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This letter came to me from Dorothy Robertson, daughter of Mrs. T. Jackson Browne (sic). It was the key to establishing some of our Martin connections and the connection to Robert Binney Orr, the writer of the lengthy letter to George Crean Martin.
Footnoted November 1, 2008. Sharon Oddie Brown.


H. Wallace[1] & Co.


17th November, 1923

Dear Madam,


We are trying to trace the shares of Reps. Mary Orr[2] in the property in Ballee[3] bequeathed by the Will of Jane Martin[4] to her daughter[5] for life and on her death the lands were to be divided equally between Jane Martin (Sr’s) daughters[6], Including Mary Orr, or their children.

We have succeeded in tracing all the shares except that of Mary Orr, which would be payable to her children. We have a note in our books that the children of Mary Orr were Richard Binney Orr[7] and Letitia Orr[8] (now Atherton) and that they were resident in New Zealand. Could you give us any particulars as to their addresses, or anything about them.

If you cannot give us this information, perhaps you could give us the name of some person from whom we could enquire and who might know something about them.

We are sorry to trouble you about the matter, but we know you will assist us if you can.

Mary Orr was your Maternal Grandmother’s sister, i.e. your mother’s mother was Susannah Edgar, and her sister was Mary Orr.


Yours faithfully, [illegible signature]


Mrs. T. Jackson Browne[9],

Box 894,


British Columbia,



[2] Mary ORR nèe MARTIN married Samuel John Corbett ORR some time before the birth of her first child, Richard Binney ORR.

[3] Ballee is a townland  . This may not be related: Mr. J. MARTIN of Ballee area gave £1.10.0 to Ballee Famine Relief Fund in May 1847 FCD p 24 SOURCE: Ros Davies web site.

[4] Jane MARTIN nèe CLARKE (1783-1868). Her husband was Allan MARTIN (1777-1854). He was born at Ringfad, Coney Island, just outside of the town of Ardglass. They had eight known children.

[5] This is a little confusing. Is it that after the death of Jane MARTIN in 1890 that the shares in the land were to be divided amongst her sisters? There is no record that this Jane MARTIN ever married.

[6]  The daughters were:

Susanna MARTIN (1800-1885)

Sarah MARTIN d. 1834, hence predeceased her mother.

Arabella MARTIN d. 1836, hence predeceased her mother

Jane MARTIN d. 1890 There is no record that she married.

Mary MARTIN married Samuel John Corbett ORR.

Elizabeth MARTIN married Thomas PATTERSON in 1828.


[7] Richard Binney ORR (1847-1921) SEE: biography.

[8] Letitia ATHERTON nèe ORR (1849-1934)

[9] Mrs. T. Jackson BROWN nèe Jeannie BROWNE, daughter of John Monteagle BROWN & Susanna EDGAR (who was the daughter of Susana MARTIN). Jeannie BROWNE was my grandmother. Her husband Thomas Jackson BROWN worked as an engineer in Cranbrook.


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