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As part of trying to track down my ever elusive JACKSONs, I have also posted a few other documents that support some of this work.
SEE ALSO: .Landowners in early 1600s in Co. Cavan and
Coote's 1802 list of Co. Cavan Proprietors
Sharon Oddie Brown. May 20, 2010
Updated May 24, 2010 - 6 new entries - date highlighted in red.
NOTE: April 25, 2012 I have added a second page at Jacksons of Cavan #2.


Counties Cavan & Meath & early appearances of Jacksons


Amy Oliver JACKSON, daughter of Sir Thomas JACKSON, left us two family histories. Both were written in the early 1950s and each claims a different county for the Jackson’s first connection to Ireland. Take your pick:


My Father came of an English family, one of whom went to Ireland as an officer in the Army in Queen Elizabeth's reign- was given a grant of land in County Cavan.




The Jacksons came from Northamptonshire and went to Ireland in Elizabeth's reign, and were given grants of land in Co. Carlow (N. Leinster) for distinguished service in the Army.


I have double checked the originals to make sure that I wasn’t hallucinating. Since the Jackson name is frequent in both counties, I have decided to assemble and share what I can on each.


One line of JACKSONs that originated in Co. Cavan are the JACKSONs of Lisnaboe and later of Ballybay. They have been researched in considerable detail by Bill FARRELL at http://www.farrell-family.org/ These JACKSONs originate from Lisnaboe which is actually in current day Co. Meath, but at one time the boundaries were drawn differently and part of the townland was in Co. Cavan. Even though there is no known family link, “my” Jacksons” - the Jacksons of mid 1800s Urker, Co. Armagh - were seemingly connected to these JACKSONs of Ballybay. Incidentally, the well known linen family JACKSONs of Ballybay (hence originally from Meath/Cavan) may or may not be connected to these other Monaghan JACKSONS:


1 Richard Jackson d: 22 Jan 1834 m.Abt. 1791Margaret Irwin d: 02 Jul 1834   

........ 2 William Jackson  
................... 3 James Jackson   d: in of Clones, Co. Monaghan m. 03 Mar 1796 in First Armagh Presbyterian Church Mary Kidd b: in probably Keady


I will add more details as I learn them. My main interest here is in following the earliest dates that the name JACKSON appears in Cavan and nearby in Meath.


In the early 1600s, there were 68 Unnamed Freeholders and 20 lessees for life mentioned in A Statistical Survey of Cavan. No JACKSONs showed up. The landlords were named and looking at a combination of their names and the townlands may unearth other useful names:







Sir James Hamilton





John Hamilton





Wm Hamilton





Wm. Bealie





John Taylor





Thos Waldron


Dromhin & Dromelin



John Fish





Sir Hugh Wirral





Sir Stephen Butler





Renald Home





William Snow





Sir Alexander Hamilton


Carotobber &Clonkine



Alexander and John Aghmootit


Drumbeda & Kilagh



John Brown






SEE ALSO: A chart I did that has current names of these places. The chart beneath includes JACKSONs where there is a known or suspected link with Co. Cavan.





Calendars of State Papers lreland Volume ccvii. 1599-1600 1509 to 1670
27 Volumes (Indexed) Reign of Elizabeth 1 Number 28 Pages 420/421 Letter dated 26 January, 1599, Captain T. Jackson to Sir Robert Cecil...writer is in distress. Although he has been released, his Company has been disposed of to one of the Lord Chancellor's sons, the Archdeacon of Kilkenny. ..proposes to return to England as speedily as he can. . . (Quotation included but not noted).


Calendars of State Papers lreland Volume ccvii. 1599-1600 1509 to 1670
27 Volumes (Indexed) Reign of Elizabeth 1 Page 404 Number 28

Letter dated l6 January l600 at Dublin. Captain T. Jackson to Sir Robert Cecil.... The writer writes about his present state (condition) which he had already outlined in a letter to the Duke of Ormonde. That letter asked for a mitigation of Jackson's punishment. . .he refused to submit as his Company was taken off him. ..he wishes to be enlarged out of Dublin Castle. ..'.

Letter dated 12 January 1599/1600 Captain Jackson to Earl of Ormonde. The writer states he ' . . .is mightily distressed by malicious informers. Is charged with abuses committed by malicious informers; is charged with abuse committed by his Lieutenant in his absence. The charges are not directly proved, yet he was punished. . .blames informers for his unfortunate position. . .in his former life. ..he has done heretofore, acceptable services, well known to her Majesty and the Council in England.. .his coming into Ireland has cost him almost £400...


Calendars Of State Papers Ireland     Volume 1600 Dublin Page 27
Number 26

Letter 9 March 1659 - 1600 from Sir George Carew President of Munster to Sir Robert Cecil, on behalf of Captain (T) Jackson who has been discharged from his Company for a fault committed by his Lieutenant. Jackson is "an experienced Captain in the wars" and desires to justify himself...


Calendars Of State Papers Ireland   Volume 1600 28 October, 1600
Page 529

Journal of the Lord Deputy in the North. Reference to Lieutenant Jackson killed at the Moyerie, Newry. ..


Calendars Of State Papers Ireland  Volume 1600 Page 627

Journal of the Campaign in the North. 2 October, 1600.

2 October. Suddenly there was one of the greatest fights every seen in Ireland at (Moyry) Newry...those killed included Jackson, Lieutenant to Captain Blaney and another "Two very gallant men".


Public Record Office of N. Ireland, Deputy Keepers Report
8th Report and 24th Report

The 8th Report contains the Faints (Letters Patent) of Edward 1V, 1546 - 1547.Also Philip and Mary 1553; Also Elizabeth 1558 - 1614. The 24th Report contains an Index of the Faints of Elizabeth. No Jackson references located.


Calendar of the Patent and Close Rolls of Chancery of Ireland;
Henry VIII; Edward IV; Mary and Elizabeth.

No Jackson located. Index defective.


Calendar of Patent Rolls, Ireland, Charles 1

No Jackson. Index defective.


 Calendars Of State Papers Ireland   Volume 1601 Page 165
Number 21

Items of payments dated 27 January, 1601. Paid £6.13.4 to Mary Jackson "whose husband was slain in her Majesty's service, in consideration to carry her home into England, her native country".


Calendars Of State Papers Ireland  1647- 1660 Addenda 1625- 1660
 State Papers 268 Charles I 

Page 65 Copy Memo of the Army and Defence of Ireland dated 1625.

List of Officers whose soldiers are to be reformed; includes Captain Jackson. (no other information given).

Page 67 Reference to Drummer Jackson. Date 1625.


A John Jackson, was, in 1634, a Member of Parliament for Carrick - on - Shannon, County Leitrim. I do not know where he came from. He married Margery PLUNKETT, Dec 8, 1638.


Reference: MS 833 Title of Deposition: Deposition of Richard Jackson

County: Cavan

Fol. 18r

Date: 1642 Jan 26

218 Richard Jackson late of ffarnham in the County of Cavan[1] Buttonmaker sworne saith That about All hallontyde Last he this deponent at ffarnham aforesaid was robbed and dispoiled of his goods & chattles to the values hereafter mencioned vizt of corne & hay worth 40 s., howshold goods and apparell worth five pounds one horse and a Mare worth iij li. beasts and cattle worth two pownds thirteene shillings iiij d. the proffitts of his garden worth vj s. viij d. In all amounting <a> to thirteene pownds ster By and by the meanes of John Brady of Ballymackyllrone in the County of Cavan gen then high constable Owen Brady of ffarnham aforesaid husbandman whoe tooke this deponents goods and apparrell and divers of his companie and Complicees, whose names this deponent hath not yet Learned Richard Jacksons mark [mark] Jur 26 Jan: 1641 And further the said deponent saith That Myles Rely <b> high Sheriffe of the Countie of Cavan with divers in the Company about the tyme aboue mentioned came to ffarnham aforesaid to the house of Mr Richard Castleton and tooke away divers Armes out of his house and sayinge That hee had Commission from the kinge at Eddenborough to disarme all the English and to furnish the Irish and the Scotts with armes. Signum Ric: [mark] Jackson [his mark] Jur. 26o Jan: 1641 John Sterne William Aldrich


Alexander JACKSON, Goldsmith granted lands situated in the County Meath, Baronies of Morgallion and Navan. Note; The Barony of Morgallion, County Meath adjoins the area where Lisnaboe is situated ( SEE” published copy of 1654 - 1656 County Meath Barony Map). The townland of Lisnaboe is situated in the Barony of Kells, County Meath. The County Meath Baronies of Kells, Navan and Morgallion adjoin each other.

The Adventurer named Alexander Jackson, Goldsmith of London, England, was granted lands in the County Meath Baronies of Navan and Morgallion. A sum of £100 was advanced for these lands. This Alexander was probably in residence in Meath by 1654. He appears to have been still alive in County Meath around 1670. To date nothing further is known about this man.


Calendars Of State Papers Ireland  Volume cclx Page 338

Letter dated 24 August 1641. The King (of England) to the Lord Lieutenant (of Ireland) for Captain John Jackson ordering that he have a Captain's place in the Standing Army of Ireland as soon as those before his (sic him) are satisfied


Calendars Of State Papers Ireland  Vol. Cclxlli Page 616

Further orders of the Committee of both Houses for Irish Affairs 20 April 1647 ...payments to troops. List of names includes Lieutenant Hugh Campbell of Sir John Clotworthy's horse. Cornet Jackson of that Troup of Horse. £12.0.0. Note: a Cornet in the army carried the regimental colours.


Page 307

Certificate by Lord Mayor Andrewes (of London ?) dated 6 July 1649. Abraham Jackson, late of Newington, Clerk, deceased, advanced £300 for the Irish adventure and paid it in instalments. He is asked to make this Certificate by Mary, Widow and Administrix of the goods of Abraham Jackson.


Ralph JACKSON lands in Meath Under Soldiers of the Commonwealth.&Under the Acts of Settlement & Explanation


Calendars Of State Papers Ireland  Page 374

Letter dated 24 February 1650 Kinsale, County Cork. Contains a reference to Thomas Jackson, Clerk to the Auditor General. No other information given.


Betham Prerogative Will Extracts to 1800. Ref. T/559/24

Page 227 of Volume 3 Extract of the Will of Lieutenant Thomas Jackson, 1650 married Abigail daughter of Thomas Lernon, Dublin.


Calendars Of State Papers Ireland  Page 433

Letter dated 19 August 1653. Contains reference to Thomas Jackson, Pewterer. Letter endorsed "Munster, Tipperary".

Page 439

Letter dated 20 August 1653. Contains reference to Alexander Jackson and Francis Waterhouse.

Page 450

Letter dated 1653 . Contains reference to Power of Attorney from Alexander Jackson to Methuselah Turner.


The second Adventurer recorded in Eastmeath (County Meath) was a Thomas Jackson, Pewterer, Old Jewry, London. The information pertaining to his land grant is somewhat confusing because of references of County Tipperary. A Thomas Jackson, Adventurer (possibly the same person as above) is recorded in 1654 as having acquired lands situated in Eastmeath. The sum advanced for his lands was paid by the Butchers Company of London.


William Edmundson was a minister of note, and he left a journal of his life and travels in the ministry which is still extant and in which the name of Robert Jackson believed to be a son of Richard Jackson, who sometimes accompanied him in his religious visits, frequently appears......
In the year 1655, induced by the promise of an extensive landholder in the county of Cavan, he went thither and purchased leases of several parcels of land for himself and certain of his friends, who were willing to go with him, among whom were Richard and Anthony Jackson. They removed the same year from Lurgan to Cavan with their families, and constituting a little settlement of kindred spirits, they established a Friends' meeting there. In a short time they found that the promises of their landlord were delusive. The tenants became dissatisfied, and several of them threw up their leases, and removed to Mountmellick. Of those who took this decisive step rather than submit to injustice, were William Edmundson and Richard Jackson, between whom the most intimate relations seem to have subsisted. This removal took place in 1659, and as a consequence a Friends' meeting was organized at Mountmellick, of which William Edmundson and Richard Jackson were leading members.
Anthony Jackson, for some reason, preferred to remain at Cavan, and as far as we have any information, he continued to reside there the rest of his life.......


Rutty, referring to this circumstance, says: "William Edmundson, Richard Jackson, Anthony Jackson, John Thompson, Richard Fayle, John Edmundson, William Moon and their families removed and took land in the County of Cavan and dwelt there, and settled a meeting in that County."
See Rutty's Rise and Progress among the Quakers in Ireland.


Page 101

Letter dated 20 May 1663 from the Earl of Orrery to the King concerning a planned insurrection. Part of this letter reads '...a great Anabapist named Jackson went to a remote company and tried to make it mutiny by telling the men they would be disbanded by half dozens and hanged by dozens. The two soldiers to whom he spoke were my spies and reported to me. I seized Jackson and sent him to the Lord Lieutenant. . .'.



1670. Ireland. "In Cavan County, ANTHONY JACKSON, RICHARD FAYLE and others had their corn taken under pretense of tythes. The said Anthony Jackson and Thomas Lunn were also committed to prison at the suit of Ambrose Barcroft, a priest, for tythes."


Betham Prerogative Will Extracts to 1800. Ref. T/559/24

Page 167 of Volume 24

Extract of the Will of John Jackson, Macelern, County Meath, Gent. Will administered 13 August 1690. Wife Catherine Jackson. Brother Richard Jackson. Children James Jackson, Catherine Jackson, Anne Jackson and Maria Jackson.


Volume 2, Memorial of the Dead Page 77 Parish of Clontarf, County Dublin

Burial place of Mr. Alexander Jackson (no date given). Erected by his daughter Mrs Sarah Hadsor [sic Hadson] in memory of her father. Also Mrs Sarah Hadsor died 4 April 1751 age 75. (noted because of the forename Alexander and the date). Note; Clontarf is located on the north side of Dublin Bay some fifty miles south of the Lisnaboe area. NOTE: The date that I using to file this in this chart is a guess – based on the death of an Alexander JACKSON of Hogshawe's Buildings, Co. Dublin city, gent. He had a daughter Sarah Jane.

Alexander JACKSON of Hogshaw Buildings, Dublin. Will dated 6 Sept 1686. Children Arthur, Sara Jane, Margaret Mary Ms 141 now P8295B at National Library, Dublin
Additional Note: October 19, 2013. Thanks to an email from Don Hodgers, I am told that HADSOR is the correct spelling. They were an Anglo-Norman family who arrived in Ireland in 1185 with Prince John. They were granted land in Co. Louth, and a later branch settled in Dublin. The modern form of the name is HODGERS.


Will of Samuel JACKSON- mentioned his holdings in Cavan and Monaghan. He is included in the JACKSONs of Coleraine tree.


The Lisbanoe JACKSONs trace their beginnings back to Lisbanoe House in the townland of Lisbanoe that was originally in Co. Cavan (later included in Co. Meath) It is just south of Kingscourt. First lease in 1712.


John JACKSON of Ravilly, Co. Carlow, farmer & Susan BEVINS of Tull, Co. Kildare spr 25 Nov 1734. This may get us closer to George's ancestry. Thanks to Stephen EAGER June 21, 2005 email from a book of Marriage Licenses 1661-1750 from FILM 100167.

This may tie into an email from Inga JACKSON July 29, 2005 "More about the JACKSONs" whose family mentions land from Cromwell at Eagle Hill, Co. Carlow


Charles Jackson, Lisnaboe, County Meath. Lieutenant in the 3rd Regiment of Buffs. Died at Woodbine Cottage, County Louth on the 18 October 1813 aged 75 years (born c1738). He was seemingly related to the JACKSONs of Urker – but how, we cannot say.


Betham Prerogative Will Extracts to 1800. Ref. T/559/24

Page 165 of Volume 24

Extract of the Will of Robert Jackson married daughter of John Wilson, Crookstown, County Meath, Farmer, 1741 (noted as County Meath).


Betham Prerogative Will Extracts to 1800. Ref. T/559/24

Page 173 of Volume 24

Extract of the Will dated 3 December 1750 of Thomas Jackson, Creekstown, County Meath, Esq. Testator was married. His daughter Elizabeth was the wife of (Henry __ ?).


Betham Prerogative Will Extracts to 1800. Ref. T/559/24

Page 173 of Volume 24

Extract of the Will of James Jackson, Ballybay, County Monaghan. He married a daughter of John Steel of Ardbuck, County Monaghan, 1761.They had issue namely Hugh Jackson, Walter Jackson, John Jackson, Alexander Jackson, Washington Jackson, Sarah Jackson, Elinor Jackson and Martha Jackson.


Robert Jackson of Turnpike Road Carlow - will probated in 1767


Will of Richard JACKSON (1722-1787) mentions land holdings in Co. Cavan. He is connected to the Coleraine line of JACKSONs.


15 Oct 1778- NEWS: "A privateer is now fitting out here, called the Hazard, to mount 12 carriage guns, besides swivels, and to have 70 men; she is to be commanded by Capt. Richard Jackson, and will sail in about three weeks."


Joseph Jackson of Williamstown County Carlow - will probated in 1786

1786 James birth was about 1786. Jane and |Elizabeth Richmonds births were about 1786. John Jackson, James brother was born about 1775 to 1780 "Drumhow Parish near Belturbet"  He was a weaver. He joined  the Cavan militia in 1807 in Capt Nesbitt's Co. and then Capt. Moore. He was a  Corporal in 1807 and a recruiter.  In Oct 1807 he joined Second Battalion of the Regiment of Foot.  He was discharged in 1816 and in Canada West by 1821. SOURCE: email Peter- Rahillan-Rahelen.


Betham Prerogative Will Extracts to 1800. Ref. T/559/24

Page 170 of Volume 24

annotation relates to Page 243 of Volume 17. Henry Jackson married 1791 to Eliz daughter of Mark Magrath. (this entry relates to Henry Jackson, iron mill owner of Dublin). NOTE: Email October 5, 2014 from David Magraith adds that Mark MAGRATH had married Jane HAMILTON. His (and her?) daughter Elizabeth had a brother Folliott MAGRATH.


Betham Prerogative Will Extracts to 1800. Ref. T/559/24

Page 186 of Volume 24

annotation from Page 178 of Volume 13. Extract of the Will of Alexander Jackson, 1796 married Mary daughter of John Henry, Brownfield, County Monaghan.


Betham Prerogative Will Extracts to 1800. Ref. T/559/24

Page 186 of Volume 24

Extract of the Will of Alexander Jackson, Aughnamullan, County Monaghan. Will dated 6 February 1797. Testator died 1797. Will Proved 9 February 1797. Brothers Henry Jackson, Hugh Jackson, John Jackson, James Jackson and James's son Alexander Jackson.

The children of the Testator Alexander Jackson were his sons Hugh Jackson and John Jackson and his daughters Mary Jackson, Eleanor Jackson and Sarah.Jackson.


Betham Prerogative Will Extracts to 1800. Ref. T/559/24

Page 165 of Volume 24

Henry Jackson. His daughter Elinor married Oliver Bond, 1798.


Betham Prerogative Will Extracts to 1800. Ref. T/559/24

Page 187 of Volume 24

Extract from the Will of Henry. Will dated 3 March 1778. Will proved 27 February 1796. Father Henry Jackson. Wife Anne sister of Alexander Gordon. Children five daughters and four sons namely Mary Jackson, Esther Jackson, Anne Jackson, Catherine Jackson and Dorothy Jackson. Sons Gordon Jackson, Henry Jackson, Thomas Jackson, Charles Jackson and Alexander Jackson


Betham Prerogative Will Extracts to 1800. Ref. T/559/24

Note; The Index of the Prerogative Wills of Ireland record the 1802 Will of Eleanor Jackson, Lisnaboe, County Meath. This Will extract was not recorded in Volume 24 or any other Volume pertaining to the Betham Prerogative Will extracts. This Will may be held at the Archives in Dublin or it may not have survived).


EARLY 19th CENTURY LISTS OF PROTESTANT PARISHIONERS IN THE DIOCESE OF MEATH by REV. C. C. ELLISON, Diocesan Registrar (Records from 1802) The Irish Ancestor Vol. V, No. 1 1973
p. 41 KINGSCOURT ... Thomas JACKSON; Margaret JACKSON
p. 42 LISNABOE... Mrs. Anne JACKSON; Mrs. Sophia JACKSON; Esther, Thomas, John, Gordon.


Humphrey Nixon, Lieut, 95th Regt., 8 July, 1813, afterwards Co. Meath Police, m. Penelope Eliza Jackson, and d. 16 July, 1825, aged 35. She m. 2nd, 28 Nov., 1826, John Robert Nason.

1815 I am a descendant of the retired soldier John Jackson. The research circulated about his military record is my research. This is not the only reference to the Jacksons living near Belturbet. John's nephew was baptized at Annah parish in 1815. The problem is that the records there begin only in 1801 and there are no other references. This could mean that the Jacksons lived nearby, or simply (as I think was very often the case) that the register was irregularly kept. SOURCE: email Gary French March 29, 2009


Sir John CUFFE Family Tree:

COLONEL GEORGE10 JACKSON (JANE9 CUFFE, JAMES8, GERALD7, FRANCIS6, JAMES5, THOMAS4, ROBERT3, JOHN CUFFE (THE2 ELDER), JOHN1 CUFFE) was born in Enniscoe County Mayo Ireland, and died in Enniscoe County Mayo Ireland. He married MARIA RUTLIDGE 1783, daughter of WILLIAM RUTLIDGE.

More About COLONEL GEORGE JACKSON: Military service: Colonel North Mayo Militia

More About GEORGE JACKSON and MARIA RUTLIDGE: Marriage: 1783


33. i. WILLIAM 11 JACKSON, b. Enniscoe County Mayo Ireland; d. Enniscoe County Mayo Ireland.

ii. MADELINE EGLANTINE JACKSON, m. MERVYN PRATT, 1834; b. Cabra Castle County Cavan Ireland. [NOTE: Cabra Castle goes back to 1770s. Located outside the town of Kingscourt, the castle stands on the borders of Co. Monaghan, Co.Meath and Co.Cavan.

More About MERVYN PRATT and MADELINE JACKSON: Marriage: 1834


The Jackson estate at Enniscoe, parish of Crossmolina, barony of Tirawley, county Mayo became the property of the Pratts of Cabra Castle, county Cavan, following the marriage in 1834 of the daughter and heiress of Colonel William Jackson with Mervyn Pratt. In 1876 Mervyn Pratt owned 17,955 acres in county Mayo, 8095 acres in county Cavan and 1014 acres in county Meath. In 1916 the Congested Districts' Board made a final offer of just under £50,000 for the Pratt's county Mayo estate. Enniscoe was inherited by the Nicholson family in the 20th century and the nucleus of the property has remained in the ownership of descendants of the Jacksons for over 300 years. http://www.enniscoe.com/


Deed 1835 9 201 Thomas B. JACKSON



The 13th Light Dragoons at Piershill Barracks, Edinburgh.30 March 1851

WILLIAM JACKSON, soldier, unm, 16, private soldier, Cavan


In 1855, a Gordon JACKSON and a Thomas JACKSON held lands at Lisnagrow, Co. Meath (near Lisnaboe). NOTE: a grandson of Henry JACKSON of Lisnaboe was named Gordon.



In the Matter of the Estate of Martha GWYNNE, a Minor; J. CONNOR and others, petitioners. Parts of the lands of South Kildallen, situate in the barony of Tullyhunco, containing 108 statute acres. The life estate of the owner, now aged 42 years, in the above lands was sold to Mr. Robert JACKSON (in trust) at 350l., the net annual rent being 96l.; the Ordnance valuation, 76l. Mr. John COWLEY, solicitor, had carriage of sale.

November 7, 1863


Hannah Jackson aged 18 (b1865) and her sister Agnes Jackson aged 16
(b1867) emigrated alone to Queensland in 1883 on the Duke of Buccleuch. They left the ship in Bowen and went into employment from there; Hannah to a Mrs Smith and Agnes to a Joseph Emmerson as general servants. SOURCE: [IRL-CAVAN] Jackson, Fagan/Fegan at Glencorran or nearby


Landowners of Co. Cavan
41. Henry Jackson, address Ballibay, owned 15 acres.
42. Rev. Jas. M. Jackson, address Belturbet, owned 180 acres.
43. Rev. Thomas Jackson, same address, owned 3 acres.

1894 A Robert Jackson born in Cavan enlisted in RIC in 1894 aged 25. Film No 852089.

A *Mr R Jackson,* living at *RIC Mahcross Terrace, Carrickmacross, **Co
Monaghan* in 1918 may be a relative of Hannah's, as Hannah's son Ernest may have visited him during his time of service in WW1 - this address was in his war diary. Email Narelle


[1] Townland of Farham, Parish of Urney – 418 acres.



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