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The JACKSON name was associated with Co. Cork in the early 1600s during the first Plantation settlement. How or even if they hook up with this lot, I don't know.
Sharon Oddie Brown. May 27, 2011
Updated August 22, 2016
Updated: June 5, 2023 Added Abigail HARVEY. SOURCE: ROD: 629-41-430026


  • There are deeds and other sources relating to some of this family at Strettell Jackson
  • The surname of CLARK[E} makes me sit up and pay attention because of the JACKSON-CLARK connections in Coleraine in this time frame and earlier. The deed that references the marriage of Sarah Lucinda CLARKE deserves another look.


JACKSONs of Co Cork connected to STRETTLE


1-Thomas JACKSON b. Abt 1690


2-Josua JACKSON b. 16 May 1722, Of Precipice Street Dublin., d. 22 Jul 1774, of Youghall, Co. Cork

+Anna STRETTELL b. 25 Jan 1726, m. 20 Mar 1746, d. 25 Mar 1800, Church Lane, Youghall, Co. Cork

3-Robrt JACKSON b. 27 Jun 1748, d. Jan 1799

3-Mary JACKSON b. 17 Dec 1749

3-Abigail JACKSON b. 13 May 1751, d. May 1801

3-Strettell JACKSON b. 16 Feb 1755, d. Abt 1807, Of Peterborough, Near Cork, Ireland

+Mary COUZENS b. 1758, m. 19 Aug 1780, Co. Limerick, d. 26 Dec 1824, Leeson St., Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland

4-Margaret JACKSON

+Precious CLARK m. 31 Aug 1808, par. Benjamin CLARK and READ

5-Benjamin Strettell Clarke CLARK D.D.

4-Joseph Devonshire JACKSON b. 23 Jun 1783, Peterborough, Co. Cork, d. 19 Dec 1857, Late Of Sutton House, Howth Dublin

+Sarah Lucinda CLARKE m. 18 Sep 1811, St. Peter's Church, Dublin, d. 30 Nov 1858, Sutton House, Howth Dublin, par. Benjamin CLARKE and Unnamed READ

4-Anna Strettell JACKSON b. 1793, Cork, d. 20 Mar 1844, Rapla, Co. Tipperary

+John TUTHILL b. 3 Jun 1793, Lisnamrock Castle, m. 12 May 1815, St. Peters, Dublin, d. 13 Feb 1876, Birr, Kings Co., Ireland, par. George TUTHILL and Catherine LANGLEY

John TUTHILL (1744-1814) married Elizabeth JACKSON (1750-1826) of Fanningstown, Co. Limerick. His grandson John TUTHILL (1793-1876) married Anna Strettell JACKSON (1793-1844) of Cork. This is intriguing because this Elizabeth JACKSON’s line has a Thomas JACKSON (1669-1769) about whom I know nothing and his dates would be a fit with the Thomas JACKSON who is so far at the top of the Strettell JACKSON tree. Elizabeth JACKSONs family are included in the Duddington line of JACKSONs. Since families often intermarry more than once, this is worth bearing in mind. SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/familytree/JACKSONs-Duddington.html

4-Anna E. Villiers JACKSON

+Hill W. ROWAN

5-Robert Strettell ROWAN

5-James ROWAN d. Prob Canada

5-Devonshire ROWAN

3-John JACKSON b. 27 Jun 1761

3-Josua JACKSON b. 27 Jun 1761, Of Yoghal, Co. Cork, d. 4 Oct 1801

+Susanna ALLEN b. 12 Apr 1767, Of Yoghall, Co. Cork, m. 22 Jan 1788, d. 20 Aug 1844, par. Joseph ALLEN and

4-Josua JACKSON b. 12 Jan 1789, d. 7 Oct 1836

+Abigail HARVEY

4-Joseph JACKSON b. 22 Apr 1790, Youghall, Co. Cork, Ireland, d. 10 Jan 1856, Dublin

+Catherine TROTTER b. 1798, Cork, d. 29 Jan 1872, Dublin

5-Catherine JACKSON b. 24 Nov 1819, Dublin, c. 13 Dec 1819, Dublin, d. 21 Apr 1883, Colontarf, Ireland, bur. 1883, Clontarf, Ireland

+Bucknor Monkersville LANE b. Abt 1812, m. 27 Aug 1853, Dublin, d. 1864

5-Joshua Joseph JACKSON b. 8 Sep 1822, Dublin, Ireland, d. 1897

+Susan Fawcett TOMLINSON b. After 1834, m. 27 Mar 1855, St. Peter's Church, Dublin, Ireland

6-Joseph John JACKSON b. 18 May 1859, c. 24 Jun 1859, St. Perters Church of Ireland, Dublin

6-Mary Anne Catherine JACKSON b. 27 Jun 1862, c. 29 Aug 1862, St. Peters, Church of Ireland, Dublin

5-Richard JACKSON b. 6 Apr 1826, Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland, c. 14 Apr 1826, Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland, d. 1828

5-Edward Shattell JACKSON b. 19 Aug 1828, Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland, c. 1 Sep 1828, St. Peter's Church, Dublin, Ireland, d. 1842

5-Susan Louisa JACKSON b. 1830

+Richard JOHNSTON m. 1 May 1856, St. Peter's Church, Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland

5-Thomas Trotter JACKSON b. 1832, d. 1841

5-Joseph Devonsher JACKSON b. 1837, d. 20 Sep 1867, Hill View, Dalkley, Co. Dublin, Ireland

4-Abigail JACKSON b. 17 Sep 1791, d. 19 Jun 1838

4-Richard JACKSON b. 24 Jul 1793

4-Anna JACKSON b. 8 Feb 1795

+Joseph F. JOHNSON 

4-Thomas JACKSON b. 18 Sep 1796

4-Susanna JACKSON b. 28 Jun 1798, d. 10 Oct 1807

4-Rebecca JACKSON b. 14 May 1800




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