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Photos taken in Hong Kong, Yokohama, Singapore and other places that involve connections to either the JACKSONs or HSBC.
Sharon Oddie Brown. 2014.
NOTE: For some reason, when I first posted this page several months ago, none of the hyperlinks worked. They do now. August 21, 2014. Please let me know whenever you find a broken link. Ta.


TJ's ring
To Thomas Jackson from his friends in the Bank of Ireland Belfast.
This ring is in the collection of Thomas Bowman-Vaughan, a great-great grandson of Sir Thomas Jackson. The sheldrake is the same one used in his arms.
TJ's ring - crest


Hong Kong - Miscellaneous photos I have only put in one photo so far - more to follow. May 26, 2004
Hong Kong Outings in late 1800s. This page has a selection of photos of outings that included members of the family of Sir Thomas JACKSON as well as several of their friends and business acquaintances. Feb 22, 2011
Hong Kong, 1906. This series of pictures were taken on February 24, 1906 at the unveiling ceremony of a statue celebrating Sir Thomas Jackson. It was erected at Statue Square in Hong Kong and is only one of two statues remaining that were erected in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It is almost unheard of to have such a statue erected while the subjest is still alive. January 31, 2011
Hong Kong Photos of late 1800s houses This is one of these pages that will be in progress for some time. I have more pictures to add, and much more to learn about the ones that I already have. Feb 7, 2011
Hong Kong 1894 This is a page of photographs of a fund-raising chess game played with people as chess pieces in 1894 at Wan Chai which was formerly called East Point. Feb 22, 2011



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