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There are many threads to follow with respect to linking Dublin-based JACKSONs with JACKSONs in Co. Meath and elsewhere. This Robert JACKSON, a tanner of Dublin is only one of them. Another possibly productive line of inquiry is checking out the tanners named JACKSON in Ireland in the late 1600s. They were active in Co. Down as well as in Drogheda.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 17, 2011


Exploring JACKSON links between Dublin & Co. Meath

This shrub of a tree beneath is based on records at the Registers of St. Catherine's Church, Dublin.

NOTE: October 1, 2013, I did a major update. SEE: Jacksons of Crooked Staff.

Descendants of Robert Jackson.  


Robert Jackson (d: 1711) m Joyce Shaw 30 Nov 1680 in St. Catherine's Church, Dublin, Co. Dublin     

........    2          Robert Jackson                                  

........    2          William Jackson                                

........    2          John Jackson                          

........    2          Joyce Jackson                              

............                        +Jeremiah Vicars                              

........    2          Thomas Jackson         b: 1682 Possibly died 1684               

Deed: 2-46-251 DODDERIDGE-JACKSON 1708 Jan 12

Between Johnathon DODDRIDGE of the Liberty of Thomas Court & Donore, Co. Dublin, Brewer& Mary BROOKS als DODDRIDGE wife of the said Jonathon exec of Thomas BROOKS, Tanner late of the aforesaid Liberty & whereas DODDRIDGE assigned to Robert JACKSON of Liberty of Thomas Court & Donore  the lands formerly in possession of Thomas BROOKS on the other side of the river on Crooked Staff in the Liberty of Donore with a Tanyard  and Tanfatts thereunto belonging as also a tan house and dwelling house for 81 pounds 4 shillings...  & JACKSON Robert Tanner Thomas Court, Donore, DUB Mortgage WITNESS: Francis CHARRIER of City of Dublin, Gent

Deed: 14-125-5580 JACKSON-POTTER 1711 May 16

Lease between Robert JACKSON of Crooked Staff, Co. Dublin, Tanner of the one part & Arthur POTTER of Chamber ST, of said Co. Weaver. Of the other part. JACKSON demised to POTTER Dwelling House in Chamber St. Incl benefit of the pump. Witnessed Jeremiah VICARS, Robert JACKSON jr. & William CARLING all of the Liberties of Thomas Court & Donore in Co. Dublin, Tanners.

Deed: 7-464-2897 Robert JACKSON 1711 Feb 23

A Memorial of the last will and testament of Robert JACKSON late of Crooked Staff in the Libery of Donore and County of Dublin Tanner deceased bearing date the Twenty-third day of February 1711, whereby the said Robert JACKSON (inter alia) did devise unto his beloved wife Joyce JACKSON the front tenement in Crooked Staff sett to several tenants being part of the holding he therein after Bequeathed to his son Robert JACKSON [eldest son] for his use “for ever of his Dwelling House, Tan Yard, Tan House, Bark House, Mill and other Buildings and Improvements made thereon Excepting the passage or Gateway backward from Chambre Street which he did will and declare to be part of the Holding bequeathed to his son William JACKSON...” sons John JACKSON & Thomas JACKSON son-in-law Jeremiah VICKERS. Witness Abraham SPENCE, Dublin City Brewer David CARTON Dublin City Clothier John BLAND servant of Joseph MARRIOT, Gent of Dublin.

NOTE: It may be nothing more than coincidence, but in 1715, a Henry JACKSON of Lisnaboe, Co. Meath had a lease in Deed:15-44-6704. This was followed by Deed: 15-44-6705 a deed involving Joyce JACKSON. Then, in Deed: 15-411-7967, Joyce is also connected to leases of lands in Co. Meath. I have included notes on these deeds beneath

The smoking gun may lie here where a Robert & Henry are described as brothers:

Deed: 25-145-14415 CARTER-JACKSON 1719 No 28

Thomas CARTER of Robertstown to Robert JACKSON of Blackhill, Co. Kildare Gent for consideration lands and tenements of Woodtown exception 29 acres   & 2 roods already sett to Richard HARRISON for 3 lives containing by estimation 172 acres plantation measure in Barony of Ratoath, Co. Meath for natural life and lives of Robert JACKSON, Henry JACKSON, brother of the said Robert JACKSON, of John JACKSON also brother…rent 51 pound 12 s.
Added notes from Michael Stewart:

Thomas CARTER to Robert JACKSON of lands & tenement of Woodtown in Ratoath (bar) MEA [172 acres plantation measure] excepting 33 acres 2r sett unto Richard HARRISON for 3 lives, for and during lives of Robert JACKSON, Henry JACKSON,  & John JACKSON at £51.12s. for first 5 yrs; £60.4s. for next 2 years, and £68.16s. for remainder, payable half yearly. WITNESSES: John WILSON, Gent Killamanaugh, DUB; James BOWDEN; Michael BOWYER, Gent of Dublin City.

NOTE: At present, the furthest back we can go with respect to the JACKSONs of Lisnaboe is to a Henry JACKSON.

BLIGH-JACKSON - referenced at: Deed:15-44-6704

Memorial of a Lease for lives renewable for ever dated 31 August 1715, Thos Bligh, Brittas, County Meath Esq Ist part, Henry  JACKSON, Lisnabow, County Meath, the other part.
Recites a grant from Thos BLIGH to Henry JACKSON of sixteen poles Poles of Ballynaticknuff now in the possession of the said Henry JACKSON containing by common estimation 152 acres or thereabouts, situated in the Barony of Kells, County Meath with all Rights, etc.
Term; to hold these lands during the term of the natural lives of the said Henry  JACKSON, the Lessee, Hugh  JACKSON aged about four years, eldest son of the said Henry  JACKSON and of James  JACKSON aged about one, son of said Henry  JACKSON. Fine £15 sterling payable on death of each life....

Deed: 15-44-6705 JACKSON-VICARS

Memorial of an Indenture of Lease dated 5 July 1715, between Joyce  JACKSON widow and relict of Robert JACKSON late of the City of Dublin Tanner deceased, and  John  JACKSON and Thomas  JACKSON sons of the said Robert JACKSON of the one part They had rented to Jeremiah VICKERS “all that house or tenement  situate on the south side of Chambers Street  in the Liberty of the Court of Donore and Countyof Dublin next adjoning to Jeremiah VICKERS on the east and to the west to Mr. PORTERs dwelling house together with the backside house of Ease  and all other the apputenances ...” for the yearly rent of £8.10s . Witnesses: Robert JACKSON a Dublin tanner. William  JACKSON of Dublin, gentleman. And Robert WALLIS and William BARRY scrivener. ... delivered 1 Sept 1715 at 9:15 AM.

Deed: 15-411-7967 JACKSON-CLAYTON 1716 Jun 2

Between Joyce JACKSON of City of Dublin, widow of 1st part & the Rev Stafford LIGHTBURN of the 2nd part & Rev John CLAYTON, Dean of Kildare & Prebend of St. Michans of the other part. Complicated lease involving lands of Hodgestown, Barony of Moyfenragh, Co. Meath.



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