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Hong Kong Shanghai Bank employees
in our family tree

The individuals mentioned beneath are mostly mentioned with reference to their relationship to Sir Thomas Jackson, the most illustrious member of the family and a significant manager in the early history of the HSBC. I am grateful for the information received from Tina Staples, the archivist at HSBC as well as the thoroughly researched material from "The History of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation" by Frank H.H. King.
As my research continues, I expect this list of names to grow.

Update: For some reason, most of the hyperlinks were not working. Now fixed. August 16, 2020

NOTE: The hyperlinks beneath will connect you with pertinent biographies. From there, you will be able to link to the relevant family tree for a more visual picture of how these people relate to one another

Brown, David (1872-1919) A younger brother of Thompson BROWN (see next entry) and a nephew of Sir Thomas Jackson. He married Alice RICKETT. It is of interest that there was also a C.B. RICKETT who was a Yokohama junior from 1872. David BROWN was a deputy manager of the Imperial Bank of Persia and his uncle Sir Thomas JACKSON served on the Board of Directors.
Brown, Thompson (1868-1942) Nephew of Sir Thomas JACKSON – described as a “gardener” in "The History of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation" by Frank H.H. King (p. 608). Of interest is also the fact that he married Martha WRIGHT - another one of the family's Far East connections to the WRIGHT family.
Browne, T. McCallagh Described as a “near relative”of Sir Thomas JACKSON. He is a son of Daniel Gunn BROWNE& Margaret JACKSON. This actually makes him a cousin of Sir Thomas JACKSON. Their shared grandparents were John JACKSON and Elizabeth MCCULLAGH - hence the "McCallagh" in the name of T. McCallagh BROWNE (spelling notwithstanding!).
Dare, A.H.(1853-1924) Alfred Henry DARE was an older brother of Amelia Lydia DARE, the wife of Sir Thomas JACKSON.
Gilmore, A.H.G. A half-third cousin of Sir Thomas JACKSON. Acheson Henry George GILMORE. A Junior at Tientsin 1898-1906 d. Hong Kong 29 January 1907
Gilmore, Samuel A nephew of Sir Thomas JACKSON
Hartigan, Dr. Wm. Brother-in law of Sir Thomas JACKSON. He married Florence Gertrude DARE, a sister of Amelia Lydia DARE, the wife of Sir Thomas JACKSON
Hawkins, V.A. Caesar Describd as a cousin of Sir Thomas JACKSON, the relationships seems to have been more distant. He had an extensive career in the HSBC and The Imperial Bank of Persia.
Jackson, David A younger brother of Sir Thomas JACKSON and awarded The Order of the Rising Sun by the Emperor of Japan. He worked with HSBC, primarily at Yokohama.
Jackson, David Nephew of Sir Thomas JACKSON - son of Emily Gilmore & Andrew Bradford Jackson Worked with the HSBC in London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Calcutta, Kobe, Japan and died in London in 1925 - likely in his early 30s.
Jackson, Sir Thomas Knighted for his work with the HSBC and a major force behind the success of the bank in the mid to late 1800s.
Lloyd, R.H. Richard Henry LLOYD (1916-1982), a grandson of Sir Thomas JACKSON (his daughter Amy Oliver JACKSON married John Henry LLOYD). He worked for HSBC.
McCullagh, George David A nephew of Sir Thomas JACKSON. He served for a short time after 1914. Was killed in WWI in 1918. NOTE: Some dubious facts here to check.
McCullagh, W.D. Served 1900-1921. Relationship not yet clear.
Maitland, Andrew Wright

Initially, I thought he might also have been another person connected to the extended JACKSON family, but I have learned thanks to Anthony Maitland (email 16/2/2007) that he was actually born in Jamaica and was the son of Andrew Wright Maitland. He was born October 5, 1853 and died July 2, 1906, Shanghai. After 20 years with HSBC, he moved to the Imperial Bank of China where he became acting Chief Manager. His father was a doctor who was appointed Ass. Surgeon to the St Elizabeth Regiment of Foot in Jamaica in 1834 & as a justice in Elizabeth County in 1838. Commissioned as Health Officer for the port of Black River (Cornwall County) in 1841 & elected to the Fellows of the College of Physicians & Surgeons in Jamaica in 1842. He died suddenly after his morning ride around Mount Charles Estate in 1856. A medical notebook and diary and certificates were given to the United Medical and Dental Schools of Guy's & St Thomas's Hospitals by the Family in 1989. Now held by the King's College, London, Archives and seen by A Maitland 2/2003. He lived as a married man at Mount Charles estate which adjoins Giddy Hall. This property probably came to him with his wife, from the Burltons, Ann Tomlinson's mother's first husband's family.
SOURCE: Anthony Maitland at Jamaica Maitlands

Noble, G.E. A photo in the WRIGHT family album shows "Noble & family in Hong Kong.Initially, I thought there might be an Irish connection for him. There was, but it was through his wife.
Wright, Robert T. The brother of Margaret WRIGHT married to David JACKSON (and younger brother of Sir Thomas JACKSON and Martha WRIGHT married to Thompson BROWN (nephew of Sir Thomas JACKSON).

Other Far East connections to our Family History

Brown, Tom There is a reference in a letter on December 15, 1896, "Tom Brown has gone to Bankok in rather delicate health. He fears his lungs are affected. He had to go as he was principal witness in some law proceeding." This is most likely Thompson BROWN (see above).
Dill, John Marcus Died in Hong Kong, 1843. He was related to Jeannie MOORHEAD
Houston, Thomas Jackson Grand-nephew of Sir Thomas JACKSON died in Hong Kong, 1943
Irwin, Isabella Maternal aunt of Alexander James MCCULLAGH (His father was a second cousin of Sir Thomas JACKSON). Before her marriage, Isabella was a member of a circus troupe and toured parts of Asia.(SOURCE: Wendy Jack email July 8, 2003)
Jackson, Andrew Hugh Gilmore Nephew of Sir Thomas JACKSON - A letter from 1916 shows him working at Wright & Hornby, Hong Kong.
Jackson, W Manager of Chartered Mercantile Bank. He may not be a close relation, but the following news clipping is suggestive that he may have been from Ireland: JACKSON on 12th December 1861, at Shanghai, China, the wife of William JACKSON Esq of a son. - Cork Daily Herald 21 February 1862.
McCullagh, John "Jack" Nephew of Sir Thomas JACKSON. In a letter from Mary Griffin, May 4, 1920: Jackie McCullagh is home to Slieveroe to say goodbye before going for six years to Singapore.
Reid, William A second cousin of Sir Thomas JACKSON (son of William Reid & Mary McCullagh) - was in Yokohama in 1880s. An entry in Sarah Whiteside's Daily Remembrance Book for 4 Apr 1894 says that Willie had visited them in California on his way home from China.
Wright, James & Mary "Mollie" 1906 letter from Mary Griffin to Sarah Whiteside: "I am in a little anxiety about Mollie and her care just now as there has been a terrible typoon in Hong Kong and loss of life and I am sure she has been well frightened if not hurt". These are the WRIGHTs of Gilford Castle. This is Mary MENARY.



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