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This Coroner's Case Book was in the possession of a family member and was given to me a few years ago. It belonged to Dr. Robert Hamilton REED (1847-1881) I am the great-grand niece of his wife.
I have donated it to the archives in Monaghan, Co. Monaghan.

To access the pages, click on the hyperlink in the extreme left hand column under "Pages"
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 4, 2006
PS. The casebook of William Charles Waddell was published (and makes for excellent reading): Melancholy Madness,  Michelle McGoff-McCann. Mercier Press, 2003


Continued from previous book and starting February 20, 1876.

Pages Notes Updated
1-4 Names mentioned: Jane HOLLAND; Isabelle DUNLOP; farmer TREANOR; John McCAHER[?]; Dr, John ADAMS; Catherine BYRNE; Anne BRENNAN; James McDONALD; Patrick McENERY; Bessie WHITE; Peter CALLAGHAN; Edward O'REILLY; June BROWN; Francis LEE; Thomas LEE; Dr. Andrew JOLLY; Dr. BURGESS; Dr, STEWARD; John McMURRARD [?]; Daniel CASEY; Edward McDERMID; Mary CRAWFORD; William CRAWFORD; Catherine CONNOR; Anne McCORMICK; Catherine BRADLEY; Mildred BRADLEY; Margaret McCOMB; Peter KAGAN; Susan WELSH; Bernard WELSH; Dr. MARTIN. October 4, 2006
5-9 Names included: George STEWART; Margaret STEWART; Dr. William O'REILLY; John MOHAN; Francis MOHAN; Thomas MOHAN; Dr. IRWIN; Bridget CARRAHER; Susan BRADLEY; Patrick DUFFY; Dr. James A. JACKSON; Bridget TREANOR; Anne TREANOR; Dr. P.R. MOORE; Elizabeth McCABE; Patrick HANOWIN; Katherine McPARTLIN; Dr. Robert MOORE; Jane HENRY; Eliza SCHOLES; Francis HAROLD; William CORBETT; Anne HUMPHRIES; Peter DUGGY; Francis JENINGS; Dr. John C. ROBINSON; Patrick MOON; Robert FLUKE; Joseph GORMAN; Sir John LESLIE; Dr. STEWART; William DOOGAN; Robert WILLSON; Eliza WILLSON; George WILLSON. October 5, 2006
10-15 Names included: Surgeon YOUNG; Pat Moore IRWIN; Pat IRWIN; Thomas BOGUE; Joseph ROSS; Dr. A.K. YOUNG; Patrick GINLEY; Ann GINLEY; Jane MACARTNEY; Mary McCORMICK; Mary BURKE; Foster BREEN; Ellen CARR; Dr. IRWIN; Mary CONNOLY; Elsie FARMER; Bridget KELLEY; Sarah MAGUIRE; Richard QUIGLEY; Anne FAULS; Mary PRATT; [?] McQUADE; John MAGUIRE; Jane GRAHAM; Jane MAGUIRE; Dr. RIchard HENRY; Dr. Alexander HENRY; Hare FOSTER; Mr. DUDGEON; Margaret GOLLOGLY; Benjamin SHARPE; Thomas HUGHES. October 6, 2006
16-19 Names mentioned include: Dr. GARDNER; James CUSH; Mary McKENNA; Thomas McAVIN; Owen CARLEY; Susan MEGAGHY; Mary TREANOR; Mrs. McQUAIDE; Constbale JOHNSON; Dr. STEWART; William WRIGHT; ELiza BEGGS; Hugh NESBITT; Jane Eliza NESBITT; John WILLSON; Surgeon YOUNG; Frances LOCKEAD; Thomas COLE; Maurice HIME Esq.; Surgeon YOUNG; Dr. WOODS. October 8, 2006
19-22 Names include: Dr. R. HENRY; Dr William O'REILLY; John BOYLAN; Joseph MOORE; Patrick HUNT; Robert GRAHAM; John McDONALD; Thomas REILLY; Constable James FINEGAN; Constable HUNT. October 8, 2006
22-24 Names mentioned: Dr. R. HENRY; Bridget McGINN; May REILLY; James REILLY; Catherine McCORMICK; Patrick GUNN; Mr. THOMASON; Dr. Alexander HENRY; Margaret FINIGIN; Patrick FINIGIN; Dr. Wm. O'REILLY; Catherine McKENNA; Patrick MURPHY; John McQUILLAN (or McQUILLEN); Rose MURPHY. October 9, 2006
25-27 Names included: John McADAM; James SWIFT; Anne HOINS; Matilda KENYS; Mary OWENS; Anne McKENNA; Sylvester McCAGE; Mrs. DODDS; Owen McCABE; James WINTERS; Ellen CONOLLY; Margaret COONEY; Thomas McADAM; Margaret McDOWELL; Bridget BREADY; Matthew TUBMAN; Anne HAMILL; Dr. WOODS; Andrew TRIMBLE; Mary O'HARE; [Jimry?] STEWART; Head Constable HAVERTY; Mary CONLON; Surgeon YOUNG; Constable KEENAN; Constable CRAVEN; Leticia CONLON; John CAMPBELL; Richard ARMSTRONG; George WAUGH. October 10, 2006
27-31 Names included: Sarah AGNEW; Mr. SWEENEY; Peter McCABE; Mary McCABE (two inquests); Owen KEENAN; Frances KELLY; Eliza SMITH; Patrick McCAUL; William HEIL; Mary McKERNEY; William Andrew PATTERSON; Dr. IRWIN; James FOY; Robert COULTER; John LAWLOR; Susan McPHILLIPS; [Jemmy?] McKERNAN; Mary REILLY; Catherine SHERRY; Mary McGUINESS; Margaret MORRIS; Anne PLUNKETT; Ellen McGINLIN; Constable McDONALD; Moses GRIMES; Dr. REED; Mary SUMERILL; John SUMERILL; Dr. Robert REED; Mary McKENNA; Mary Jane SWAN. October 11, 2006
32-33 Names included: William DARETY; Dr. HENRY; Patrick BRIDES; Ellen CLARKENS (possibly CLARKSON); Pat (Patrick) REILLY; Bridget CONOLLY; Alick REILLY; Tom SMITH; Eleanor CLARKSON; John RUDDEN; Michael REILLY; MURPHY's; Richard ATKINSON (or ATEENSON); Willie CLARK's; GRIFFITHs girl; Peter McDONALD; Michael REILLY; Fanny Anne STEENSON; Jane GRIFFITH; Mary MURPHY; Dr. William O'REILLY; Dr. Richard HENRY; Margaret McKENNA; Martin MURPHY; Patrick McKENNA; Matthew BREADY. October 11, 2006
33-39 Names mentioned: Dr. HENRY; Dr. HOSKINS; Anne JORDON; Mr. TINEN; Mary Anne McCUSKER; Mr. ARMSTRONG; James ARMSTRONG; George KNIGHT; Robert KANE; Dr. Richard HENRY; Anne CAMPBELL; John McCRORY; Margaret LESTER; Betty LESTER; James McCORMICK; John MULLIGAN; Anne MULLIGAN; Anne SHERRY; John LEARY (LOWRY?); Robert LOWRY (LEARY?); Margaret DONELLY; Dr. Robert REED; Patrick GUNN; Mick McCALL; Dr. Andrew JOLLY; Margaret GRAHAM; Constable COONEY; John KELLY; Michael GARTLAND; Owen McPHILLIPS; Susan McPHILLIPS; Dr. REED; William BARRY; John BERRY; Susan BERRY; John McGARRY; Frances CON[?]; Mary WAUGH (alias McCABE); Dr. STEWART; Alice HARRISON; James PLUNKETT; Mary SMITH. October 12, 2006
40-END Names mentioned: Dr. JOLLY; Hugh BROLLY; Margaret BROLLY; James HAMILTON Esq.; Edward McCREEDY; James LEONARD; William WRIGHT; Dr. Richard HENRY; Charles McENROE; Minnie McCABE; Charles SIMPSON; William SLOWEY; Patrick KEARNS; James KEARNS; Michael CARROLL; Ellen GUNN; Mr. GRIMES; David BEGGS; Isabel BEGGS; Mary McGINNES; Mary MEIGHAN; Charles McGUINESS; Eleanor McCABE; John CLARKE; Anne McCLARRY; Robert PATTESON; Constable WILLIAMSON; Mary BRADY; Louisa McGEOGH; William CLARKE; Elizabeth REYNOLDS; Mary MOFFITT. October 12, 2006




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