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This is my most recent stab at making this tree as accurate as I am able to. That being said, I would suspect there may still be errors - although I have done my best to itemize sources where I have them. I look forward to comment.
I look forward to the future when other MENARY trees will find where they fit into this one - especially the Orangeville, Ontario "cousins".
Sharon Oddie Brown, August 2, 2005

Descendants of Alexander Menary

Generation No. 1

1.  ALEXANDER1 MENARY (Source: (1) Gilford Castle Family Tree Fragment, Also at Gilford Castle, another note. With these and a 1817 and 1862 letter we can make the connections between WILKINS and EWART or EVART., (2) 1817 letter from Jane (MENARY) WILKINS, This letter gives the names of the sons of Alexander & Martha and indicates one unnamed daughter. He married MARTHA HERRON.  (Source: Gilford Castle Family Tree Fragment.).

Notes for ALEXANDER MENARY: Of Maghery.

The original Menary was likely "de MOINERY"  Of Huegenot origin came over with William III.

From Susan Jella on the Menary website at rootsweb: "William of Orange gave land in Northern Ireland to two or three MENARY brothers. They were weavers by trade; possibly persecuted Huguenots from Southern France." This supposition is corroborated by notes done by Nancy MENARY (whoever she was - I suspect a contemporary of Mary (MENARY) WRIGHT).

With respect to more direct ancestors of Alexander MENARY, one clue may lie in a transcription from Mullaghbrack (which is walking distance from Maghery and Maghery House): John MENARY had a son, William MENARY on August 16, 1773. The father was resident in the townland of Lettery, Parish of Mullaghbrack, Co. Armagh. It would be useful to explore whether this William MENARY had a son called Alexander.


2.           i.   JANE2 MENARY.

3.           ii.   WILLIAM MENARY, b. Maghery, Co. Armagh; d. 19 May 1867.

             iii.   UNNAMED MENARY (Source: Gilford Castle fragment, It is possible that her name was Nancy as a fragment describes: Mrs. Nancy Menary, Armagh Breaque, Keady. Co. Armagh aunt of Wm[?] Menary. NOTE: This William would be the William MENARY, father of Mary MENARY (who married James Francis WRIGHT).).

             iv.   JOHN MENARY (Source: GUESS, It would be tempting, but jumping the gun, to have his wife be Phoebe Elizabeth Rebecca Kilpatrick. If she were, then the references in various letters to cousin relationships between MENARY family at Gilford Co. Down and Orangeville, Ontario would make sense. It would however wreak havoc with other family trees as they are currently assembled and posted on various other sites.).

             v.   ALEXANDER MENARY (Source: GUESS, This is likely the grandfather of Dr. John MENARY and Alexander MENARY of Killylin. This is based on correspondence. It is possible that his son and their father was named James. None of this can be corroborated.). See also an Obituary of Dr. John MENARY 1942: Dr. John MENARY 1942

Generation No. 2


2.  JANE2 MENARY (ALEXANDER1) (Source: (1) 1862 February 13 Letter from Carrie Evart, This letter would seem to be from a grand-daughter, so there must have been either a son or a daughter or both. My guess is a daughter who married a EVART., (2) 1817 February 8th Letter from Jane WILKINS, This letter situates her in the family. It also indicates that had more than one child, emigrated to America and her husband died early in their marriage.).  She married UNNAMED WILKINS. 


4.           i.   UNNAMED3 WILKINS.

3.  WILLIAM2 MENARY (ALEXANDER1) was born in Maghery, Co. Armagh, and died 19 May 1867 (Source: (1) Court Case 2806., (2) email MENARY July 15, 2005 Laurie Brockman, WILL: Menary, William Effects under 600 Pounds The will of William Menary, late of Maghery [IL], Co armagh, farmer, who died 19th May 1867 at some place was proved at Armagh, 19/12/72, by the oaths of John Wilson of Amslough [Caledon], in said county, farmer, one of the Executors WILL: Menary, William Effects under 1,000 Pounds Letters of Administration of the personal estate of William Menary, late of Maghery, Co Armagh, farmer, who died 7th Feb 1874 at some place were granted at the Principal Registry 11th Dec 1874 to William Robert Ferris of Armagh, merchant, a creditor of said deceased.ST. Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh.Underneath are deposited the remains of Mary, wife of William Menary of Maghery, who died on the 30th of July 1869 William Menary of Magery, died 19th May 1867 Also their son William, did Feb 7th 1874 aged 36 years "The just shall live by faith.").  He married MARY WILSON (Source: Gilford Castle Family Tree Fragment.), daughter of UNNAMED WILSON and MARGARET FAIR.  She died 30 Jul 1859 (Source: Tombstone - Armagh Cathedral Burying Ground, see notes under William MENARY.).

More About WILLIAM MENARY:Burial: Armagh Cathedral Burying Ground

Notes for MARY WILSON: Of Hanslough
More About MARY WILSON: Burial: Armagh Cathedral Burying Ground


5.           i.   JANE3 MENARY, b. 18 May 1833, Maghery.

6.           ii.   MARTHA MENARY, b. 02 Mar 1835, Maghery House, Maghery, Co. Armagh.

7.          iii.   WILLIAM MENARY, b. 16 Aug 1838; d. 07 Feb 1874.

             iv.   SAMUEL MENARY (Source: William and Mary Menary Bible 1845.), b. 12 Jun 1841.

Generation No. 3

4.  UNNAMED3 WILKINS (JANE2 MENARY, ALEXANDER1) (Source: NOTE, This unnamed Wilkins could be male or female and if female may have married a EVART.).


              i.   CARRIE G.4 EVART (Source: 1862 Letter, Carrie Evart is the author of a letter that puts her here in the family tree. At least this is a reasonable guess. I would also guess that her mother was a WILKINS who married an EVART.).

5.  JANE3 MENARY (WILLIAM2, ALEXANDER1) (Source: William and Mary Menary Bible 1845.) was born 18 May 1833 in Maghery (Source: William and Mary Menary Bible 1845, Scrap of paper in bible.).  She married HENRY CALVERT (Source: Peter Calvert email April 14, 2004, Henry Calvert (1833-1882), b. 1833, farmer, of Killylin and Allistragh. He m. 30 April 1862 at Caledon Presbyterian Church, Mary Jane MENARY, da. of William Menary, farmer, of Maghery, parish of Armagh. His father is given as John Calvert, farmer, and witnesses were William Calvert (brother?) and William Menary. In 1863 David Gillespie of Armagh obtained judgement against him for £600 and costs; testified he had 20 English acres in Allistragh and mill, buildings and houses in Armagh (Reg. of Deeds 1867 vol. 3 mem. 233) . In Griffiths Valuation of Armagh (July 1864) he is shown as leasing from Walter McG. Bond a flax mill, offices and land covering 20ac 2r 10p in Allistragh, parish of Grange, valued at £28 10s (land) and $10 10s (building). His occupation was given as farmer 1864-71, and as Toll Collector in 1875. He d. 6 June 1882, at Seattle, Washington Territory, USA (obit. describes as "late of this city, aged 49 years" - Ulster Gazette, 8 July 1882). They had five children:.) 30 Apr 1863 in Caledon Presbyterian Church (Source: (1) William and Mary Menary Bible 1845, Scrap of paper in bible.He was born 02 Apr 1833 in Armagh, and died 10 Sep 1882 in Seattle, Washington Territory, USA.

Notes for HENRY CALVERT: Note - the death date that I have does not accord with the source info. The first is Sept 10, 1882, the second June 6, 1882


Marriage: 30 Apr 1863, Caledon Presbyterian Church (Source: (1) William and Mary Menary Bible 1845, Scrap of paper in bible.,

Children of JANE MENARY and HENRY CALVERT are:

              i.   MARY WILSON4 CALVERT (Source: (1) Peter Calvert email April 14, 2004, Mary ("Minnie") Wilson Calvert (1864-1934), b. 23 April 1864, Killylin (birth cert - IGI says Blackwatertown C701226), attended Abbey School, Armagh and was awarded prize of £4 in the Intermediate examinations (July 1880 - Armagh Gazette) schoolteacher. Miss Calvert‘s school at 1 St Mark's Place, Armagh, (advt. Aug. 1892 - Armagh Gazette) later became Armagh Girls High School, which amalgamated with the Royal School, Armagh, in 1970. She died 2 June 1934 at 20 Osborne Park, Belfast, unmarried. Will pb. to William Calvert, Clerk to the Union., (2) Gilfford Castle History, I have a photo and numerous references in letters.), b. 23 Apr 1864, Killylin; d. 02 Jun 1934, 20 Osborne Park, Belfast.

              ii.   JOHN HANDCOCK CALVERT (Source: (1) Peter Calvert email April 14, 2004, John Handcock Calvert of Armagh (1866-1903), b. 25 June 1866, Killylin Grange (birth cert.), local government auditor, formerly assistant Clerk of Armagh Union, entered Ulster Bank, College Green Branch, Dublin; appointed July 1892 auditor Local Government Board; 1899 auditor local government accounts stationed in cos. Cork and Kerry; m. [Sept] 1901, Cork 5 47, Edith Frances RUSSELL of Cork; d. suddenly of bursting of a blood vessel at Rosslare, Co. Wexford, 19 September 1903, aged 37 (obit., Armagh Gazette). Left a widow, no lawful issue, one lawful parent, no grandparent. Admon. Belfast 10 September to widow, Edith Frances Calvert, sureties being William Macartney of Armagh, merchant, and William Calvert, Clerk of Armagh Union., (2) Gilfford Castle History, The notes I have from GILFORD has John David Wick Calvert b Sept 1886 & d. Sept 10, 1903. This doesn't fit with the splendly researched tree  by Peter Calvert, hence I am going those name and dates for this John CALVERT.), b. 25 Jun 1866, Killylin; d. 19 Sep 1903, Rosslare, Co. Wexford; m. EDITH FRANCES RUSSELL; b. Cork.


The scrap of paper in the bible says "John David Wick Calvert died Sept 10th September 1903 aged 37 years. Given this would make MAry Jane (Menary) Calvert more than fifty years old at the time of his birth, this may be a case of me making an incorrect assumption of his relation to her.

8.          iii.   WILLIAM CALVERT, b. 02 Apr 1867, Alistragh Grange; d. 13 Jun 1937.

             iv.   HENRY CALVERT (Source: Peter Calvert email April 14, 2004, Henry Calvert, b. 31 August 1871, Alistragh Grange (birth cert see also IGI 012366) , and d. same year.), b. Sep 1871, Alistragh Grange; d. 07 Feb 1872.

Notes for HENRY CALVERT: Scrap of paper in family bible says he died aged 5 months.

             v.   ROBERT H. CALVERT (Source: Peter Calvert email April 14, 2004, Robert H. Calvert (1875-1914 ), b. 28 July 1875, Abbey Street, Armagh (birth cert), barrister-at-law, ed. Mr Gibson's academy, Armagh, first in examination Incorporated Law Society of Ireland, 12 November 1892, apprenticed to Mr. Gibb (Armagh Gazette), d. before 1937. Doubtless the R.H. Calvert author of Practical Rules and directions for calculating the adjustment of rents under Section 54 of the Local Government (Ireland) Act, 1898 (Armagh, R.P.McWatters, 1899).He was called to the Bar in Dublin, Easter, 1899 (Thom’s Directory 1912, p. 941) but died 25 October 1914 at his home at 67 Anglesea Road, Donnybrook, Dublin, aged 39, of acute pneumonia 5 days, respiratory and cardiac failure, 2 hours certified (death cert). He was unmarried.), b. 28 Jul 1875, Abbey Street, Armagh; d. 25 Oct 1914, 67 Anglesea Road, Donnybrook, Dublin.

6.  MARTHA3 MENARY (WILLIAM2, ALEXANDER1) (Source: William and Mary Menary Bible 1845.) was born 02 Mar 1835 in Maghery House, Maghery, Co. Armagh.  She married JACOB JENKINSON (Source: Armagh County Museum Records, [Thanks to Susan Wann] JENKINSON Jacob Jenkinson of Rathdrum and Armagh City born 28 Aug 1825married 9 May 1872, Martha Menary daughter of William Menary of Magery House, Magery Armagh by whom he had an only son, William Jenkinson, born 19 May 1879 of the Bungalow Armagh, County Accountant, Armagh County Council, who married at  Minterburn Presbyterian Church Caledon, 26 Dec 1906, May Pringle.(the following found later in the film  -SW):Martha Elizabeth Jenkinson born 27 Sept 1908         married at 3rd Pres. Church Armagh 4 Apr. 1934  John Henry Dowling..) 09 May 1872.  He was born 28 Aug 1825.

More About JACOB JENKINSON and MARTHA MENARY: Marriage: 09 May 1872


              i.   WILLIAM4 JENKINSON, b. 19 May 1879; m. MAY PRINGLE, 26 Dec 1906, Winterburn Presbyterian Church, Caledon.

More About WILLIAM JENKINSON and MAY PRINGLE: Marriage: 26 Dec 1906, iInterburn Presbyterian Church, Caledon

7.  WILLIAM3 MENARY (WILLIAM2, ALEXANDER1) was born 16 Aug 1838 (Source: William and Mary Menary Bible 1845.), and died 07 Feb 1874 (Source: Court Case 2806.).  He married MARY JACKSON 06 Jul 1871 (Source: McCullagh Family Document 106.), daughter of DAVID JACKSON and ELIZABETH OLIVER.  She was born 23 Nov 1844, and died 09 Aug 1921 (Source: (1) Mary McNeil Charts., (2) Kane Graveyard, Co Louth, OLIVER In affectionate remembrance of Mary Jane Oliver of Cavananore, who departed this life 3rd October 1875 aged 54 years. And of her niece Mary, 2nd daughter of David Jackson, Urker Crossmaglen widow of William Menary, Maghery, Armagh and of Frederick Griffin, Corrinary Castleblayney died 9th August 1921 aged 76 years.).

Notes for WILLIAM MENARY: From Co. Armagh Landowners, circa 1870 & transcribed by Jean Rice, I find a William Menary, Maghery, Milford who owned 80 acres. His address in "County Armagh 100 Years Ago: A Guide and Directory 1888" is Aghavilly.

More About WILLIAM MENARY: Burial: Armagh Cathedral Burying Ground

More About MARY JACKSON: Burial: Kane Graveyard, Co. Louth

More About WILLIAM MENARY and MARY JACKSON: Marriage: 06 Jul 1871 (Source: McCullagh Family Document 106.)


9.           i.   MARY4 MENARY, b. 05 Nov 1872, Maghery, Co. Armagh; d. 29 Aug 1946.

Generation No. 4

8.  WILLIAM4 CALVERT (JANE3 MENARY, WILLIAM2, ALEXANDER1) (Source: (1) Peter Calvert email April 14, 2004, William Calvert (1867-1937), b. 2 April 1867, Alistragh Grange (birth cert), appointed Clerk of Armagh Union 1895, Clerk of Union, R.D. Council and Superintendent Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths 1897-1918; Union had a population of 46,256 in 1901 (Armagh Directory, 1904). A Unionist, member of L.O.L. 94 and for some years a leading member of Armagh City Council and Armagh First Presbyterian Church,  he m. Elizabeth LONG (d. 1951), and d. 13 June 1937, St Mark's Place, Armagh (Armagh Gazette, 12 June 1937), leaving widow and lawful children, 2 daughters:., (2) Newsclipping of Obit saved at Gilford Castle, MR. W. CALVERT, ARMAGHThe death of Mr. William Calvert, clerk of Armagh Rural Council and Board of Guardians, took place at his residence, the Mall, Armagh, on Sunday. Mr. Calvert was appointed assistant clerk to the Board of Guardians before the passing of the Local Government Act and succeeded Mr. William Turner as clerk of both the Guardians and Rural Council. Although he took little part in politics, Mr. Calvert was a staunch Unionist and his knowledge of Local Government Act was unexcelled. He leaves a wife and two daughters. Mrs. R. Reid, Armagh and Dr. Mary Calvert, Belfast.) was born 02 Apr 1867 in Alistragh Grange, and died 13 Jun 1937.  He married ELIZABETH LONG.  She died 1951.



              ii.   DR. MARY CALVERT (Source: Peter Calvert email April 14, 2004, Mary Calvert, b. 18 February 1913, MB, BCh, BAO, QUB 1936, m. ---- LIGHTBODY after 1937. In 1976 Dr Mary Lightbody was living at 63 The Hollow, Lindfield, Hayward's Heath, Sussex.  She d.  October 1994, reg. Haywards Heath no. 23a, Ent no 027, Dor 1094. No children known.), d. Oct 1994; m. UNNAMED LIGHTBODY.

9.  MARY MENARY (WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, ALEXANDER1) (Source: Civil Registartion, Birthplace: Tynan. Co. Armagh.) was born 05 Nov 1872 in Maghery, Co. Armagh (Source: Baptism Certificate.), and died 29 Aug 1946.  She married JAMES FRANCIS WRIGHT 02 Apr 1902 in Cathedral Church, Victoria, Hong Kong, son of ROBERT WRIGHT and SARAH REED.  He was born 17 Nov 1874 (Source: Passport 1926.), and died 22 Apr 1954 in The Castle, Gilford, Co. Down (Source: Death Certificate 1954.).

Notes for MARY MENARY: 1906 letter from Mary Griffin to Sarah Whiteside: "I am in a little anxiety about Mollie and her care just now as there has been a terrible typhoon in Hong Kong and loss of life and I am sure she has been well frightened if not hurt"

More About MARY MENARY: Baptism: 19 Mar 1873, Maghery, Co. Armagh. Performed by Rev. Jackson Smythe

Notes for JAMES FRANCIS WRIGHT: Was in Boer War. Bought Gilford Castle in 1917 and Urker in 1935. In 1902, he was a stockbroker in Manilla, Phillipines (SOURCE: 1937 Affidavit) On his son's baptism certificate, his profession is given as "merchant". On his marriage certificate, the witnesses were T. Jackson and R.T. Wright. The place of residence of the groom was Ballinode, Macdonell Road and the residence of the bride was No 2, St. John's Place.He is most likely the WRIGHT associated with Hornby & Wright as the signature of a Hornby is on the loan to Thompson Brown from James F Wright. According to his death certificate, his son was present at his death and he died of a "carcinoma of the lung and chest". His profession was given as "farmer". On his birth certificate "Ellen Hogland her X mark present at birth Terrytole" Masonic Lodge document: Lodge #351 Monaghan accepted 6 Oct 1899

More About JAMES WRIGHT and MARY MENARY: Marriage: 02 Apr 1902, Cathedral Church, Victoria, Hong Kong   


10.         i.   JAMES FRANCIS5 WRIGHT, b. 30 Dec 1902, Peak Hospital, Hong Kong; d. 1979.

Generation No. 5


10.  JAMES FRANCIS5 WRIGHT (MARY4 MENARY, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, ALEXANDER1) (Source: Newsclipping, The resignation of his commission in the Hongkong Volunteer Defence Corps of Captain James Francis Wright with effect from October 3, 1939, has been approved by H.E. the Governor.) was born 30 Dec 1902 in Peak Hospital, Hong Kong (Source: The China Mail, BIRTHS. On December 30, 1902, at the Peak Hospital, Hong Kong, the sife of J.F. WRIGHT, Manilla, of a son.), and died 1979 (Source: Gravemarker at Creggan Church, Crossmaglen, Co. Armagh.).  He married DORIS MARY MARGUARITE BRANDT 01 Sep 1927, daughter of JAMES HERBERT BACKHOUSE.  She was born 1904, and died 21 Mar 1982 (Source: Gravemarker at Creggan Church, Crossmaglen, Co. Armagh.).


His marriage certificate shows him to be a stockbroker residing at Repulse Bay Hotel, Hong Kong. His father's profession was given as "gentlemen"

More About JAMES FRANCIS WRIGHT: Baptism: 07 Jan 1903, St. John's Cathedral, Victoria, Hong Kong

Notes for DORIS MARY MARGUARITE BRANDT: Her marriage certificate shows her to be single, living at 5 Tregunter Mansions and the daughter of James Herbert Backhouse, a merchant. One of the witnesses was Alma E. Backhouse. The others were Elsie R. Marcel and R.T. Wright (uncle of James Francis and employee of HSBC).
Death Notice - 23 Mar 1982; pg 20 WRIGHT. - On March 21st, 1982, peacefully in hospital, Doris, wife of the late J. F. Wright of Gilford Castle, Co. Down.

More About JAMES WRIGHT and DORIS BRANDT: Marriage: 01 Sep 1927

Children of JAMES WRIGHT and DORIS BRANDT are:

              i.   MICHAEL6 WRIGHT, b. 25 Mar 1928, Hong Kong; d. Apr 1995, Craigavon Hospital, Portadown, Ireland; m. (1) ROSEMARY RENNISON, 07 Apr 1951; b. 03 Sep 1927; m. (2) CHRISTINE JOHNSON, 30 Sep 1969; b. 05 Jun 1941, Marketharborough, Leicestershire, UK.

Notes for MICHAEL WRIGHT: Marriage to Rosemary ended in divorce.

TIMES Forthcoming Marriage Notice - 2 Sep 1950; pg 8 MR. M. WRIGHT AND MISS R. RENNISON The engagement is announced between Michael Wright, Royal Artillery, only son of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Wright, of Gilford Castle, County Down, and Rosemary, younger daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel A. J. Rennison, D.S.O. I.A. (retd.), and Mrs. Rennison, of Greets Cottage, Warnham, near Horsham, Sussex.

More About MICHAEL WRIGHT and ROSEMARY RENNISON: Marriage: 07 Apr 1951

More About MICHAEL WRIGHT and CHRISTINE JOHNSON: Marriage: 30 Sep 1969

              ii.   ELIZABETH WRIGHT, m. WILLIAM MURRAY.


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