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My first posting of these tables was in 2006. Recently, I have added hundreds more records and probably as many new notes relating to them. That there will be errors in both my transcriptions and notes goes without saying. Many of my notes are not much more than conjecture. Please take them with a grain of salt. In total, there are about 56 pages of transcriptions and notes, and several hundred names are included. Suggestions and corrections are always gratefully received.
Sharon Oddie Brown, April 17, 2012




NOTE: I have only focused on the Creggan Church of Ireland records - although in time, I will check out the others. The reason for my focus is that the family that I am following was predominantly, but not exclusively Church of Ireland and/or Presbyterian. Lower Creggan RC parish registers are available on microfilm on order through a LDS Family History Centre. Marriages and baptisms from 1845 to 1880 are on film #0926034 but it might be best to verify that number with LDS before ordering. I now have enough records transcribed that I am starting to get a feel for the community - a feel that transcends the facts revealed in the individual entries. To follow up on some of the relationships, the page on Tullyvallen JACKSONs, WALLACEs and others may be useful: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/maps/Tullyvallen-JACKSONs.html


THe pages got too large to continue to handle them all on one posted page, so I have broken them up and they are now available in the individual categories beneath:



NOTE: I will add more to this page in the next few days, as I plan to include some of my conclusions from doing this work.


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