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Names in order of mention: Joseph OLIVER of Tullymore, Joseph LEE, John PRINGLE, Leonard DOBBIN, Thomas APPLEBY, William BROTHER[S], Robert LIVINGSTON.
See also: OLIVERs of Ballinahonebeg
There are several leases involving the OLIVER family and John PRINGLE. This lease between Joseph OLIVER and Joseph LEE concerns lands in The Kennedies. It is likely connected to the lease on May 8, 1807 between James OLIVER & John PRINGLE.

Sharon Oddie Brown, March 7, 2007
Update July 26, 2007 Livingston footnote.
Update July 10, 2016. Joseph LEE footnore.

1807 OLIVER – LEE [1]

DEED: 597-288-406861
NOTE: I have a photocopy of this deed.


To the register appointed by act of Parliament for the public registry of old deeds leases etc. etc. etc.


A Memorial of an indented deed of mortgage bearing date the sixth day of May in the year one thousand eight hundred and seven and eight between Joseph Oliver of Tullamore [2] in the county of Armagh Gentlemen of the one part and Joseph Lee [3] of the city of Armagh Innkeeper of the other part. It recited a lease dated the twenty fourth day of April in said year one thousand eight hundred and seven whereby John Pringle [4] of Caledon in the County of Tyrone Esquire Demised unto said Joseph Oliver all that and those that part of the Townland of Kennedys [5] situate lying and being in the County of Armagh aforesaid then in the tenure and occupation of the said Joseph Oliver containing by estimation ninety four acres and thirty perches English measure be the same more or less all of all which said demised Lands and Premises are Meared and Bounded as follows that is to say, on the East by the lands of Ballynahone, on the West by Kennedys on the North by the Lands of Ballyrath and on the South by the Road leading from Armagh to Monahan with all and singular the rights members and appurtenances thereto belonging in any wise appertaining as particularly described in the map thereoff to said Lease annexed To Hold unto said Joseph Oliver his Exors Admons and Assigns from the first day of May then last past for the term of Twenty Years Subject to the Yearly Rent of one hundred and seven pounds two shillings and nine pence payable half yearly. In which Lease is contained a Toties Quoties [6] Clause or Covenant for the Renewal thereof from twenty years to twenty years successively as long as the said John Pringle his Exors Admons and Assigns shall hold and enjoy under the Vicars Choral and Organist of St. Patrick's Cathedral of Armagh [7] the several denominations of land and appurtenances of which said demised premises are part and parcel upon the terms and conditions in said Lease expressed. And by the Deed of which this is a Memorial said Joseph Oliver Granted his Interest in said demised Premises in Mortgage to said Joseph Lee Subject to Redemption on payment of six hundred pounds Stg with legal Interest for the same on the first day of August then next ensuing which Deed ------------ Witnessed by Mr. Leonard Dobbin [8] Merchant and Mr. Thomas Appleby [9] Scrivener both of said City of Armagh, and this Memorial is witnessed by the said Thomas Appleby and by William Brother of said city of Armagh Writing Clerk

        Joseph Oliver[SEAL]

Signed and Sealed in Presence of

Thomas Appleby

William Brothers [10]


The above named Thomas Appleby maketh oath and saith he is a subscribing Witness to the Deed whereof the above Writing is a Memorial and also to the above Memorial and that he saw said Deed duly executed by both the parties thereto and that he saw said Memorial duly executed by the above named Joseph Oliver the granting party to said Deed and that the name Thomas Appleby's subscribed as Witness to said Deed and Memorial is this Depd proper name and handwriting


Sworn before me at arm on the County of Armagh this 10th day of February 1808 by virtue of a Commission to me directed for taking affidavits in said County and I know the Deponent


Robert Livingston [11]

Thomas Appleby



[1] The relationships here are currently unknown, but there are some enticing clues about where to look next. In 1797 there was an Armagh Presbyterian record of a son James Oliver LEE born to John LEE and Margaret OLIVER. To increase the intrigue, in BRADSHAW'S 1819 DIRECTORY FOR ARMAGH CITY there was also a mention of Oliver LEE, ironmonger of Thomas Street. Interestingly, there was also a William OLIVER, farmer of Thomas Street mentioned in this directory. This address is of interest because there was an Andrew OLIVER of Thomas Street who had a lease dated 1774 that was renewed in 1793. This Andrew OLIVER was described as a chandler. The occupation of chandler also comes up for another OLIVER in another deed.

[2] Joseph OLIVER (abt 1764-1837) of Tullymore was the son of David OLIVER of Ballyrea and the husband of Jane HAMILTON as well as the husband of Catherine OSBORNE and father of John Eliot OLIVER (1831-1850). Interestingly, A John OLIVER also of Tullymore married a Catherine WHITESIDE of Tyrone - but I am not clear how they were related. Joseph was a linen draper with a house substantial enough to be included along with five other houses in Lewis’s description of Co. Armagh in A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland as a “principal seat”. It would be useful to check his obituary in The Belfast Newsletter (see: 1837, Nov 17)

[3] Joseph LEE. I know little about him. There is a record: On the 6th inst [May 1818], at Armagh, Monsieur Henry DE GUERIST, french professor at the College of Armagh, to Jane Louisa daughter of the late Mr Joseph LEE of the same place. Nick Reddan's Newspaper Index. See also:

  • DEED: 597-288-406861
    ROD 786-577-532112. Henry De GUERIN Professor & Jane De GUERIN [née LEE] of the 1st pt, [referencing an earlier deed by William McCULLY of Aughnacloy wool Draper & John WADDEN farmer and his wife. Margaret WADDEN of the 1st pt & Henry KIDD of Aughnacloy, Co. Tyrone of the 2nd pt.] Andrew LYLE of Armagh City of 2nd pt & Alexander McKENZIE of 3rd pt. Mention of Elizabeth LEE and Joseph LEE. RE: 1/7th share in a stable. NOTE: On the 6th inst [May 1818], at Armagh, Monsieur Henry DE GUERIST, French professor at the College of Armagh, to Jane Louisa daughter of the late Mr Joseph LEE of the same place. Nick Reddan’s News Abstracts.
  • ROD 747-523-508658: Btw John LEE Grocer & Andrew LYLE Jr Brewer both of City of Armagh exors of Joseph LEE late of City of Armagh dec’d of 1st pt & Henry GUERDIN professor of French language & Jane LEE of said City spinster & eldest daughter of Joseph LEE of 3rd pt & Leonard DOBBIN sr. & Andrew PRENTICE sr. Both of City of Armagh... mtg due to him by Robert COCHRAN Shoemaker of a certain premises in Dobbin Street Armagh together with the sum of 100 pounds due to him by Benjamin OLIVER of Ballyrea in sd Co.... John LEE & Arthur LYLE executors and his wife and Mr. Joseph OLIVER trustees of said will. Witnessed Jane LEE of City of Armagh widow & Joseph OLIVER of Tullamore in Co. Armagh, Gent
  • ROD 792-310-535445.
  • There were also several records in BRADSHAW'S 1819 DIRECTORY FOR ARMAGH CITY (which are interesting since he was an innkeeper): Elizabeth LEE Hotelier Scotch Street Roe Buck Malcolm Lee Publican English Street ; John LEE Grocer Spirit Dealer Scotch Street ; Oliver LEE Ironmonger Thomas Street ; John LEE N&G Charter School Lane

[4] John PRINGLE had various subleases from Vicars Choral and Organist of St. Patrick's Cathedral of Armagh.

[5] The OLIVER family had many leases in townlands near The Kennedies.

[6] Toties Quoties. A legal term meaning: “As often as the thing shall happen”.

[7] Vicars Choral and Organist of St. Patrick's Cathedral of Armagh was a major landholder of the region. NOTE It would be useful to consult PRONI: DIO/4/29-40 Papers relating to the archdiocese of Armagh. #33 Title-deeds and inquisitions (relating to the lands of the archdiocese and of ecclesiastical institutions within the archdiocese).

[8] Leonard DOBBIN was an illustrious citizen of Armagh and his names shows up on many OLIVER leases.

[9] Thomas APPLEBY. I believe there is no family connection.

[10] William BROTHERS. This name is new to me.

[11] Robert LIVINGSTON. The 1832 Freeholders list [ARM/5/2/17] indicates that a James and Robert LIVINGSTON had leases at the Kennedies (beside Ballinahonebeg) while in 1816, a Robert LIVINGSTON lived in Armagh [PRONI ARM/5/2/7]



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