London] Richard Jackson then Rector of Whittington gave ye sum of Twenty shillings


[1] Marie is the first born child of Richard JACKSON 9abt 1602-abt 1680) with his second wife Jane. She was buried two days after she was christened. She is in the Coleraine Tree.

[2] I am still running down hunches about him including his possible connection to the Rev. Daniel JACKSON, Vicar of Santry. He is in the Coleraine Tree.

[3] I am still running down hunches about him including whether he might be the Roger JACKSON mentioned in the Carlow Trees. He is in the Coleraine Tree.

[4] Rev. Leonard JACKSON is well documented. He is in the Coleraine Tree.

[5] I know nothing more about her other than her birth. She is in the Coleraine Tree.

[6] I suspect that she is the Abigail JACKSON who married Rowland BURROW in 1674/75. She is in the Coleraine Tree.

[7] Richard JACKSON (abt 1602-abt1680). He is in the Coleraine Tree.

[8] Marie died 2 days after she was baptised. She is in the Coleraine Tree.

[9] I have her being born in 1648 – but no source was given as to why I decided that. It may have been an error. She is in the Coleraine Tree.

[10] This is an odd placement in the burials since it looks more like the record of a marriage. But it is as it shows in the publication and is the only one that looks like this as they were recorded in these years.

[11] Richard JACKSON – NOTE: Seven children by his second wife are recorded  in this Registry.

[12] Oliver NORTH (?-1722/23) and Jennet JACKSON had a son, Richard. SOURCE: A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland.  Part II. The Norths have had estates in Docker and Newton, in the parish of Whittington from time immemorial, and there are numerous records of them in the registers (some of the oldest and best kept in the county) from their commencement in the reign of Henry VIII. This son: Richard North, Esq. of Newton, baptised 18 Jan. 1684, who s. his cousin, Abigail Jackson, of Jackson's Hall, in her estates in England and Ireland  Subsequently: The present R.-T. North (b. 1782), Esq., sold, about forty years ago[NOTE abt. 1820], the Jackson's Hall estate, as well as almost all the Irish property, reserving however 1,000 acres in the co. of Cavan. This may be significant since we know that Samuel JACKSON (1631-1705) had holdings in Co. Cavan



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